April 16, 2024


Hello Travelers!! Today we’re going to take a deep dive into the Jade Cutter , a Light Sword from  Genshin Impact that I wish would have been on the banner instead of the Heavenly Razor Blade , but such is life.

I think this is one of the best Light Swords that any character can equip, and I’m not kidding, as it not only has amazing stats, but its passive ability is the Cane of Spain. But the best thing about it is that this sword will serve both a DPS and a Support, it is very versatile and we love that about it.


Let’s start as usual by looking at their attributes or statistics:

  • Base Attack Level 1: 44.
  • Base Attack Level 90: 542.

We start off quite low in Base Attack since swords like the Aquila Favonia or the Mountainbreaker stand out much more in this aspect than this sword, but it still has a pretty decent attack that makes up for it with a stat like:

  • Critical Chance Level 1: 9.6%.
  • Critical Chance Level 90: 44.1%.

We have one of the best weapons, since it gives us Critical Chance as a secondary Stat so we will greatly increase the chances of causing a critical hit and not only that, but it will give us a considerable amount of Chance that will allow us to focus a lot more to look for Critical Damage. But without leaving this aside, the passive abilities of this weapon are:

  • +20% Health (40% at maximum refinement).
  • Whoever wears it will receive a 1.2% (2.4 at maximum refinement) Attack Bonus in proportion to their maximum health.

A 20% life that will really come in handy to be able to get even more out of that Attack Bonus that it gives us. This weapon will not only increase our critical chance but also give us an Attack Bonus the more life we ​​have, I think it’s a tremendous weapon!


In general, we recommend equipping it on a Main DPS since in the end they will be the ones that get the most out of it because they usually do more damage for being in the field longer. However, as we have already mentioned, it is also ideal for a Support DPS.

Keching in Genshin Impact

Keching is without a doubt the character that will get the most out of her and since she already obtains Critical Chance from the series, together with this weapon you will have an inordinate amount of probability and therefore you will be able to put a lot of Critical Damage on artifacts to cause great damage ( or the one that can, that the truth is that Keching is a little weak in damage right now). The attack increase based on life will also come in handy, of course. The best thing is that it will be worth both for an Eísica Keching and Electro; we prefer the Keching Electro, but to taste colors.

Kamisato Ayaka in Genshin Impact

Kamisato Ayaka will also get a good use out of her, you just have to be careful because if you build her with 4 pieces of Winter Nomad it will be easy for you to exceed 100% Critical Chance and that of course is not optimal. In other Artifact builds it will be great, like if you run it with 2 Nomad and 2 Noblesse pieces . She is also a character with a lot of Base Life and therefore she will take great advantage of the passive that gives us an attack based on life.

Other characters that would also take advantage of him would be:

  • Kaeya : It will be great for a Kaeya Support DPS to shoot its damage.
  • Xingchiu : If you want to base it purely on damage, it’ll come in handy. For utility though, I’d stick with the Sword of Sacrifice .
  • Albedo : I would also get a lot of use out of it because it would increase our damage a lot. But again, we think Cinnabar Spindle is more worthwhile, which in the end is a sword that has been conceived to be perfect for him.
  • General Traveler : The General Traveler also comes in handy, in all its elements.
  • Jean : In the typical Jean, very oriented towards dealing damage, it would not be a bad weapon, although it seems to us a waste to equip it to a healer.

As you can see, you can put it on practically any Light Sword character and it will perform well (with exceptions like Kazuha and others who go to Elemental Mastery in general), so it is a weapon that is very worth having.

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