April 16, 2024


Vurukasha’s Glow is a set of artifacts that by equipping its four-piece set increases both the Life of its wearer and the damage of its abilities, the Domain that will allow us to farm this set of artifacts is located in the Sumeru region in Genshin Impact .

On the one hand, it is good news to have another set of artifacts that gives us 20% Health just like the GeoArmada Tenacity artifact set, since more and more characters in the game are benefiting from it. Life and it is convenient for us to have another alternative to farm in different Domains (in case you have very bad luck in the other Domain or you are not interested in the set that accompanies the Geoarmada set, then you can try your luck in this one).

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On the other hand, although the fact that the four pieces increase the damage of our characters’ abilities sounds very good, to get the most out of this set we will need to be constantly receiving damage actively or passively, since this set it allows you to have a maximum of five stacks and each one lasts only five seconds, which makes it very complex to maintain (except on Bloom or Crackle teams).

That being said, let’s see how we can get the pieces of this set, what benefits they will bring to our build and the characters that will best take advantage of it.


We get this set specifically in the Domain of the Cast Iron Fortress ; We will find the door to this Domain in the Layavard Desert, which is located in the Sumeru region. Another set that we can get while we spend resin in this Domain will be the Dream of the Nymph .

These would be all the pieces of the set:

  • Flower : Primordial Stamen of the Jvarena.
  • Pen : Chromatic Pen.
  • Clock : Withering of Yesteryear.
  • Chalice : Feast of Immeasurable Joy.
  • Crown : Shining Heart of the Jvarena.


Let’s see what effects this set gives us:

  • 2 Pieces : +20% Life.
  • 4 Pieces : Increases the damage of Ultimate Ability and Elemental Ability by 10%. When the wearer of this set takes damage, the above effect is increased by 80% for 5 seconds (this effect can stack up to 5 times). The effect stacks of this four-piece set are independent and work even if the character is on the team but not active on the field.

On the one hand, the two pieces of this set give us +20% Health, as it happens with the 2-piece set of the Tenacity set of the Geoweapon , while the four pieces of this set increase the damage of the Elemental Skill and Ultimate Skill by 10%, somewhat similar to the effects of the 2-piece Ritual of Ancient Nobility set or the 4-piece Emblem of Destiny set.

This effect that increases the damage of the ulti and the elemental by 10% will increase the bonus of this effect by an additional 80% each time we receive damage; that is to say, that instead of 10% it will be an 18% increase in damage and at the moment in which the 5 charges of the effect are combined, we would have a 50% bonus , which would be the maximum.

Honestly, the fact of increasing the damage of the character’s abilities is very good, but the duration of the bonus is negligible and the conditions to activate these damage increases are not met by practically no character and to obtain this bonus under normal conditions (it is that is, without the character losing health from their skill set), we would need to create a Bloom or Crackle team for the character wearing the set to take enough damage to trigger the bonuses.


Well, we will look for characters whose main source of damage is their skills instead of their Normal Attacks, who make good use of Life % and the fact that they receive damage constantly will be crucial.

Dehya in Genshin Impact

This set of artifacts works well with Dehya , on the one hand we will take advantage of the 20% Health that the two-piece set gives us to increase the damage of the abilities (although this is used more in his C1) and also to increase the amount of damage taken that Dehya can withstand.

On the other hand, the four pieces of the set will increase the damage of his elemental and ulti by 10% and this will increase by an additional 8% each time Dehya takes damage; Since she can mitigate damage every second through her Elemental Skill, she will have it easy in that regard.

The problems this set poses for her? Well, the way to receive stacks from this effect is not consistent, because we will not be taking damage all the time unless we are in a Crackling team. Also, Dehya has a lot of Energy Recharge issues, which is why a lot of people choose to equip her with Crest of Destiny which also gives 50% extra damage to her Ultimate (if you manage to get 200% Energy Recharge with Dehya) which is his main source of damage.

The advantage of this set over Crest of Destiny is the fact that we’re also buffing the damage of Dehya’s Elemental Ability and we won’t need to search for as much recharge to get those damage boosts, but the bonuses we get will be more unstable and will need a battery. of powerful Pyro for Dehya in the team in order to help her recharge her ulti.

Other characters:

  • Nilou : We can take advantage of this set if we take her as a Main DPS in a Pure Bloom team, since the two pieces of this set will increase her Life by 20%, which increases both the damage of her abilities and the damage of the feral cores that he creates and the set of four pieces will increase the damage of his abilities. Additionally, the special feral cores that Nilou produces explode very quickly, allowing it to constantly deal damage to get the maximum number of stacks from this set.

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