April 21, 2024
Golden Sleep – 1: Lost in the Sands

Golden Sleep – 1: Lost in the Sands in Genshin Impact

During your adventures, you meet a merchant from Mondstadt, Bonifaz. He needs your help to find the researcher from the Academy Tirzad, who has left, accompanied by two eremites, in search of mysterious ruins…

This quest is the first part of the Golden Sleep quest series.

Small tip: during the quest, from the moment you are in the ruins, several fairies will help you find your way.

To continue the quest, head to the location shown below to meet your party there.

Once done, go in search of the researcher, as well as two mercenaries. Use the quest indicator that takes you to the entrance to the village, then follow the footprints in the sand until you reach a sinkhole, where you’ll find the unlucky ones trapped there. Talk to them and follow Jeht.

You then go in search of an outing with this happy little group. For this, you activate the small stele, in front of what seems to be the door of an ancient temple. This will open it, allowing you to venture inside.

Then move forward until you come across a new door, which opens by activating a new mechanism hidden under a mound of sand. Use a Dispersion with an Anemo character and activate the mechanism. Then keep moving forward until you come across new enemies: a Primal Structure: Reshaper , a Primal Structure: Prospector and a Primal Structure: Repulsor .

Once you have eliminated them, continue your progress and follow the Fairy who serves as your guide. Pay attention to mechanics that deal damage to you in successive waves. Continue your way and open the doors until you come across a new machine, like those encountered previously. When the fight is over, you will be in a large room. To continue, activate the elevator located on the left and light the torches located in the basement.

Then, speak with your companions in misfortune and take the elevator located in the middle of the room, as below. You then arrive in a new room with a mysterious harmless machine named Benben (aka BB8 or R2D2).

Go back to the rest of the troop and get the stele from Tirzad. This allows you to continue the quest, but also activate new Sumeru Desert mechanics.

Then take the elevator and use the stele to unlock a door that was previously blocked. Follow the Fairy who is behind to continue your way until you come across a room with another mechanism, where you will find a small triangle of blue light called a cone of primal light. Pick it up and go to the Replicator Stone, a platform with bluish, glowing edges. Then continue your way to arrive in a new room with an enemy. After eliminating him, collect the two cones of primal light and bring them to the platforms to activate the mechanism.

Then activate the pillar to direct the beam of light on the mechanism: this will engage it and open the door leading you to the exit. Follow the Fairy who leads you outside, thus ending the quest. The second part of the “Golden Sleep” quest series called “Introduction to Indoor Archaeology” can then begin!

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