April 15, 2024


We continue with the bosses of Cult of the Lamb , it seems that there are fewer left because with this we have already finished the third zone of this tremendous game.

The case, today we will talk about Astaroth , which would be the optional boss of Deep Anchor; If for whatever reason you haven’t discovered the method to make these optional bosses (in each world there is one) don’t worry, I’ll explain it better below.

The boss is what we always see in the optional bosses, a very simple boss whose real difficulty lies in defeating several waves of the enemies that we have already been seeing in the area and therefore you should already more or less know their patterns well.


As I mentioned in the intro, Astaroth is the optional boss of Deep Anchor , which is the third zone in the game.

To access this battle, the first step will be to defeat all the Deep Anchor Minibosses and after that defeat the final boss of the area (called Kallamar , which by the way, is quite complicated compared to the previous bosses). Once the final boss of the area is defeated, you do another run in Deep Anchor again (note that it will be more complicated now) and at the end of it you will find this boss.


We will start by seeing his attacks and below I will give you some tips to defeat him although the truth is that he is not a complicated boss, especially considering that you have already defeated Kallamar, who gives him 20 laps in difficulty.


These are the attacks of Agares:

  • Shrapnelballs : This boss really likes throwing the typical fireballs. In this particular attack, a red arrow will appear indicating where he is pointing to shoot the balls, he will be throwing them in that direction for a while while he is pointing at you. He is easily dodged by dash and dash.
  • Areaballs : Another ball attack, in this one he will launch several at once in all directions; As usual, we have to position ourselves in the gap between the balls or dash.
  • Summon Compis : As with the other optional bosses, he will summon several enemy streaks, specifically 3 throughout the entire battle and each time a little more damn (he does it more or less every time you lower 25% of his health ). We will review some of these enemies:
    • Jellyfish : Those jellyfish that are all the time making very fast and long charges, it is worth finishing it quickly because they are very annoying.
    • Ticks : They jump and when they fall they do damage, little more; leave them for last. They are annoying in the face of defeating them, not in the face of evading them.
    • Invocamedusas : The fat jellyfish that are invoking other jellyfish and that launch kamikaze jellyfish at us (like the normal ones but when making a charge they die). Finish them off as fast as you can so they stop summoning things.
    • Ball jellyfish: The jellyfish that launch balls, it is also important to defeat them with priority, but always the highest priority to the Invocamedusas.
    • Topomedusa : You leave this one for last. A very heavy bug that attacks with roots and usually hides in the ground.


The boss itself is a match and you will make it very easy for yourself, the key is more in knowing how to defeat the waves of enemies well; If you follow the recommendations that I have given you when it comes to prioritizing enemies, you will have much better results in this battle.

Anyway I will give you another piece of advice, use all the Curses you can in the phases of defeating “mini-enemies” which is where you will really have a hard time; against the boss you go purely to normal physical attacks because you don’t need much more than that.

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