April 14, 2024


The Guardian of the Apep Oasis is another of the Weekly Bosses that we can find in the Sumeru region in Genshin Impact , just like the Mechanical God . Although this enemy seems to be the dragon called Apep, it really isn’t him, but rather the consequences that the Forbidden Knowledge has caused inside this dragon’s body, which will be the scene of this fight.

It is one of the fights that has more phases in the game (as it happens with Tartaglia Boss ), its combat consists of the following three phases: a first phase with a simpler combat due to the fact that its power is diminished, a second phase in which we will have to protect a heart and kill nearby enemies to fill the recovery meter and finally a third phase in which the enemy will display all his power and imbue all his attacks with the Dendro Element.

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Apep’s Oasis Guardian is located in the Domain called Home of Beginnings (Hadramavet Desert), this Domain will be unlocked after finishing the second act of Nahida ‘s legendary quest : Sapìentia Oromasdis .


In his first combat phase, this enemy will be in the contaminated state, so his power will be greatly diminished; unlike his end phase, all hits from the Last Oasis Keeper deal Physical Damage.

After the Last Oasis Custodian’s life bar is depleted, he will retreat from the battlefield and the Heart of the Oasis will descend to the ground’s surface. In this phase, small enemies will appear all the time and we will have to kill them to fill the recovery progress bar and give way to the third phase of the fight (PS: do not allow these enemies to get too close to the heart, since they will lower the bar of recovery). recovery on hit).

Finally, in his third phase, the enemy will have recovered and all his attacks will be imbued with the Dendro Element (in addition, the enemy will have a high resistance to this element). His attacks will now produce much higher damage and he even has an attack in which we will have to get inside a shield that will be generated on the field so that we do not get killed.

Kamisato Ayaka in Genshin Impact

For this fight I really like the option of taking Ayaka as Main DPS, since her dash is extremely comfortable to quickly get out of the impact areas of this enemy, but we can really take any Main DPS like Cyno , Hu Tao , Ganyu , Noelle ,  Shogun Raiden …

It is not recommended to take Dendro Element characters as Main DPS, since this enemy has a very high resistance against the Dendro Element and we will lose a lot of damage.

This enemy has some attacks that produce very high damage, so it will be very convenient to take a squire to protect us from these attacks such as Zhongli , Thoma and Laila  or a healer that provides high and fast healing such as Jean , Bennett , Sangonomiya Kokomi or Dori .

And as for Support DPS, characters like Yae Miko or Fischl who can deal passive damage to the enemy while we evade the enemy’s attacks will come in handy, Yelan would also be great for the movement speed of his Elemental Skill.


These are all the attacks that the Custodian of the Last Oasis can perform in the first phase of his battle:

  • Dive : The custodian will briefly dive below the surface of the battlefield to emerge at our location and collapse on top of our character; to avoid him we will have to look at the shadow that we can see under the ground when he submerges.
  • Vectors : The enemy will plunge its tentacles under the battlefield and appear in various locations to lash at us; The good thing is that these attacks have a rectangle that marks the area they cover, so it will be enough to get out of said area.
  • Spiking Spheres : The enemy launches three waves of spiked balls that will flood practically the entire field; These balls are very difficult to dodge and it will be almost impossible to dodge them all, so he will have to take the damage or take cover under the shield.
  • Area Sweep : After using all his attacks, he usually performs a combo of physical attacks in which he performs an area sweep followed by a three-hit combo, so we will have to move away if we see a circle under the enemy that is growing.

And the attacks that he will make to us in the third part of his combat are the following:

  • Apocalyptic Devastation : The battlefield begins to be impregnated with the Dendro Element and every moment we step on it we will receive continuous damage (as happens, for example, with the Burn Elemental Reaction ); At that moment, two or more green spherical shields will appear on the field, we must take shelter in them to avoid continuous damage and a tremendous explosion that will originate at the end of this attack.
  • Leaf Cyclone : ​​This attack is normally executed after performing the Apocalyptic Devastation; the enemy creates a floral ring around him and executes a quick sweep, so it will be enough to stay away from the circle to evade this attack.
  • Solar Rays : The enemy will concentrate its Dendro power and will create a floral circle under our active character in the field, if we do not manage to get out of this circle in time we will receive a very high elemental damage from the Dendro Element; this attack is always performed three times in a row.
  • Floral Projectiles : It will always execute it when it finishes hitting us with the Solar Rays; the enemy will create a huge number of projectiles in the air that will explode against the field near the location where we are; to evade it, it will be enough to run towards one of the sides of the field.


This achievement can be achieved during the third phase of his combat.

  • Like a Walk in the Park : Defeat the Guardian of the Apep Oasis without any character being attacked by his Apocalyptic Devastation, for this we will have to get into the shield that is generated on the field when this enemy invokes said attack.


Here are the possible rewards for defeating Apep’s Oasis Guardian:

  • 300 Adventure Rank points, Mora, Friendship Points… Wow, as always.
  • Nagadus Emerald : They are Dendro character ascension materials.
  • Dream Solvent : Object that allows you to change a talent material from one boss to another different from the same boss (for example, we can change a Puppet Tube to a Nullification Bell with this).
  • Talent Materials : Lush Paradise Fern, Oasis Primal Bloom, and Instant Tree Sea.
  • Prototypes of Weapons of the Central Regions .
  • Blue/Purple Artifacts : Berserker, Instructor, Ritual of Enlightenment, and Adventurer.
  • Purple/Legendary Artifacts : Gladiator’s Endgame and Wanderer’s Orchestra .

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