April 21, 2024


One of the most important things for success in Darkest Dungeon , a game that stands out for its high difficulty, is knowing how to make good team combinations and of course also knowing which characters are suitable for which context or area.

In this guide I will tell you what for me are the best teams in the game depending on what you want to direct them towards, which I will also comment on in the post. So that you understand what I mean, depending on the zone or boss you are going to, it will be more relevant to resort to a build of Bleeding, Infection, Pointing out or something more mixed.

This is something that I have already detailed quite a bit in the guide for each of the areas of the game. In this post I will explain it to you a bit above, but if you want to know in more detail which characters are optimal for each area, I recommend that you take a look at the guide for each area that I leave below:

  • Ruins .
  • Forest .
  • maze .
  • cove .

Let’s go with the equipment recommendations and for what situation they are worth it!


Highwayman in Darkest Dungeon

This would be a bit of an all-encompassing team, so it will be a good team in most situations; however, it won’t be as effective as a dedicated team, which we’ll discuss more below when we talk about the more specialized Builds.

  1. Diabla : Has very good damage and can apply Hemorrhage. Among the ideal character options for position 1, he is one of those with the lowest stamina, but he more than makes up for it with his high damage, his Bleeds and an ability that allows him to hit the fourth position of enemies very hard.
  2. Bandolero : A character that you can add to any team due to his versatility, mobility, good damage and ability to hit all enemy positions. I consider him to be the best character in the game . He also has a mechanic to counterattack enemies that hit him that comes in handy. A Bandolero is never too much.
  3. Plague Doctor : He has a very good Infection application (the best character in that sense) and can also provide great support by stunning enemies, removing Infection and Bleeding from your characters, curing diseases and even helping them deal more damage .
  4. Vestal : The safest and most reliable healer. He very well heals one character or all of them simultaneously and without the risks of the Occultist. He also can provide some support through stuns.


Jester in Darkest Dungeon

The Hemorrhage Build will be great for us in the Forest and the Labyrinth since the enemies there are usually quite susceptible to it:

  1. devil .
  2. Flagellant : When it comes to Bleeds, he is the absolute god, he has the best application of this ailment in the game and can also provide some healing support. This class belongs to the DLC “The Crimsom Court”.
  3. Jester : An incredible character for being the best support in the game without a doubt. It provides a great buff to your characters, heals them from stress , has excellent mobility and also has very good abilities to apply Bleeding.
  4. Vestal .

You could replace the Flagellant with the Canine Master, especially if you don’t have the aforementioned DLC; It is a very good option despite being less effective against Bleeds (another option to replace it would be the Bandolero because as I have already mentioned, he is god and we can take him practically everywhere). In the case of the Vestal, you could replace her with the Occultist, but this character, despite having better damage than her, has a much more risky cure, so you will have to be careful.


Darkest Dungeon Plague Doctor

Infection is very useful in the Ruins and in the Cove . This would be his best team:

  1. Gunman : The best tank in the game as he has a lot of stamina and can protect an ally and take hits instead. In addition, he combines this with an ability that will allow him to counterattack enemies that hit him (like the Bandit, but doing less Damage), even when protecting our partner, so in the end he also has good damage for a tank.
  2. Grave Raider : Lots of evasion, hits all positions, can apply Infection, reduces the resistance of enemies to this altered state and even has an attack that deals increased damage against enemies that have Infection. Together with the character below he makes a very good combo.
  3. Plague Doctor .
  4. Vestal/ Occultist .

If you go to the Ruins I would recommend replacing the Man-at-Arms with a Crusader as he does more damage to Wicked and this area is full of them. Facing the Cove, always opt for the Occultist (but then it’s better to place it in position 3 and the Plague Doctor in position 4) since this does more damage to the Eldritch and in the cove it is practically the only type of enemy that we will find.

You can again put a Bandolero in position 2.


Canine Master in Darkest Dungeon

Pointing is a Darkest Dungeon mechanic that some characters have in their abilities that is very interesting, especially in the face of many of the final bosses (the Prophet , the Necromancer or the Witch to give a few examples) since many abilities greatly increase their damage against enemies that we have previously indicated.

  1. Devil / Crusader / Leper / Man at Arms : The first position is not especially relevant in this team so use the character you prefer or the one that best suits the area or boss (in this blog you have a guide to all of them).
  2. Canine Master : An indispensable character for Pointing teams and also very good in Hemorrhage teams. He can Point and has an ability that greatly increases his damage against marked targets with which we can hit all enemy positions. Also, he can provide some support and self-heal health and stress.
  3. Arbalestera / Musketeer : Remember that the Musketeer at the end is a skin of the Arbalestera, which is really the same character. She is a character who can also Point and also has an ability that greatly increases her damage to Pointed targets. He is specialized in damage to positions 2, 3 and 4 but luckily we have very well covered position 1 with the other characters (also the bosses as they usually occupy a position or more wide, because you will hit them the same).
  4. Occultist : For this team I recommend it ahead of the Vestal, which does not mean that it would continue to be an option, because this character can also point in addition to having a fairly high damage to be a healer and because its depletion reduces the damage they do the enemies is brutal for many bosses.

Ah, in case you are wondering if you can add a Bandolero to this team… of course you can, I already told you that the Bandolero is god. He has an attack that also boosts his damage to designated enemies, it is not such a huge bonus as that of the characters I have mentioned above, but together with the other virtues of this character, it is certainly worth it (his ideal position is the 2, in the 3 also works fine anyway).

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