April 16, 2024


This time we will face Verónica in Octopath Traveler 2 , she is the bodyguard of the unbearable Dulcinea (who looks like she will be the final boss of Agnea’s story, right?) and we will have to defeat her because she will give the order to attack us; Bad idea on her part.

It’s probably one of the simplest bosses I’ve ever faced, which is not an understatement because we’ve already had quite a list of bosses so far. He doesn’t have too much damage, nor too much life, nor any special mechanics and I’ll also tell you a trick so that you constantly stun him and he stays doing practically nothing.

If you can’t handle it, it’s probably more due to the level of your characters than anything else. But at Korosenai we want to guide all the bosses in the game, including those that are as easy to beat as Veronica would be.


On this occasion, they recommend  level 34 to head into this battle and it would be appropriate to fulfill it, in my case I fulfilled it (and I surpassed it with many characters, we are already quite advanced and it shows) and the battle was a joke. Anyway, in this case I think you could do it with a lot less, or that’s the feeling I get.

I suppose that they plant such a simple boss in front of us so that we trust ourselves and release one more beast in the next chapter. At the moment, Agnea’s bosses stand out for being quite simple, right?


Let’s start by looking at Veronica’s weaknesses. She is she will fight completely alone at all times and of course Dulcinea will not lift a finger to help her.

  • Axe
  • Ice
  • Fire
  • Darkness

Except for Darkness, these are quite common weaknesses, so you won’t have too many problems in order to stun him. In addition, it only has 6 Shield, which at this point is not much, really.


These are the characters that I recommend for this battle:

  • Hikari : I always recommend him and I will always recommend him for being a tremendous tank and above all tremendous physical DPS. In this case, we will be interested in having him with a Secondary Job that allows him to use the Ax as, for example, Hunter (which is the one I recommend the most only below Weapons Master, since it will take longer to unlock it).
  • Osvald : For his great magic damage, more focused on area, but still very powerful against a single target either through Potential or through “Elemental Burst”.
  • Agnea : The team will buff while also recovering PH through the trick that I mentioned in La’Mani ‘s post . I recommend that you take it with Merchant Side Job to be able to grant IP to companions. Another option would be Thief to lower his defenses, but he will go down very easily without it.
  • Temenos : It is in charge of healing the group, although this time surely it does not need to heal too much or at least that was the case with the strategy that I will present below. We will use him more as an offensive support, I recommend you put him in Side Job Scholar.


The strategy to defeat Verónica is extremely simple and has no greater mystery than to quickly stun him and hit him with all the momentum you can when this happens to do a lot of damage; which is more or less the strategy we always use in all bosses.

Hikari will hit him with the Ax and when we stun him we will use all his momentum in «Celestial Court» if we have Potential active or some powerful attack with the Hunter’s Ax or from Learned Skills (in my case I have a very good one).

Agnea will apply her buffs to our sync pairs in this order of priority:

  • I strut in Osvald.
  • Lion dance in Hikari.
  • I strut in Temenos.

Osvald will be the most important character here as he has an attack that can drop a lot of shield points without using boost (you shouldn’t spend it to stun him); he depends a bit on luck, but it is extremely likely that it is. I refer to the aforementioned « Elemental Explosion» (the attack that greatly facilitates the battle), with this attack we will hit from 3 to 5 times with random attacks between Fire, Ice and Lightning; Since it is weak to 2 of these 3 elements, well, what I tell you, you have the probability on your part. I recommend that you use this attack also when you stun him (the poor thing will spend most of the time stunned), even if you have the Potential active. Forget about «Advanced Magic» or «Alephan’s Lore» because in this battle it does not work since they have no interaction with «Elemental Explosion».

Temenos will do the same as Osvald (that’s what I’m telling you, you’re going to stun her constantly and she won’t be able to do much of anything) except when it’s necessary to heal the team (how rare that happens often). She spams “Elemental Explosion”, between hers and Osvald’s it’s quite likely that she’ll stun him or at most she’ll get ready so you can finish off another character like Hikari.

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