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The Fleeces are the tunic that our goat wears in Cult of the Lamb and through the Sacred Talismans we will be able to unlock other Fleeces with the most varied effects and something for all tastes.

For every 4 Sacred Talismans that we collect we can unlock a new Fleece of our choice; And don’t worry, you can get them all. In this post I will list each of the Fleeces, their effects, I will recommend the ones that I think are worth the most and below I will tell you how to get all the Talismans in the game. Let’s go there!


    Let’s start by looking at the list of all available Fleeces. By the way, I will recommend the ones that I consider to be the most worthwhile.


    The Red Fleece we started with doesn’t add anything at all, but… it doesn’t have any drawbacks either, so it’s still a valid option.


    • Every time you kill an enemy your damage will increase (stacks), but when you take damage the counter resets to zero and you take double damage.

    This is without a doubt one of the most interesting Fleeces and the most indicated to pass the achievements of not receiving hits from the final bosses such as Shamura , Kallamar and others.


    • Increases the damage of Curses by 50% and also reduces their Zeal cost by 50%, but reduces melee damage and health by 50%.

    The most recommended Fleece for those who want to play the “wizard” style, for me it is that in all my life melee has been more cool; but for “mage lovers” it is the one.


    • You get a black heart when receiving Tarot Cards, but you will lose 100% of the items when you die.

    This is the one I use  and therefore the one I recommend the most because the truth is that those extra black hearts come in very handy and at least when it comes to combat, it doesn’t have any drawbacks. It is true that losing objects is a big problem, but there comes a point in the game where dying is quite anecdotal, or at least that happened to me except for a specific boss like Kallamar or the Final Boss .


    • You will raise 4 Tarot Cards at the start of the game, but you will not be able to raise more in the entire run.

    I don’t like this one at all because even if you start the game you’re still quite checked out, the fact that they limit us to only those 4 Tarot Cards seems absurd to me (so those games are cool when you get a lot of cards and you end up very doped…) .


    • All your hearts turn blue and are multiplied by 1.5.

    I don’t like it at all, you will start with more life… but since they are blue hearts, when you lose them you can no longer “cure” them; Zero recommended from me.


    Next, how to get all the Talismans . Clarify that if you have not yet unlocked one of the areas that we will mention below, it is because you have to continue advancing in your runs (the Crusades), you will gradually unlock all the areas (always talk to the NPCs that appear to you).


    Fishing in Cult of the Lamb
    • It is unlocked by talking to an NPC in Foresta Oscura .

    We already talked about this in a bit more detail in the Cult of the Lamb Fishing post , but we’ll mention it here anyway.

    In Pilgrim’s Passage we will find a fisherman with whom we will have to talk and he will give us a mission in which we will have to fish 4 different sea creatures ; we have the fishing area right next door.

    For each of these 4 creatures that we deliver, he will give us 1 Sacred Talisman (with which we will obtain a Fleece when delivering all of them). The thing is not very mysterious, it is to start fishing in the same area and that chance is in your hand; In my case I got the 4 “fish” that he asks us for in the second round of fishing (you catch all the fish in the area and if you are missing any you come back another day and so on). Keep in mind that large fish shadows are the ones most likely to give us rare “fish”.


    • It is unlocked by talking to an Anura NPC .

    We will have to talk to Sozo in the Spore Grotto and do the following steps to get the 4 Talismans:

    1. Give him 10 Mushrooms (you can get them in Anura, you can also plant them in the garden).
    2. Give him 20 Mushrooms. He will also reward us with the Brainwashing Ritual; it is very broken since it will make our Adepts have the Faith to the maximum during 2 days.
    3. Perform the Brainwashing Ritual and talk to Sozo. The ritual asks us for 12 Mushrooms. He will give us a construction called «Mushroom Sculpture».
    4. Build the “Mushroom Sculpture” in your sect and talk to Sozo again. To build it we will need 35 Mushrooms and 20 Gold Ingots.

    With this we would already have another Fleece unlocked.


    • It is unlocked by talking to a Deep Anchor NPC .

    This time we will have to interact with Plimbo in the Thief’s Sanctuary. He will ask us to bring him Witness Eyes , which is a material that each of the witnesses in the game will drop for us (the optional bosses of each zone of the Crusades).

    As I already have the guide for each one of them done, I leave you the links here:

    • Agares .
    • Bathin .
    • Astaroth .
    • alocer .

    He will give us a Talisman for each Witness Eye.


    Midas in Cult of the Lamb
    • It is unlocked by interacting with a tree in Silk Cradle .

    We already talked about Midas in more detail in the post on how to get a lot of money and gold in Cult of the Lamb , but I’ll tell you.

    Midas will ask us to sacrifice our Followers on his altar to turn them into golden statues, for each sacrifice we will obtain a talisman, so we will have to sacrifice a total of 4 Followers.

    My recommendation is that you take advantage of when one of your Followers gets old to… “get him off your back”, so you save yourself the graves (if you’re that kind of player, I am).


    The other Fragments will be provided by the Night Wolf (he has no name, but I call him that), he is an NPC that we will find in the areas that we have mentioned above but only at night (he will be a bit hidden) and he will ask us for different stuff.

    1. Pilgrim’s Passage : At the end of the pier, he will ask us for a fish.
    2. Spore Grotto : To the far left where the shops, he will ask us to give him an Adept (you know, sneak him an old one).
    3. Thief’s Sanctuary : To the far right where Plimbo is, on a dock. This time he will ask us for 2 Adepts (as usual, give him old people… the Night Wolf is getting hungrier every day).
    4. Midas Cave : In the upper right corner. I won’t tell you what he asks of us because it’s a huge spoiler, just go ahead and see what will happen.

    With these we can unlock all the Fleeces!


    These are the Achievements/Trophies that we will obtain by completing the aforementioned steps:

    • Transformation : Unlocks a Fleece. The red you start with doesn’t count.
    • Transmutation : Unlock all the Fleeces. It is not enough to have the Talismans, you will have to exchange them for the Fleece, which we remind you is on our altar in the Temple.

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