April 21, 2024


In the previous Octopath Traveler 2 guide we faced Throné’s Mother and this time we will have to do the same with his Father ; she is not really her father of her blood, but he is the one who raised her and who taught her everything she knows regarding the use of the Dagger and so on.

The boss has a similar difficulty to Mother , so it shouldn’t give you too much trouble, especially if you use the strategy we’ll give you in this post. Something good about this fight compared to the previous one is that he will fight completely alone (Mother had her Right Hand), but this makes up for it with a little more health and also damage.

Again Throné will have a very important role in this battle since his debuffs will spread a lot. But nothing, let’s get to the point with the post!


On this occasion, the level requirement that they ask us for is level 31 , so you should respect it and that your character with the lowest level reaches or at least approaches it. In my case I went with Throné at 24 or so because I am quite lazy, but it would not be ideal since sooner or later you are going to have to level it up no matter what and it is a bit “bread for today and hunger for tomorrow” (I I was born a little lazy, what can we do).

In any case, it is not so necessary to have Throné at such a high level for this battle since her role will mainly be to apply the debuffs and as long as you don’t get killed, she can do it without problems. Regarding equipment, it’s a good time to update your characters’ armor a bit since Father does a lot of physical damage (especially if you don’t use Throné’s debuffs , which are very noticeable).


Let’s start by looking at Father’s weaknesses, let’s remember that he will fight alone, he will not be accompanied by absolutely anyone for our luck:

  • Dagger
  • Lance
  • Axe
  • Wind
  • Light

One of the very few cases of a boss that has no weakness to Ice, Fire or Lightning, so Osvald will not be such a recommended character  unless you take him with a Side Job that gives him a Light or Wind Spell ( in my case mine is Dancer right now, so it has Wind Spell).


These are the characters that I recommend for this battle:

  • Hikari : The always recommended, in this battle his Spear attacks will come in handy and of course those of Dagger or Ax depending on the Secondary Job with which you have it; In my case I take it with Cazador (which I really recommend).
  • Ochette : Especially for his Ax attacks.
  • Throné : It will be mainly in charge of applying a debuff to Father to reduce the damage it does and increase the damage it receives. We will also give some Dagger hits when they are applied.
  • Temenos : As usual we will use it mainly to heal the group with “Heal Wounds” and when the group does not need healing we will give defensive support or directly attack them with Light Spells. I recommend the Erudite Side Job.

I took Osvald instead of Ochette because he is my favorite character despite the fact that it would not be the most optimal and I did it perfectly the same; Team Osvald to power!


The strategy will be quite simple because it is the most common, basically we will try to reduce the shield as quickly as possible through our Skills (it is better to calculate to have it just when in the next turn you are going to have 3 Impulse on your characters) and when you we stun spend all of the Momentum on the most damaging Skills.

Hikari will be hitting with his Spear, very key if you have the “Spear Fishing” Skill (one of which you can learn by challenging people to fight) because we will attack with it between 3 and 5 times, so it will be very easy to lower his shield ; he has 8 shield points, which is quite a lot. When we stun him we roll «Celestial Slash» with maximum Impulse if you have the Potential available or otherwise we roll «Brand’s Sword». You can use “Invoke” from time to time if you want your teammates to be safer (so he will receive individual attacks from the boss).

Ochette will do something similar but with the Ax or with the Spear if you have it with Warrior Side Job. Exactly the same strategy of saving all the Momentum to drop all the artillery when we stun him.

Throné will have priority to apply its debuffs in this order:

  1. Vampire Ties : To reduce the Physical Damage of Father since otherwise he will hit some terrible blows.
  2. Owl Acid : To reduce Father’s Physical Defense. So Hikari, Ochette and herself will do much more damage.

The Impulse is saved to you to hit him with your most powerful attack as usual. If you already have him with the 2 debuffs on, attack him with the Daggers to reduce his shield.

We are afraid of what we said, first priority is to heal the group and second is to give some defensive support and start attacking with «Holy Light». Save some momentum in case you ever need a bigger heal and when he’s stunned like normal you spend it all on Holy Light.

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