April 14, 2024


This time we are going to analyze the Coronation Key , a five-star sword whose lore in Genshin Impact is related to ancient legends about King Deshret.

It is a weapon that, at the cost of a very poor Base Attack for a five-star weapon, gives us a huge amount of Life for our character and at the same time can convert the Maximum Life of this character into Elemental Mastery for himself. and for the entire group, provided that the necessary conditions are met.

It’s an okay weapon and gives good bonuses but it’s terribly specific, so I don’t recommend shooting for it unless you really like the characters that go well with it or really like the other banner weapon.


Let’s start by looking at its attributes:

  • Base Attack Level 1: 44.
  • Base Attack Level 90: 541.

For a five-star sword it has a Base Attack more similar to that of four-star weapons (like other Sumeru weapons, such as the Path of the Huntress ), but this is because the Attack will not be the target of its wielder. .

  • Life % Level 1: 9.6%.
  • Life % Level 90: 66.15%.

As a secondary stat we have Life % which is quite a specific stat, as there aren’t many light sword characters that care that much to focus on this stat; but it must be said that for characters who take good advantage of Life%, it is a sword pass that will give us up to 66.15% of Life at level 90.

The Path of the Huntress Passive Skill grants the following effects:

  • Increases Life by 20% (40% at R5).
  • Hitting an enemy with an Elemental Skill will activate the “great poem” effect that will last 20 seconds and has the following characteristics:
    • While this effect is active, it will increase the Elemental Mastery of the wielder of this weapon by 0.12% (0.24% at R5) of their Max Life; If, for example, our character has 40,000 Maximum Life, he will obtain a bonus of 48 Elemental Mastery points (it would be 96 Elemental Mastery points in R5).
    • This effect can be stacked a total of three times and each stack can be obtained every 0.3 seconds, which would allow us to get a total of 144 points of Elemental Mastery again in the case of having 40K Health (288 in R5).
    • Upon reaching 3 stacks of this effect or when the duration of the third stack is reset, the Elemental Mastery of all characters on the team is increased by 0.2 (0.4 at R5) of the wielder’s Max Health ; following the previous example of the 40,000 life it would be a total of 80 points of Elemental Mastery (160 points in R5) for our companions.

The truth is that the passives of this sword are very complete: it increases our Life even more, they give us a fairly long-lasting Elemental Mastery bonus and on top of that we will also increase the Elemental Mastery of the rest of the team.

The only bad thing is that we will need the character that carries it to have an Elemental Ability with at least three charges or one that hits continuously on the field, since otherwise we will only be able to obtain a stack and we will not share Elemental Mastery with our companions (since which is only shared by getting all three stacks).


Our goal will be to look for a character that improves the potential of their abilities with Life % (and also takes advantage of Elemental Mastery), the problem is that unfortunately there are not many swordsmen who earn this stat as much.

Nilou in Genshin Impact

Obviously, the Coronation Key is made to measure for Nilou , thanks to the high Base Life that this character has, we can have a surprisingly high amount of Maximum Life without trying too hard.

All damage Nilou deals depends on the amount of Max Life she has, as both her Elemental Ability, her Ultimate Ability, and the Feral Cores she will create as part of a Bloom Elemental Reaction deduct or increase their damage based on to the life she has.

We’re also going to get a lot of use out of the Elemental Mastery buff, whether we want her to be the one triggering the reactions or we want to support another character and buff her Elemental Mastery even more to improve the core blast damage.

In the hypothetical case that we reached Nilou’s Maximum Health cap (75,000 Health points), we could get the maximum damage increase from the feral cores (400%), a total of 270 Elemental Mastery points (540 in R5) with all three stacks for herself and a total of 150 Elemental Mastery points (300 at R5) for the team.

Kuki Shinobu in Genshin Impact

Another good candidate Odrik came up with for this character is Kuki Shinobu , as his Elemental Ability’s heals depend on the amount of Max Health Kuki has and his ult’s damage also scales with this attribute.

In addition, the continuous resonance of Kuki’s Elemental Ability allows him to be one of the few characters that take good advantage of this weapon, being able to achieve the maximum amount of stacks, which will allow him to increase his own Elemental Mastery and that of the team (also, thanks to his passive talent will take advantage of the Elemental Mastery of this sword to heal even more and increase the damage of his Elemental Ability).

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