April 21, 2024


Leshy is the first major boss that we will have to face in Cult of the Lamb . As you surely know, our goal will be to eliminate 4 big bosses (those 4 that appear at the beginning) and this will be the first of them.

The boss is a little more complicated than the bosses we’ve faced previously but the truth is that to be the first boss I really expected a little more difficulty (although I guess it’s because it’s the first of all). In fact we could say that at least in terms of attacks he is a bit of a mix of 3 previous ones that we have already defeated.

The case, as always I bring you his complete guide so you can easily defeat him, let’s go there!


We will find Leshy in the Dark Forest , which is the first area of ​​the game. He is the final boss of that area and to be able to fight him before you will have to have defeated the 3 mini-bosses of Dark Forest. 

As soon as you defeat them, it will simply return to the Dark Forest and the next boss that will appear will be Leshy ready to finish us off (let him try if he wants).


Next I will tell you how the boss works in terms of mechanics and as always I will tell you exactly how you should fight him to be successful without major problems.


Let’s start by first looking at the repertoire of attacks that Leshy has. As I have already mentioned, they are attacks taken from the mini-bosses that we have already defeated in the Dark Forest.

  • Summon Compis : It will summon enemies like Amdusias did (those that are like bush worms, of the 2 types, those that make charges and those that jump towards you), the strategy here will be the same. Don’t focus too much on them and don’t forget about them either. Go attacking the boss when you can and when you can’t, take the opportunity to hit the enemies (if you have one nearby you can take advantage anyway).
  • Spit : The typical attack that we have already seen several times in which they will launch projectiles into the air. As the game itself tells us where they will fall, it is easy to dodge. Avoid the marks on the floor and that’s it, very simple.
  • Roots : The same thing that happened with Barbatos, the boss will move in a mole plan (you will have to watch that he does not touch you while moving on the ground) and from time to time he will launch that attack in which he opens several paths to his sides that we must avoid at all costs because it will hurt us if they touch us. Be careful because sometimes he will create so many dirt roads that there will be no gap in the middle (unless you get too far away), you will have to use the dash when this happens.
  • Mega jump : It will jump very high and you will see how a huge mark on the ground is chasing you. Run for your life that after a while will fall where the mark falls and will do a lot of damage if it catches you.


The best thing you can do to defeat him is to wait for Leshy to just emerge from the ground to hit him 3 or 4 times (don’t stay too long or he will become dangerous) and quickly move away just in case he will launch the Roots attack since as he catches you close you will will give yes or yes. In the event that he throws Spit, you can take the opportunity to get closer and hit him again.

Between what is buried, take the opportunity to defeat some of the enemies that are surely on the field. You can also take advantage of between casting Spit if there are too many and you’re getting a bit overwhelmed by it.

Being able to poison with your weapon will be quite key since it will help us a lot to better clear the field of enemies since, as you already know, these bush worms are somewhat elusive and that extra poison damage will come in handy (because I remind you that you cannot waste much time with them).

You will see how following strategy will not cost you too much to defeat him and you will be able to continue with the next area.

And that’s it! What did you think of the first big boss in Cult of the Lamb ? Isn’t the game very beautiful? Do you want to give advice to others? Leave your comment!

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