April 15, 2024


Funeral Flowers are  a character upgrade material in Genshin Impact . We will only find these flowers in the Layavard Desert and in Farajkert, both areas are within the Sumeru region.

This specialty is somewhat small in size and can go unnoticed due to its small size and the rocky shape they have. We can find these chrysalis both in the open world and in caves, in the first case we will easily recognize the place where they are because there will be sand worms that will attack us continuously when we get close.

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The flower has a long green stem and reddish petals that attract a lot of attention, therefore they will be very easy to detect. They are supposed to grow in places where a lot of blood has been shed throughout history (as in the case of the Dendrobio ), but really these flowers are usually found next to places where there is water, as is the case with the Lily . cove .

In the Sumeru region we can find a total of 78 units of Funeral Flowers, an average amount similar to the case of the Golden Beetle , the Fluorescent Mushroom or the Sandy Chrysalis .

The good news about this specialty is that there are 43 units that we can pick up in two or three minutes at the most; The bad news is that the rest of these are found in caves that are sealed by certain mechanisms and we will have to advance in the story of the world mission “Jvarena of good and evil”  to be able to access these sites (since we will need an object that they will give us in this mission).


Funeral Flowers are used as ascension material for the following characters:

  • Kaveh .

At the moment they will only serve us as character ascension material, but perhaps in the future they will have some other use.


The Sandy Chrysalides are always very close to a rocky mound or near the walls of the caves, they are small in size and are half buried in the ground , so we have to pay close attention when making the route. so as not to miss any.


Location of the Funerary Flower in the Layarvard Desert

First of all we will go to the teleportation point indicated on the minimap that is located in the Layavard Desert , after this we only have to descend with the glider and circle around the oasis to get up to 19 units of this Sumeru specialty.

It is highly recommended to have Nahida in the team (if you are lucky enough to have her), since with such a large number of flowers in the same location, her Elemental Ability will be very helpful to collect up to five Funeral Flowers at once. and not have to swim from one end to the other.

To get the two remaining units that are a little further north, we will have to advance a little in the world mission “Jvarena of good and evil” to unlock the entrance to the cave that is buried by Cinder Crystals.


Location of the Funeral Flower in the Manigua Asipattravana

La Manigua Asipattravana is another of the places where we can find more Funeral Flowers, since there are a total of 22 throughout this area. It’s very similar to the first zone, but the zone is surrounded by a strange green light and along the way there is purple fog that doesn’t do any damage or anything but is annoying because it obstructs the line of sight a bit (but that goes away if we continue the world mission mentioned above).

To collect all these flowers we will go directly to the teleportation point that is at the beginning of the oasis. We just have to continue east and collect all the ones we see around the water, then there will be a kind of waterfall that will cut our way, but since there are four-petal symbols nearby, we won’t even have to climb.


Location of the Funeral Flower in Farajkert

We will return again to the same teleportation point of the Asipattravana Bush, at this point there are some mechanisms that we will activate if we follow the world mission called « Chronicles of Asipattravana » (it is one of the world missions that arise from the main one, which is the one we mentioned before).

By eliminating part of the purple mist in this mission we will unlock a Nucleospecter with which we can get rid of the Cinder Crystals that cover the entrance of the cave that we have marked with a star on the map; After that, we will simply go in to finish the mission and get the four flowers that are inside the cave in the Farajkert area .


Location of the Funerary Flower in the Tunigi Fissure

Here things get complicated, if we continue with the main mission until we reach the mission “And the Jvarena was made: Dukkha”, we will find the first three flowers right next to the Jvarena hymn that marks the main mission.

After this, we will go back to advance towards the east, passing through the four-leaf petals until we find a Hilichurl that is digging next to a fake stone. Once we break the false stone, a Nucleospecter will come out that will eliminate the Cinder Crystals that guard the three remaining flowers (and a Dendroculus as a gift).


Location of the Funeral Flower on the Samudra Coast

The same as in the previous one, we have to follow the mission “And the Jvarena was made: Nirodha”; In this mission they will force us to solve a mechanism to make our way inside a colossus of the giant ruins, inside this we will find the Funeral Flowers of this area.

We will find the first four units right next to some wolves that are inside the colossus in a state of petrification (covered by Ash Crystals). We will find the last five after solving multiple mechanisms in this long mission, in the area where we will have to destroy the core of the colossus of the ruins.


Location of the Funerary Flower in Zulqarnain Canyon

Finally, to be able to access this area where the last specimens of this flower are found, we will have to have completed all the missions of “And the Jvarena was made” to be able to unlock the door that is next to the Sacrilegious Baptist, and now simply follow the chain of the mission to make our way to the last units of this specialty.

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