April 21, 2024


Another of the fundamental parts to understand in Cult of the Lamb is that of the “education” of our Adepts since if you do things wrong (or sometimes a little randomly, the truth) the so-called Deserter Adepts could arise .

These Adepts are very annoying in the first place because they will ignore your orders (inadmissible, how dare they) and secondly because they will try to eat the heads of the other Adepts to turn them into Deserter Adepts too, obviously telling vile lies about us, which we cannot do. allow.

You are going to have to deal with them yes or yes and for this reason in this post I will show you all the ways you have to take action on the matter; some methods are uglier than others, anyway I’ll tell you which one to use depending on the situation.


Prevention is always better than cure and therefore you should take into account the following factors:

  • Faith : Faith is that handyman-like meter that we have in the upper left corner of the screen and it is the most important thing to keep in mind. If this is low it will be easier for Defecting Adepts to appear.
  • Loyalty : Loyalty is what indicates the level of your Adept and it will increase over time if you do things well. The greater the loyalty, the more difficult it will be for the Adept to become a Deserter in a bad situation.

Later I will make a post on how to improve these aspects.


Defecting Adept in Cult of the Lamb

When you interact with a Defecting Adept, the option to “Reeducate” will appear and in the end it is the only way… not too saucy to get an Adept to be loyal again. You can only retrain them once per day .

If you look closely, the Deserting Adept will have a kind of semi-colored rhombus on his head, the idea is that you can empty that container, at which point the Adept will be loyal to you again. Every time you perform the “Reeducate” action you will see this diamond descend.

The downside of this method is that it will not prevent the Deserter Adept from swearing at us and if he converts others we will have a serious problem.


It is without any doubt the best method we have, and it is that thanks to the Prison we will be able to retain the Deserting Adepts so that they do not go around ranting between us re-educating them. Also, due to the fact of being in the Jail, the effectiveness of «Reeducate» will be greater (you will have to do it the same way once a day but at least they will be still and quiet). It’s actually funny because very often the normal Adepts will stop by to laugh at them.

You will be able to unlock this building through Divine Inspiration (you know, the upgrade tree on our statue). You will find it following this path: Temple (the initial one), Sleeping Bags, Jail. In fact, I highly recommend that you acquire this building soon because it is worth gold to save us problems; have more than one, trust me, you will need it someday.

By the way, if you look at the photo at the top, I put the Jail in front of the graves of my Adepts who passed away. This does not affect anything in itself, but I liked the idea that they were there contemplating the graves so that they better understand the message.


Burying an Adept

And to finish, as always, the most brutal option. Option that I do not recommend at all if you already have the Jail because in the end the Adepts are a very valuable asset for us and the last thing we want is for them to die (what we want is for them to work).

But… in case you still don’t have the Jail, if a Deserter Adept appears to you, the best thing you can do is end his life  (I leave you a link to a post where I already talked about how to kill the Adepts optimally and also of the funeral and others) so that he does not infect others with his lies and because it is another stomach to feed and that does not produce at all.

Trying to re-educate them without the Jail is too complicated and you risk it convincing other Adepts and the population of Defecting Adepts to increase, which you don’t want; so nothing, if you don’t have a Jail you already know what you have to do… but come on, what was said, that the ideal thing would be for you to build the Jail as soon as possible because it is the key.

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