April 15, 2024


Temenos is for me a very important character in Octopath Traveler 2 since in my opinion he is the best Healer in the game and in any RPG it is vital to have a good Healer in your team if you want to go more calmly to your battles and not die easily.

This is due to the fact that his statistics are very oriented to be a good Healer , with a pretty good defensive section (not at the level of a Warrior or a Hunter, but not that bad) and some very good healing abilities and defensive support thanks to his Main Job, which is Cleric.

Castti would be a bit of its competition for Healing , but in my opinion Temenos, due to the fact that it has the best Job for Healers as a main, is the best option. Although you obviously do what you want.


Let’s start by looking at the active Skills of the Cleric, I will also tell you which ones you should use more.

  • Heal Wounds : His best ability since it is the one that will allow us to heal the entire group of hit and eye because it is a fairly powerful cure. It is highly recommended to save your Impulse in case in some turn your teammates take a lot of damage and you need a bigger heal.
  • Holy Light : We will hit an enemy with a Light Spell, it does not have much mystery, ideal for those enemies weak to this element.
  • Prayer to the Flame : Increases a sync pair’s Elemental and Physical Defense for 2 turns. Ideal especially for Hikari or Ochette if you are using them to tank so that they resist better hits.
  • Mystic Staff : A double strike with the staff at an enemy. The best thing about the movement is that we will steal AP from the enemy equivalent to 10% of the damage caused. An interesting way to get some AP if we need it, but nothing better than Agnea’s trick with the partner that gives us AP by using her boosts that I explained in La’Mani ‘s post .
  • Luminescence : We will hit all enemies with Light; I rarely use Holy Light except against a single enemy since I tend to use Luminescence better.
  • Sacred Shield : We will apply a Shield that will mitigate the damage that the character receives with the next attack by 50%. Again ideal for our tank.
  • Revive : It’s brutal because it revives all our teammates at once. Highly recommend using boost to pick them up on high health.
  • Aelfric’s Favor : Divine Ability, so you can only use it with 3 Impulse. It is a tremendous buff (good reason to save Momentum) that will cause the abilities that a character uses to be used 2 times in a row per action. It is well worth putting it on your best DPS or whoever you want depending on the situation.


These are the Cleric Job Support Skills:

  • Resilience : Increases our healing, so it is a must have for any Healer .
  • Inner Strength : Increases the character’s AP by 50, so it’s always good; although if you do the Agnea trick you probably prefer to wear something else.
  • Evil Guard : Increases the chance to flee from a battle, so it is quite expendable.
  • Resurrection : Another must have for a Healer since once per battle it will allow us to automatically revive if the character is killed with 25% of his healed health. This has saved me a battle.


The Potential of less the truth is that it is not too relevant, a shame in that sense. What it does is that when using it we will reduce the shield points of the enemies by hitting them regardless of whether we hit them with a weakness (the key is to use it with Luminescence or an area attack, come on). It’s not bad as such, but there are better ones.


It is preferable to equip him by improving his defensive section and his health since as a Healer role he plays, the last thing you want is to be killed and run out of cures. If that happens, revive him quickly and try to pull yourself together.


Regarding Side Jobs, these are my recommendations in order from best to worst:

  • Scholar : To increase our offensive arsenal when our team is in good condition, so we can also cause some damage and reduce shields, which is always good. In addition, it will be very good to have him to apply the “Advanced Magic” buff to Osvald so that he does not lose turns and thus we help him deal some terrible blows.
  • Dancer : Another very good option to be able to add buffs to our teammates when it is not necessary to heal.
  • Merchant : To have the Donate Pi Ability to be able to support the group more when we don’t have to heal.
  • Apothecary : The option I would least recommend, but I guess it’s still an option. Especially to increase our arsenal of cures, especially the individual cure that comes in handy when it is a single partner who is very low on health and the possibility of curing altered states that are really annoying (depending on the battle it will be essential). this).

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