April 15, 2024
FIFA 23, Manager Career: Recommended Teams

FIFA 23 Manager Career: Recommended Teams

Focusing on the offer made by EA for FIFA 23 , the Manager Career is confirmed also in this edition as a potentially infinite and ideal mode for all the most solitary fans. Ideal for putting yourself to the test in managing a club – year after year – in the pursuit of increasingly challenging and stimulating prizes and goals.

With the presence of numerous official rights for roses, competitions, uniforms and faces, the identification is certainly not lacking and the satisfaction derived from taking the reins of the club usually followed on television is unparalleled.

We are talking about a mode that has maintained an unmistakable structure as a layout for the various menus connected to it, but which, especially for the most attentive to what happens in real football, will be able to give hours and hours of incredible identification.

Precisely for this reason we have decided to dedicate this small and specific guide to recommend some fun squads with a good challenge rate to use for the FIFA 23 Manager Career.

Milan – Serie A

The first advice for the ideal squads of FIFA 23 is likely to be a bit obvious, but after the incredible ride that led to the Scudetto against rivals Inter Milan is confirmed as the ideal team for the ambitions of the most enterprising players .

We are talking about a squad full of young talents to be wisely managed to aspire to a good path in the Champions League, without forgetting to try to defend the title in the league against much more aggressive opponents of last season.

In this case we have a transfer budget of 85 million which, if used well, can literally make all fans dream. There is no shortage of problems to be managed as soon as possible, above all a Leao in his last year of contract to be renewed at pharaonic figures or sold to the highest bidder, without the certainty of being able to replace him in the best possible way.

As if that weren’t enough, the attack is the least young and well-equipped department in the long run, where considering the advanced ages of Ibrahimovic and Giroud it will be necessary to think about some important replacement to support Origi.

Arsenal – Premier League

After a year full of disappointments, the Arteta team is in a decisive year with the potential to reap the rewards of years spent sowing head down with little sporting satisfaction. On FIFA 23 Arsenal is confirmed as a team full of young players, ready to fight for a starting shirt in every department of the pitch.

Gabriel Jesus in attack is ready to make every virtual coach dream, while the path in the Europa League is absolutely not to be underestimated , especially considering how tired the team can be with a possible passage of the group and its close matches.

Also in this case the transfer budget makes you dream, and we are talking about almost 100 million that can be used to shore up the various departments with some more experienced and ready players right away.

Between midfield and attacking wards, a few more changes would be useful, paying attention to the high presence of players who have already been promised a starting shirt during the contract phase. The management expects a lot from the first months and will not allow many false steps to be taken; a challenge for users who are not afraid of risk.

Nice – Ligue 1

A championship of ups and downs that ended with qualification for the Conference Leaue groups, with the prerogative of raising the bar both at home and in Europe, trying to annoy the most prestigious teams. With these prerogatives we feel we should not underestimate a possible career of FIFA 23 with Nice , a club that for several years has been referring to our league to attract young players to relaunch as in the case of the defender Viti taken from Empoli.

The transfer budget of Nizza stands at around 27 million and we admit that users are obliged to squeeze their brains out to understand which pieces to support from the first transfer window, trying to increase the value of the club. Players like Schmeichel, Dante and Ramsey do not guarantee continuity beyond the first year and need worthy substitutes or supports, while the attacking couple confirms the lethality of a module – the 4-4-2 – which enhances the speed of the new gameplay. of FIFA 23 .

The conference League is a competition as insidious as it is fascinating to play, while in the league it cannot fail to attract the will to annoy PSG and compete with Lyon, Lille and Marseille for a place in the Champions League. The expectations of the management are medium-low on each goal and guarantee a more peaceful and permissive management of the club.

Valencia – LaLiga

Last, but not least, among the tips of the various squads to play in the FIFA 23 Career we would like to mention Valencia . We are talking about a team that after an insipid and at times frustrating championship is preparing to play a championship without international cups, trying to raise its head and return to compete together with all the teams of the Spanish second tier.

In reality we have a Gattuso who has taken up the difficult Spanish challenge by asking for more or less recent knowledge of our championship as reinforcements , and this can only represent an extra stimulus for gamers. We have the former Milan Castillejo and the former Roma Kluivert for the wings, as well as a certain Cavani in attack who despite the age of 35 still has many arrows in his bow.

The transfer budget is approximately 67 million , but it is not an easy sum to manage for any purchases; the squad is very unbalanced, and despite the presence of several young players with good potential, it is necessary to buy qualitatively important reinforcements right away. The management, in fact, is not very permissive and in the league demands convincing results from the first months; a prerogative that – with very fierce competition – obliges to find reinforcements of a certain depth both in midfield and in defense.

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