April 21, 2024


While Electrocharged ‘s Elemental Reaction is generally not a very conspicuous Reaction in Genshin Impact since it also doesn’t deal colossal damage, the truth is that specialized Electro and Hydro teams (the team is commonly known as Taser ) end up having a very good performance and for this reason they are considered meta teams.

This is mainly due to the fact that the Fischl + Beidou core is very powerful and part of the key to the success of these teams is due to the fact that they take advantage of fast attacking characters to spam a lot of damage and also Elemental Reactions having to these 2 characters as Support DPS. It is not a team that is going to put out some very high numbers, it is more the typical team that will put out lots of smaller numbers.

These teams are very viable against Single Target and also against groups of not too many enemies (3 for example), in Multi Target it depends a bit on which specific characters you choose but generally other types of teams stand out more, such as Crackling or Permafrost .

Also mention that having a team where we don’t need Bennett is something that is always appreciated since we have the poor thing a little exploited.


    The key for obvious reasons is in the Electro and Hydro characters, although it is also common to add an Anemo character to reduce Elemental Resistances (reducing the resistance to Electro means significantly increasing the damage of the Electrocharged) and on many occasions Zhongli is added for its high attack speed and to take advantage of its powerful shield.

    The idea as always will be to make a good combination. One of the most important factors is that the Main DPS is a character that attacks quickly so that the team works and that it is one of the elements mentioned so that other types of Elemental Reactions do not intervene.


    Sucrose in Genshin Impact

    These are characters that usually lead this type of team very well, Electro characters are not usually used because the 2 Support DPS slots are almost always the same 2 characters and that forces us in a certain way that the Main DPS cannot be of Electro element. We will give you more details below, before let’s see the characters that work very well as Main DPS:

    • Ayato / Tartaglia : Both perform the role of Main DPS Enabler Hydro very well and both attack quickly. I personally prefer Ayato, but Tartaglia also works very well.
    • Globetrotters / Heizou : The idea is to take them with Emerald Green Shadow to do good area damage with Whirlwinds, these when imbued with elements will give rise to more Elemental Reactions; but we do this to lower the elemental resistances of Hydro and Electro. Both attack very fast and therefore do a fantastic job; is preferable to Wanderer, but Heizou also does it very well.
    • Sucrose : It would be a role similar to that of Globetrotters and Heizou but I put it aside because it changes the roll a bit. We want her the same way with Emerald Green Shadow only she will go full Elemental Mastery to deal more damage with her Whirlwinds and to share more Elemental Mastery to her team (she will lose self damage in the process, but the truth is that Whirlwinds .can It may seem strange at first that Sucrose is the Main DPS of a team, but believe me that in this type of compositions it has an incredible performance.
    • Zhongli : Because of his high attack speed through Normal Attacks, his shield that will protect us a lot from damage and because of the reduction in resistance that it provides. It’s not the best option, but it’s a good option.


    The success of this type of team composition is mainly due to the Fischl + Beidou combo, which is tremendous.

    Fischl in Genshin Impact

    Fischl has excellent Electro application and damage on Single Target thanks to Oz and especially if you have it on C6 as it will add a hit of Electro every time your Main DPS attacks (one of the reasons we want Main DPS characters that attack too quickly), which leads to more Electro damage and more Electro Charges. It’s also an excellent battery, so it will help us generate more elemental energy , especially for Beidou.

    Beidou in Genshin Impact

    Beidou is a character with an Ultimate Ability with tremendous damage especially, damage that scales a lot when we face at least 3 enemies (making this not just a Single Target team). He struggles with Energy Recharge, but with Crest of Destiny , some Energy Recharge to get the most out of the set, and Fischl this won’t be a problem. He also provides us with his C1 a shield to mitigate some damage; It’s not the best shield, but it is a shield. Also, to get the most damage from his Ulti it’s also important to have a fast-hitting Main DPS.

    Both characters have very good synergy and pairing them with a Hydro Enabler character (applying a lot of Hydro) will give you a lot of electro damage and a lot of Electro Charge. Well, and that little shield, which is always appreciated, especially since many times this team is somewhat short of healing.


    The gap that we are missing will have to be filled depending on what our chosen Main DPS has been. If we have chosen one of Hydro like Ayato, then in general we will seek to add an Anemo character to reduce resistances ( Kaedehara Kazuha or if you want to go with a healer Jean for example, which in this case will also spread a lot because if you have it in C2 will increase the team’s Attack Speed).

    Xingchiu in Genshin Impact

    If we choose an Anemo or Zhongli as Main DPS, then we want to add a character that can be an Enabler Hydro off the field, so the option would undoubtedly be Xingchiu or Yelan . In this case, the problem would be not having a healer (characters like Kokomi aren’t worth it because even if they apply Hydro, they don’t apply enough for the team to spread). I would recommend Xingchiu much more since he has a higher defensive value and since we won’t have a healer (with Zhongli it won’t be noticeable either because his shield is god) it will be quite noticeable. Still, between Beidou’s shield, Xingchiu’s damage reduction, and the small heals from him, as long as you don’t take too much damage, you’ll still be able to roll.


    These would be some very powerful examples of equipment, there really are many possibilities and in the future they will surely increase, but these would be some of the most relevant.


    Kamisato Ayato in Genshin Impact
    • Ayato : Heart of the Depths (it’s a tad better Echo of Sacrifice , but I put this one on it because the difference is almost nil and it’s also common to farm the Winter Wanderer set for Permafrost compositions).
      • Tartaglia would be an alternative.
    • Fischl : Tenacity of the Geoarmada  (that +20% attack to the team will spread).
    • Beidou : Emblem of Destiny (for the Energy Recharge and to increase the damage of his Ultimate).
    • Jean : Emerald Green Shadow (to reduce elemental resistances).
      • You could put in a Kazuha for much higher damage, but without a healer or Xingchiu it will be very easy to get your characters killed.

    Ayato will do Main DPS + Enabler Hydro, Fischl, and Beidou will do their job of putting in a lot of Electro application and damage. Jean heals us and reduces elemental resistances.

    The rotation of this team would be like this:

    • Beidou Elemental + Beidou Ulti.
    • Jean’s Elemental + Jean’s Ulti.
    • Fischl’s Ulti (and alternate Ulti from one elemental rotation to the other to keep Oz always available).
    • Ayato’s Ulti + Ayato’s Elemental + Spame all normal attacks while the elemental’s effect lasts.
    • You repeat the process but you enter first with Jean because since you will already have enemies with Electro applied you do not need to enter an Electro before to be able to do the Electro Whirlwinds.


    Globetrotter in Genshin Impact
    • Globetrotter : Emerald Green Shadow (you could put the Epic set of the Desert Pavilion on him , but on teams where he plays more of an Enabler role he works more with Green Shadow. Anyway, with his set it is also viable).
      • Alternatively you could use Sucrose or Heizou.
    • Fischl : Tenacity of the Geoweapon .
    • Beidou : Emblem of Fate.
    • Xingchiu : Ancient Ritual of the Nobility (can also go with Emblem of Destiny, but it will give more support to his team with Nobility).
      • Yelan would be an alternative, but we would lose a lot defensively and it will show.

    Wanderer would play Enabler Anemo while dealing damage with his attacks and Whirlwinds (which would trigger more Elemental Reactions) and also lowering Elemental Resistances in the process. Fischl and Beidou remain in their role of doing a lot of damage and applying Electro (it always will be), while Xingchiu would be the Hydro Enabler off the field (which is god at that). As already mentioned, between Xingchiu’s damage reductions, his mini-heals and Beidou’s shield, we can hold out well without a healer as long as we don’t take excessive damage (you’ll have to dodge well, you have a margin of error, but it’s another thing to go to sack and eat everything).


    • Xingchiu’s Elemental + Ulti.
    • Elemental + Ulti from Beidou.
    • Fischl’s Ulti (you are interspersing the Ulti and the Elemental in the rotations as we have already commented).
    • Wanderer Elemental, you bind to normal attacks and when you have little blue bar left you throw the Ulti.
    • You repeat the process.


    Zhongli in Genshin Impact
    • Zhongli : Tenacity of the Geoweapon.
    • Fischl : 2 Fury of Thunder and 2 Gladiator or other sets that give us Attack. Golden Dreams would also be an option.
    • Beidou : Emblem of Fate.
    • Xingchiu : Ancient Ritual of Nobility (or Emblem of Fate).
      • Yelan is a much more solid alternative here as defensively we will go much more covered with Zhongli and do more damage with Yelan.

    Zhongli we want him simply to put his shield and because of his fast normal attacks, the others follow in his line.

    • Zhongli’s Elemental (drop Ulti if you want, but it’s not really needed in this build).
    • Xingchiu’s Elemental + Ulti.
    • Elemental + Ulti from Beidou.
    • Fischl’s Ulti (you are interspersing the Ulti and the Elemental in the rotations as we have already commented).
    • You start doing Normal Attacks with Zhongli for the duration of most of your teammates’ effects.
    • You repeat.

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