April 16, 2024


The Eternal Fate Dragon  from  Genshin Impact is an ancient machine from forbidden knowledge that wiped out King Deshret’s civilization, much like the Navigator Observation Array Semi-Relentless Algorithm .

Although the strange thing about this World Boss is that he is not in the desert; We can access his location through the teleportation point located north of Devantaka Mountain, from there we just have to enter the cave through the crack.

It is an enemy that can fight both on the ground and in the air and will alternate its position throughout the combat, one of its most peculiar characteristics is that as the combat progresses it can develop Elemental Resistances against the element that we use in its combat. against.


The fight against this monster will always rotate between two phases: for a certain period of time we will find it in air mode and it will attack us with its set of movements from this phase until it charges energy and executes its most powerful attack, after which it will switch to ground mode with his corresponding set of movements and the cycles will be repeated until he is defeated.

As we fight against him, he will acquire Elemental Resistances to the elements with which we inflict damage on him and he will use them against us with his attacks in which he charges energy, which will cause us to lose a lot of damage but do not worry because this has a remedy.

To remove the Elemental Resistances that he has acquired throughout the combat and leave him immobile for a short period of time, all we have to do is attack him in the two cores of his wings while he is in aerial mode or in the core of his head while is charging power in terrestrial mode.

Tignari in Genshin Impact

The best thing to do to fight this World Boss is to have at least one archer in your team ; Among these, the one that would shine the most would be Tignari , since his Charged Attacks are charged very quickly with his Elemental Ability and this will allow us to attack the cores of the Eternal Ominous Dragon with speed and precision.

But really we can use any archer even if it is not our Main DPS only for the core issue, but I think that against this boss the best thing will be to take DPS with a bow or catalyst for his air mode and for keeping a certain distance in ground mode as well that some of the characters that I recommend are Ganyu , Yanfei , Yoimiya and Ninguang .

As Support, Yae Miko or Fischl will come in handy , they can provide us with passive damage whether they are in ground mode or aerial mode, and Fischl could perfectly cover the goalkeeper position to leave the Eternal Omen Dragon immobile.

Against this boss I personally prefer to take a squire like Zhongli , Thoma or Noelle than a character that provides heals, but in the case of taking Healer the best thing will be someone who heals us directly with his ultimate or elemental like Bárbara , Kuki Shinobu or Jean who one that forces us to stay in an area of ​​healing.


These are all the attacks that the Eternal Omen Dragon can perform:

  • Nuclear Concentration : When the Eternal Ominous Dragon begins to charge an orb of energy on its head, it will make a nuclear explosion creating many orbs that will hit a fairly wide area, it is one of its most powerful attacks and it can be done in aerial mode or land.
  • Missile Burst : This attack will be executed when in air mode; It will attack by throwing projectiles with a vertical trajectory at a great speed, it is one of its most common attacks.
  • Earth Wheel : While the Eternal Gloom Dragon is in air mode, it will lean on the surface of the battlefield with its tail wheel to lunge at us.
  • Guided Missiles : The Eternal Apocalypse Dragon while in air mode will charge energy for a few moments to create a flurry of missiles that will chase us around the battlefield.
  • Drilling Rush : In ground mode, he will frequently perform ground-level lunges in which he will cross the field vertically until he reaches the end of it.
  • Mechanical Tail Blow : From time to time the Eternal Ominous Dragon is in ground mode, it will make a 360º turn, delivering a powerful tail blow, so it is advisable to hit it from a certain distance or protect us with a shield.
  • Dynamic Cannon : For a moment we can see how the enemy synthesizes a new component near its core to attack us with a powerful beam.
  • Iron Wings : While in ground mode he will use the cores of his wings to deliver two attacks in which he will use them as if they were stakes.

It is an enemy that will change its attacks depending on the mode it is in, but its most powerful attack will do so regardless of whether it is in air mode or ground mode.


For the first three achievements we will need to have a character on the team that uses the bow to be able to hit their cores accurately.

  • Emergency Button : Interrupts the Eternal Bane Dragon’s charge by attacking the core of its head.
  • Skull Victory : Interrupt the flow of energy from the Eternal Gloom Dragon by attacking the core of its head in a single challenge.
  • Dragonslayer : Take down the Eternal Dark Dragon by attacking both of its wing cores in a single challenge.
  • It is useless to resist! : Defeat an Eternal Dark Dragon that has gained at least two different Elemental Resistance increases; To complete this achievement we will have to have at least two different elements in the composition of our team and attack him with these elements until he raises two different Elemental Resistances.


These are the possible rewards for defeating the Eternal Ominous Dragon:

  • 200 points of Adventure Rank, Mora, Friendship Points… Wow, as usual.
  • Varunada Lazurite : They are Hydro character ascension materials.
  • Jade Shivada : They are Cryo character ascension materials.
  • Perpetual Spring : Nilou’s ascension material.
  • Blue/Purple Artifacts : Berserker, Instructor, Ritual of Enlightenment, and Adventurer.
  • Purple/Legendary Artifacts : Gladiator’s End and Wanderer’s Orchestra .

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