April 21, 2024


Kallamar is the third Heretic that we will have to defeat in Cult of the Lamb and the truth is that I must say that a difficulty spike has been noticed in it, at least if we compare it with the previous bosses.

And it is that you could say that it is the first boss that has cost me to defeat, the previous ones have not usually given me too many problems, but this one has killed me like… 6 times? I don’t know, something like that. And I know that I managed to defeat him partly because I got pretty good items in that run (and clearly because I already knew him better). Anyway, I’ll tell you a way to defeat him that is very simple but unfortunately I couldn’t do it because I was missing one specific thing (and I had to kill him with the usual method), now I’ll explain.


To face Kallamar you will have to first defeat the 3 Deep Anchor mini-bosses (which is the third area of ​​the game, the one you will unlock after defeating Heket ) and after this do another run, when you reach the boss Kallamar will appear to face U.S.


Let’s see as always his attack kit and after this a series of tips where I will also tell you the “other method” (easier but also more laborious to prepare) to defeat him.


These are Kallamar’s attacks:

  • Summon Compis : No one is surprised at this point by a boss invoking ads because it is our daily bread, but with those who invoke this because they are very annoying. On the one hand we will have a kind of tick that will jump from side to side to annoy us and on the other hand he will also summon those jellyfish from time to time that make a very long charge and explode. Don’t get distracted, you have to ignore all these enemies and dodge them while hitting the boss. Be careful because at the end of the battle he will summon more enemies such as those that explode.
  • Sword Charge : Kallamar will start following you (and doesn’t get tired) and when he’s close to you he’ll do a big slash, you’ll have to dodge right when he’s close to you.
  • Balls : The typical attack with which red balls are thrown at us that we must dodge, has several versions:
    • Gyrogun Pellets : It will launch a bunch of pellets as it slowly spins. You will have to move in the direction in which he turns to avoid them, if you are close to him (do not go too far) it is easier to dodge because the circle path will be less.
    • Circle Balls: It will create a circle of balls and throw it at you, easy to dodge but beware that sometimes it will throw several circles.
    • Hell Pellets : It will do this a few times when the battle is more advanced and it is the most difficult version to dodge. It will concentrate and launch various streaks of pellets with different patterns, you will have to concentrate hard to dodge them, forget about attacking here.


That said, forget about the enemies he summons, avoid them as you hit the boss and dodge him too. The strategy is to constantly dodge the small enemies and the boss and hit him when there is an opening to get away again. Of course, when he is about to fall, things will get very complicated, so it would be ideal to finish him quickly when he gets heavy (he will summon more bugs, do the Hell Balls, etc…); If you’re doing well in life, don’t hesitate to risk it a bit to lower your health quickly in the last stretch.

Regarding the other method to defeat him in a “simple” way is by equipping the Golden Fleece , this will cause each time you defeat enemies to cause a little more damage (but if they hit you, the counter returns to 0 and you receive more damage). The idea is that you increase this counter as much as you can in the run and when you get to the boss you will deal such colossal damage to it that it will fall very quickly.

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