April 21, 2024


Today we are going to touch on the topic of Genshin Impact achievements on the blog for the first time as many of these are achievements related to World Bosses and Weekly Bosses . This time we are going to see one by one and how to get them.

This list of achievements is made up of a mix between hidden achievements that we can find in ” Wonders of the World ” (which in fact are most of them in this section) and we will also find some that come from the “Challenger” and “Challenger” sections. Encounters Out of This World.”

The vast majority of achievements we can do on our own but for many of them we will necessarily need to do them in multiplayer (and obviously some like “The Wonderful Nitrogen Fixation” of Hypostasis Dendro will be much easier to do with one or more people).


    Electro Hypostasis in Genshin Impact

    Electro Hypostasis Achievements:

    • Force Field Erosion : Destroys the Hypostasis Electro ‘s barrier ; for this achievement we will have to wait for him to use an attack in which he will enclose us with some pillars and destroy one of these by applying Pyro or Cryo to be able to escape from the force field and get the corresponding achievement.
    • “…Lizard, Spock” : One of your characters gets hit by all three parts of the Rock Paper Scissors attack (hey, we just have to eat all three attacks in a row).
    • Project PRISM : Destroy all of Hypostasis Electro’s Resurrection Prisms before they revive; This achievement will be achieved simply by defeating him.
    • “Always Smiling” : Defeat an Electro Hypostasis in Multiplayer Mode.


    Geo Hypostasis in Genshin Impact

    Geo Hypostasis Achievements:

    • Bad Foundations : Make Hypostasis Geo itself fall 3 times by destroying its basalt column.
    • Even with Good Foundations : Force Hypostasis Geo to enter its resurrection mode without destroying any basalt columns; There will be times when its core will be vulnerable even if it is on a basalt column, so we can attack it with an archer to defeat it without breaking these columns and get the achievement.
    • An Unstoppable Force : Destroy all of Hypostasis Geo’s stone pillars before it revives; This achievement will be achieved simply by defeating him.
    • “You Have to Hit the Pillars” : Defeat a Geo Hypostasis in multiplayer.


    Hypostasis Anemo in Genshin Impact

    Achievements of Hypostasis Anemo:

    • Gone with the Wind Returned : Absorb at least 10 elemental orbs created by the Hypostasis Anemo in one battle; These orbs appear after the attack of the whirlwinds and after finishing their life bar.
    • That Crystallopter Anemo is Huge : Absorb all the wind crystals from the Hypostasis Anemo before it revives; This achievement will be achieved simply by defeating him.
    • “…Not Indicative of End Product” : Defeat a Hypostasis Anemo that has undergone four types of elemental conversion; To do this, when he summons the whirlwinds on the field, we will have to attack them one by one with the Pyro, Cryo, Hydro and Electro elements. Once we have managed to affect at least one whirlwind of each element, we will obtain the achievement by defeating it.
    • That Crystallopter Anemo is Giant : Defeat a Hypostasis Anemo in multiplayer.


    Regisvid Pyro in Genshin Impact

    Regisvid Pyro Achievements:

    • Core Fusion : Destroy a burning seed created by a Regisvid Pyro (we just have to wait for it to create a seed on the field and destroy it with Cryo or Hydro).
    • A Burning Fire : Defeat a Regisvid Pyro without destroying its weak point, the Corolla.
    • Searing Gardening : Paralyzes a Regisvid Pyro by attacking its corolla.
    • “This Is Fine” : Defeat a Regisvid Pyro in multiplayer.


    Regisvid Cryo in Genshin Impact

    Regisvid Cryo Achievements:

    • What Dizziness… : Destroy the weak point of a Regisvid Cryo ‘s corolla while performing its spinning attack; For this, it is best to use an archer to shoot at its core as soon as it makes this attack.
    • Weaker Than A Frozen Flower : Defeat a Cryo Regivid without destroying its weak point, the Corolla.
    • Subzero Gardening : Paralyzes a Regisvid Cryo by attacking its corolla.
    • “Blue Sky, Gentle Breeze, and a Regisvid Cryo” : Defeat a Regisvid Cryo in multiplayer.


    Geo Proto-Dragon in Genshin Impact

    Geo Proto-Dragon Achievements:

    • Bounce, Bounce and… : Use a shield to counter a Geo Proto -Dragon’s Primordial Rain attack .
    • All for you! : Use a shield of the same element (or Geo) to counter a Geo Proto-Dragon’s Primordial Rain attack and deal massive damage.
    • …I Can Solo : Defeat a Geo Proto-Dragon without reflecting its Primordial Rain; to get this achievement it is better to avoid using shields during the battle and take a character that heals a lot to mitigate the damage of this attack.
    • Geo reactions? : Defeat Geo Proto-Dragon in all its elemental forms (Pyro, Cryo, Hydro, and Electro).
    • “The Mountain Moves” : Defeat a Geo Proto-Dragon in multiplayer mode.


    Oceanid in Genshin Impact

    Oceanid Achievements:

    • Hydro Hunter : Defeat all types of hydromimetic animals that the Oceanid can summon : boar, hawk, finch, crane, crab, squirrel, frog, and duck.
    • Ducks to water! : Defeat an Oceanid without taking damage from the water bombs of certain hydromemetic animals; defeating a frog or a finch will cause an explosion in the area that we will have to avoid with a powerful shield or run like hell.
    • A Fish Called Rhodeia : Defeat an Oceanian in multiplayer mode.


    Hypostasis Cryo in Genshin Impact

    Hypostasis Cryo Achievements:

    • A Winter’s Day : Defeat a Hypostasis Cryo that is in weakened mode.
    • Knee-Deep Snow : Defeat a Hypostasis Cryo that has revived three times; for this we simply have to let it restore itself in the phase of breaking its barrier and avoid attacking it.
    • On Ice : Defeat a Hypostasis Cryo in multiplayer.


    Oni Swordsman in Genshin Impact

    Oni Swordsman Achievements:

    • You can’t reach me! : Defeat an Oni Swordsman without being hit by his ghost.
    • Fair Fight! : Defeat an Oni Swordsman without the “Face of Death” block being activated (oops, without being blocked by the mask).
    • Puppet Show : Defeat the Oni Swordsman while he taunts you; for this we have to leave him with just enough life to defeat him with a single blow and execute him when I provoked us by making a gesture with his hand.
    • Broken Bonds… : Defeat an Oni Swordsman in multiplayer.


    Pyro Hypostasis in Genshin Impact

    Pyro Hypostasis Achievements:

    • You got burned, right? : Defeat a Hypostasis Pyro that has been revived twice.
    • Smells Like Animal Spirit : Defeat a Hypostasis Pyro after taking 3 mimic hits; basically you have to take the Bull Combo + Fish + Butterflies combo hits and then defeat her normally.
    • Absolute Silence : Defeat a Hypostasis Pyro having entered the extinguished state only once.
    • Operation Bonfire : Defeat a Hypostasis Pyro in multiplayer.


    Eternal Machinery in Genshin Impact

    Eternal Machinery Achievements:

    • Core Break : Defeat an Eternal Machinery after paralyzing all 4 types of Ruins Sentinels. To complete this achievement, each sentinel must be stunned at least once; to do this we must hit them just when their core shines.
    • No Trespassing Unauthorized Machinery : Defeat the Eternal Machinery without defeating any Ruins Sentinels. In this case you have to run away from the sentinels and wait half a century for the Eternal Machinery to recompose itself and then quickly defeat it.
    • The Battle of Narukami : Defeat an Eternal Machinery that is in weakened mode; that is, after defeating their sentinels.
    • Not So Eternal… : Defeat an Eternal Machinery in multiplayer mode.


    Hypostasis Hydro in Genshin Impact

    Achievements of Hypostasis Hydro:

    • Biomarine Weapon : Get hit by a certain animal created by the Hypostasis Hydro . For this achievement we just have to wait for it to hit us with the submarine charge.
    • Be Water, My Friend : Defeat Hypostasis Hydro without destroying any bodies of water (except when it’s restoring health). As the achievement says, we have to defeat it without destroying any of the bodies of water, we can only defeat those that come out once we have exhausted their life so that they do not regenerate.
    • Wishes Fulfilled : Ask Grandma Komaki for 5 predictions and get the best result. I mention this achievement because we can only do it once we have done the mission to unlock Hypostasis Hydro, we have to go back and ask Grandma Komaki to read our fortunes for a total of five days and go to the places she mentions.
    • To the Enemy, Not Water : Get at least three healing orbs thrown by the bodies of water of the Hypostasis Hydro in the same combat.
    • Obstacle Path : Use obstacles, airborne attacks, or other means to prevent Hypostasis Hydro from reviving without having destroyed any bodies of water (in my case, I did it in multi with several friends carrying Jean ).
    • All This Was Water Before : Defeat a Hydro Hypostasis in multiplayer.


    Manifestation of Thunder in Genshin Impact

    Thunder Manifestation Achievements:

    • In Love There Must Be Communication : Defeat the Manifestation of Thunder without being blocked. For this we will have to make sure that it does not dodge any of our attacks.
    • Thunderfall : Defeat the Manifestation of Thunder while it is flying. What it says… since it is practically always flying, it will come out without looking for it.
    • Electric Escape : Defeat the Manifestation of Thunder without being hit by its electric cell; which is the attack in which he summons a rectangle-shaped cell that chases us around the battlefield.
    • Wireless Silence : Becomes imprisoned by the Manifestation of Thunder before attacking it; we simply have to stay next to him at the beginning of the fight without attacking him for this to happen.
    • Thunders That Beat in Unison : Defeat a Manifestation of Thunder in multiplayer mode.


    Golden Stalker King in Genshin Impact

    Golden Stalker King Achievements:

    • End of the Inugami : Destroy two Stalker Skulls in a short time; For this, it will be very useful for us to use Ninguang .
    • Legacy of an Ancient Civilization : Defeat the Gold Stalker King in multiplayer.


    Pack of Deep Dragons in Genshin Impact

    Deep Sea Dragon Pack Achievements:

    • Crash Landing : Knock down a Deep Dredge while it’s climbing; We can do this achievement by breaking the wall with a Claymore when the electro lizard climbs up.
    • Bathing Forbidden : Defeat the pack of Deep-Sea Dragons without them entering the water; For this we will have to keep them at a very similar level of life and when they are low, do a very high damage quickly.


    Ruins Serpent in Genshin Impact

    Ruins Serpent Achievements:

    • The Serpent Biting its Tail : Destroy a Muddy Lump to paralyze the Ruins Serpent while it absorbs energy; To do this we simply have to use the Light Channeler to destroy a protuberance when we see that the snake is about to absorb energy to perform its most powerful attack.
    • Overflowing Light : In a fight against the Ruin Serpent, use the Light Channeler to destroy two slimy lumps.
    • Legacy of an Ancient Civilization : Defeat the Ruins Serpent in multiplayer.


    Regisvid Electro in Genshin Impact

    Regisvid Electro Achievements:

    • Danger! High Voltage : Defeat the Regisvid Electro in multiplayer.
    • A Long -Awaited Encounter: Ignore the electrical collision released by the Regisvid Electro; For this we have to dodge the attack caused when both pistils collide with each other.
    • The Enraged Flower : Paralyzes an Electro Regisvid by attacking its corolla when it releases a beam of electric light; an achievement very similar to the one Regisvid Cryo has, again the best way to achieve this achievement will be to use an archer when performing this movement.


    Greenfeather Scarefungus in Genshin Impact

    Achievements of the Greenfeather Scare Mushroom:

    • Semi -Vegetarian : Defeat the Greenfeather Scare Mushroom in multiplayer.
    • Third Goes Surrender : Witness Greenfeather Diremushroom’s three strengthened abilities in a revitalized state; For this achievement we will have to defeat him several times until he does all the attacks and of course we will have to continually hit him with electro to enter that state.
    • Nanomachines, mate! : Defeat Greenfeather Fungus while he is unleashing a powerful ability in revitalized state; For this we will have to leave him with the minimum possible life and apply electro constantly but with a character that does not generate much damage so that he enters a revitalized state and we can kill him in one hit to achieve this achievement.
    • I can’t take it anymore! : Defeat Greenfeather Dire Mushroom when it is exhausted after entering a revitalized state; We will simply have to apply a lot of Electro to him until he makes a powerful attack and is exhausted, we will have to annihilate him before he gets up to get this achievement.
    • Grilled Mushrooms : In a single challenge, defeat 6 Mushrooms created by the Greenfeather Scare Mushroom in the Burned state; for this we will have to constantly apply Pyro to him so that he creates these Mushrooms.


    Eternal Omen Dragon in Genshin Impact

    Eternal Dark Dragon Achievements:

    • Emergency Button : Interrupts the Eternal Bane Dragon ‘s charge by attacking the core of its head.
    • Skull Victory : Interrupt the flow of energy from the Eternal Gloom Dragon by attacking the core of its head in a single challenge.
    • Dragonslayer : Take down the Eternal Dark Dragon by attacking both of its wing cores in a single challenge.
    • It is useless to resist! : Defeat an Eternal Dark Dragon that has gained at least two different Elemental Resistance increases; To complete this achievement we will have to have at least two different elements in the composition of our team and attack him with these elements until he raises two different Elemental Resistances.


    Navigator Observation Algorithm in Genshin Impact

    Achievements of the Semi-Incessant Array Navigator Observation Algorithm (oh my name):

    • System Crash : Defeat the Navigator Observation Matrix Semi-Relentless Algorithm while it is in overload state; for this we will have to eliminate its invisibility in one of the ways already mentioned so that it enters this state.
    • Daisy, Daisy : Hit the core of the Navigator Observation Matrix Semi-Relentless Algorithm with an Accelerate, Intensify, or Spread reaction and remove its invisibility.
    • Accelerate Me Slowly, I’m in a Hurry : Witness the over-acceleration impact of the Semi-Incessant Navigator Observation Matrix Algorithm, for this it is best to put on a shield and wait for it to execute this attack (and above all not to attack it with Electro).


    Hypostasis Dendro in Genshin Impact

    Hypostasis Dendro Achievements:

    • The Marvelous Nitrogen Fixation : Have three healing cores enter a revitalized state in a single Hypostasis Dendro challenge ; To do this we need to apply Dendro and then Electro to all three healing cores before purifying Hypostasis Dendro.
    • Herbaceous Fall : Breaks the covering of vines of the Hypostasis Demdro at the moment he performs a Downward Attack; In order to break said coating of the Hypostasis Dendro we will need to attack it with the Pyro element as soon as it makes this attack.


    Andrius in Genshin Impact

    Andrew’s achievements:

    • Pact with Wolves : Defeat the King of the Kingdom of Wolves ( Andrius ) in multiplayer.


    Nobile (Tartaglia) in Genshin Impact

    Noble Achievements:

    • outsider vs. Outsider : Defeat Nobile without him putting any marks on any team member and being immediately attacked by him.
    • To Have a Deception, It’s A Little Lazy : Defeat Nobile in Multiplayer.


    Azhdaha in Genshin Impact

    Azhdaha’s achievements:

    • Persevering Spirit : Defeat Azhdaha in all her forms; ie: Electro, Pyro, Cryo and Hydro.
    • The Final Touch : Defeat Azdaha without having used shields in battle.
    • Days of Old : Defeat Azhdaha in multiplayer.


    Signora in Genshin Impact

    Lady’s Achievements:

    • Frozen Waters and Crimson Witch : Defeat Signora without destroying any Burning Hearts or Frost Eyes; we just have to be careful not to break and try to control the level of cold and heat while being next to these gadgets.
    • Hour of Destruction : Defeat Signora without using Crimson Lotus Moths; for this we will need to take at least one character that applies a lot of Pyro to be able to eliminate the ice pillar and go to the second phase.
    • Through Fire and Frost : Defeat Signora in multiplayer.


    Almighty Narukami of Catastrophe in Genshin Impact

    Achievements of Almighty Narukami of Catastrophe:

    • Flawless Judgment : Knock down only the real enemy. After some time in combat, the Raiden Shogun splits her body into four electric shadows; these will attack us by launching electric slashes, but the only one that will launch slashes in the form of x will be the shadow behind which the Shogun is hiding and they will give us the achievement when hitting it (obviously, if we hit another one before we will not get the achievement).
    • I am indestructible? : In a match, dodge all vajra waves of destruction in a round unleashed by the Almighty Narukami of Catastrophe . It’s the part where we have to jump to dodge several waves that travel on the ground, if the final part gives you problems, you can easily solve it with characters like Kazuha or Venti .
    • There Will Always Be Those Who Dare To… : Defeat the Shogun Raiden in multiplayer mode.


    Eternal Protector of Arcane Wisdom (Scaramouche Boss) in Genshin Impact

    Achievements of the Clockwork God:

    • Heavy Charge : Overloads and paralyzes the Clockwork God by tapping into elemental arrays; For this we will have to activate the two elemental matrices of the electro element using the Akasha neoswitch.
    • The Cycle of Life and Death : With a fleeting obliteration, the nature of all things is revealed; To obtain this achievement we will only have to wait for the fleeting obliteration to hit one of our characters and defeat him.

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