April 21, 2024


Dream of the Nymph is a set of artifacts that will serve as an alternative to Heart of the Depths to build characters of the Hydro element in Genshin Impact ; access to your Domain is in the Sumeru region.

Certainly, this set will be a very good option in case we don’t have a good 4-piece set of Heart of the Depths, due to the same effects of the 2-piece set and the bonuses to Attack % and damage. The Hydro Damage bonus provided by the 4-piece set of Dream of the Nymph will be more interesting than the 30% additional damage to Normal and Charged Attacks provided by the 4-piece set of Heart of the Depths.

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Two of the drawbacks that I see with this set are that the effect of the four-piece set lasts very little and removes the possibility that characters with lasting ults that do passive damage take advantage of it and the other is that the vast majority of characters that belong to the Hydro Element they scale their damage or the effectiveness of their heals with Life %, so I think it would have been more interesting if they increased the Life % of the wearer of the set instead of the Attack %.

Anyway, let’s see how we can get the pieces of this set, the bonuses they will bring to our characters and the possible candidates to equip them with this set.


We get this set specifically in the Domain of the Cast Iron Fortress ; We will find the door to this Domain in the Layavard Desert, which is located in the Sumeru region. Another set that we can get while spending resin in this Domain will be Vurukasha’s Flash .

These would be all the pieces of the set:

  • Flower : Flower of the Periplus.
  • Feather : Feather of the Maleficent Warlock.
  • Clock : Assiduity of the Nymphs.
  • Goblet : Bravery Tea Party.
  • Crown : Odd Dragon’s Eyeglass.


Let’s see what effects this set gives us:

  • 2 Pieces : +15% Hydro Damage Bonus.
  • 4 Pieces : Hitting an enemy with a Normal/Charged/Down Attack or with an Elemental Skill or with an Ultimate Skill will generate a charge of the effect called «Nymph Reflection» for 8 seconds; by getting 1, 2, 3 or more charges we will be able to increase the Attack of the owner of this set by 7%/16%/25% and his Hydro Damage Bonus 4%/9%/15%. The charges of this effect created with the Normal Attacks and the character’s abilities are independent of each other.

The two-piece bonus gives us a +15% Hydro Damage Bonus, just like the Heart of the Depths set, so it can be a good substitute in combinations with two other Ancient Ritual pieces of the Nobility for characters like Mona or Xingchiu , although it can also be combined with two pieces of Tenacity from the Geoweapon for Yelan .

If we equip a character with the Nymph’s Dream 4-piece set, they will receive a charge every time they hit with a Normal Attack, Charged Attack, Down Attack, their Ultimate, and their Ultimate. In other words, we will have five different ways to get a charge of this effect.

In many cases it will be difficult for us to get the ultimate charge permanently if it has a ToE or a very high Elemental Energy cost and we probably won’t be able to get the Down Attack one either because there aren’t many characters that use it, but the rest of the charges they will be very easy to achieve by just doing a Normal Attack, a Charged Attack and doing an Elemental Ability (it will also be important that he doesn’t have a very high TOE on his elemental, like Xingchiu does).


Since we will need to use all the character’s abilities and use basics to get all the effect stacks of the four-piece set to make it profitable, we will look for a Main DPS that does not consume excessive time on the field, since the duration of these bonuses is not very long.

Kamisato Ayato in Genshin Impact

Ayato is one of the characters who will benefit from the four-piece Dream of the Nymph set, because the maximum bonuses of this set will give him an extra 25% Attack and 30% Extra Hydro Damage Bonus, which will boost his damage a bit more than other of his options like 4 pieces of Gladiator’s End or 4 pieces of Echo of Sacrifice .

It will not be very difficult for us to get the stacks of the effect of this set with Ayato, since his Elemental Ability has a TdE of 12 seconds which is not very high (so as soon as we finish rotating our team we can use it again ) and it will be enough for us to carry out a Normal Attack, a Charged Attack and throw the elemental to have all the bonuses; In the event that you have the last one available, you can substitute the Charged Attack for it in the combo, but its Elemental Energy cost is somewhat high and if we do not have a good Energy Recharge in our Ayato it can be difficult for us to have it ready almost always (in the case that he is the only Hydro character on the team).

Another positive thing for him is the fact that he has plenty of time to take advantage of all the stacks of the set’s effect, since these stacks last 8 seconds each and the Hydro impregnation on his katana from the Elemental Ability lasts only 6 seconds. , which will be the time that we are hitting the field with him.

Tartaglia in Genshin Impact

Tartaglia is a character that is usually built with the 4-piece Heart of the Depths set, which is why, as the Nymph’s Dream is a set similar to this one but with better effects that will give it increases to its Attack % and its Hydro Damage Bonus, this will come in handy to build on in case you don’t already have a very good Heart of the Depths 4-piece set.

As for the issue of getting stacks, his functioning is very similar to Ayato’s but a little worse due to the high TdE of his Elemental Skill, so it will be very important not to use his Elemental Skill for longer than necessary so as not to lengthen the duration too much. ToE of the daggers or continue attacking once we have lost the stacks of the effect of Dreams of the Nymph.

Other characters:

  • Candace : We can also equip the four pieces of this set if we take our Candace as Main DPS following a bit the same dynamic as with Ayato and Tartaglia, although it is a bit niche and we will need a good amount of Energy Recharge in her build so that it is always available as soon as you finish loading your TOE.

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