April 21, 2024


Cinnamon is one of the Thanagers who inhabit the Toxic Food Processing Department of Have a Nice Death ; Don’t be fooled by his harmless appearance, as he carries a huge lollipop that he uses to deliver brutal blows and possesses enormous speed that will allow him to continuously teleport during combat.

When Canela was alive she was an actress who specialized in the art of clowns, in her artistic numbers she used to include many acrobatic gags. All this is something that we will be able to notice in her combat, since she has unusual speed and mobility in the field.

Compared to other Thanagers that we can find in any of the departments that we can visit in the second zone of the game (Toxic Food Processing Department and Industrial Pollution Departments), I would say that Cinnamon is the hardest to peel of the five.


We can meet Canela in the third room of the Department of Toxic Food Processing , to get to this department we will have to have chosen it as an alternative option to the Department of Industrial Pollution after defeating Brad in the Hall of Eternity.

As it happened in the previous area, Cinnamon is not the only Thanager that we can find in this department, so we can also fight randomly in this Thanager Office with this other miniboss:

  • P. Görske : A hamburger who fights with a pair of chopsticks, uses martial arts, and throws knives.


Cinnamon is an enemy that stands out for its great mobility and its ability to transport itself to any part of the field in the blink of an eye, it will always move in this way before carrying out any of its attacks.


These are his attacks and how to act in response to them:

  • Extendable Candy Cane : Cinnamon will teleport between the bottom corners of the field a total of 4 times; when doing it for the last time, he will extend his lollipop covering a little more than half of the field to hit us with it, so we will have to stay at the end to which he has teleported for the third time to avoid this attack.
  • Sweet Club : It is the same movement as the previous one, but in this case at the end of the combo it will teleport to the center of the field and it will begin to shake its lollipop crushing the field as if it were a club while Cinnamon itself grows in size; in this case we will have to move away to one of the two corners of the field to be safe.
  • Jawbreaker : Cinnamon will teleport into the air and deliver two to four downward attacks to crush the Grim Reaper, sometimes these attacks will occur in a left to right order ending in the center and other times they will directly chase the Grim Reaper; to dodge these blows we will have to move quickly as soon as we see Cinnamon’s silhouette in the air to get out of its impact area, so we will resort to sprinting continuously so that it does not reach us (when it teleports looking for the Grim Reaper and we If we move in time, she won’t do the down attack and will teleport back to our location to catch us off guard.)
  • Surprise Candy : This Thanger will carry in the center of the field to deliver a downward attack with his lollipop as in the previous attack, but will stop the combo and lengthen his lollipop towards the end of the field that the Grim Reaper is on; if we are close to Cinnamon we can dodge doing a sprint to get behind her, but if we are far away we will have to jump and make an upward attack so that the impact does not reach us.


As we have already mentioned, Cinnamon is a Thanger that has a lot of speed when it comes to attacking and is sometimes a bit unpredictable; Her main attack is the Jawbreaker, which makes her almost always stay in the air and that is why it is not recommended to combine jumping with upward attacks to try to dodge .

Normally these methods are the ones that we use the most when dodging the attacks of the Wailing and the Thanagers, but in the case of Canela it is much better that we stay on the ground of the field and dodge the attacks of this Thanger by moving quickly or sprinting almost continuously.

I also do not recommend making much use of Layer weapons (such as the Claydeath, which is very slow and will hit us while we attack him with it) or Pitbook Spells , unless we have one that casts quickly and lasts. a while in the field, like Ganglion X-4 or Poison Fog.

As the most comfortable thing is that we attack with the Scythe when it finishes executing any of its attacks, because it will remain immobile for a few moments until it teleports to attack again, since it will never attack us head-on; Within the Scythes, the Long Scythe and the Corquetes come in handy because they have a broader range than the other Scythes.

  • Regret or Final Boss of the Zone: Waldo.

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