April 21, 2024


This time we will face nothing more and nothing less than the horrific Mother of Throné , specifically in chapter 3 of her story in Octopath Traveler 2 . The mission will take place in Sotoburgo.

This lady is one of the leaders of the Black Wyrm and she educates her “children” in a somewhat peculiar way, basically every time they screw up she gives them a few lashes. Luckily Throné decides to visit her to show her who’s boss, although she simply wants to be free and of course Mother is an obstacle since she has one of the two keys we need (Father has the other) and she is not willing to give it up.

A boss that is quite simple, although it is true that it does a lot of damage in the area, so it will be important to have a Cleric who can heal our group while Throné dedicates himself to decreasing the Physical Attack of both this and his Right Hand to make the battle much more bearable.


As I always tell you, you should pay a lot of attention (I pay less attention every day, but hey) to the level requirement that the game itself sets for this mission, which in this case is level 31 . Since by now you will already have some super level characters, it is a bit irrelevant if you have one a little below.

In my case, I took Throné at level 22 or so and I got it without problems since, after all, her role will be to apply a debuff to the enemies and as long as she stays upright, she can do that without problems. Your other characters should respect level 31 and even if you have them above, better. If you follow our order of recommended bosses, chances are you have a character well above them at this point in the game.


Let’s start by looking at Mother’s weaknesses:

  • Dagger
  • Bow
  • Ice
  • Light

And now the weaknesses of His right hand, a thief who will accompany him in battle to complicate things a little more.

  • Sword
  • Walking stick
  • Fire
  • Ray

A pity that they share absolutely no weakness, that will lengthen the battle a little more.


These are the characters that I recommend for this battle:

  • Hikari : I always carry him with me and he would be like that even if he wasn’t the main character I chose. He’ll tank us at the start of the battle between defeating the Right Hand and after that we’ll attack Mother with the Bow (assuming you have him with the Hunter Side Job, which would be his thing; Thief would be another good option). Ochette Guerrera would be a good alternative.
  • Osvald : Another one that is never missing from my teams because of its tremendous damage, especially in the area. It’s a shame that both enemies don’t share an elemental weakness, mind you.
  • Throné : As already mentioned, we will use it to constantly apply a debuff to the enemies and at some point to attack (the priority will always be to apply the debuffs ).
  • Temenos : We will need it a lot since the boss has area attacks and the Right Hand will attack more individually. His role will be above all to keep the group on its feet and when it is good then support a little with Spells (I recommend that you put the Scholar Secondary Job on him to improve his offensive contribution). Castti Cleriga would be an alternative in my inferior opinion, but an alternative.


The first objective is to kill his Right Hand so we can focus solely on Mother, his Right Hand will be quite annoying and we should get rid of it.

Hikari will tank strategy until we are alone against Mother. You must keep “Incite” and “Vengeful Blade” to go counterattacking especially to the Right Hand since Mother tends to do area attacks. In addition we will lower her shield. With both buffs active you can perform the learned ability «Double Celestial Edge» (we obtained it by defeating General Rou ), it is very good because we will hit all enemies 2 times with the Sword, so we will further reduce the shield of the Hand and incidentally hurting mother a little.

Throné meanwhile will gradually reduce the Physical Attack with first priority to Mother and with second priority to his Hand through « Vampire Ties » and when both have it active you see reducing the shield of the Hand with your Sword attacks. Osvald has no mystery, he spams Fire Spells (with Advanced Magic active, it can be applied by Temenos Erudite if he is not busy healing, which will be his main function) to lower the Hand’s shield and damage Mother.

When the Hand falls, it’s time to stun Mother and use your most powerful attacks on everyone with your characters (hitting her weaknesses, of course); It is very important that Throné maintains the Physical Damage debuff on her since otherwise this boss does a lot of damage. Be careful because there will come a point where he will get angry and increase his shield points, but this will not be a very relevant impediment.

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