April 15, 2024


Heket is the second big boss that we will have to face in Cult of the Lamb , it is one of the heretics that we have to defeat in order to progress in our adventure and the truth is that the increase in difficulty in this although at the moment it is still quite bearable.

It is, to no one’s surprise, a frog (well, if frogs were like that…). It stands out for having the typical jumping attack of frogs (which is certainly quite annoying) and for also being quite heavy, summoning several enemies (frogs and flies) that will help you in this battle, which we will have to avoid since it is not worth it. It’s worth spending time defeating them because they will reappear constantly. But hey, we do not advance things, we go with your guide in depth!


We will be able to face Heket in Anura , which is the second zone of Cult of the Lamb. He is specifically the final boss of that area, so first of all we will have to defeat all Anura’s mini-bosses and then after this is when he will appear at the end of a run as a boss.


Let’s go as always with his attack guide so that you learn to dodge and respond correctly to each one of them and remember that at the end I will also list a series of tips that will help you a lot to get out of this confrontation.


These are Heket’s attacks:

  • Jump : The boss moves by jumping and the problem with this is that when he falls from the jump he will make a small area (not so small because the bug is huge at the end) and therefore we will have to be very careful not to be close to the area where it will fall.
  • Lengüetazo : He will suddenly launch a lick and his tongue will stick to the ground for a while; It is a very good time to give him some blows. In any case, be careful because just when the tongue hits the ground, it will deal area damage on impact. When it’s low on health, be careful because this attack will dope a lot and launch several tongues at once.
  • Summon Frogs : From time to time he will summon little frogs to help him that will follow you all the time. Forget about defeating them because they will quickly summon new ones and it is not worth wasting time on that for them to return completely. Focus on Heket.
  • Summon Flies : These will be spit out of the mouth from time to time and like flies they are because they are annoying with desire. It is a swarm of many small flies that fall in zero coma that will persecute us very insistently. The best thing is that they will die on their own after some time, unlike the Frogs, so we will avoid them just as we will with the Frogs.
  • Spit : An attack that we all know, the typical one in which the boss spits some balls out of his mouth and on the ground we are marked where they will fall so that we can dodge them. He has multiple versions of the same attack and it’s a good time to attack him as well.
  • Summon Ranotas : When it is more or less at 33% of health it will summon a couple of big frogs and it will go away, we will have to defeat them so that the boss returns. Again I recommend that you pass the Frogs because even in this phase they will reappear even if you defeat them after not too long. These larger frogs are much more annoying as they have the jump attack and the spitting attack; focus on defeating one and then the other.


The best advice I can give you to defeat Heket without major problems is to adopt the strategy of constantly moving around to avoid Frogs and Flies and only hit Heket a little when you find a gap between his attacks (typically , one or two hits and dash to get out fast).

The best gaps it has are when it does the Lick attack and some of the Spit versions; but between when you are going around, take advantage of every opening you see (those few seconds? between when he is finishing an attack and he jumps again; that is the best time to attack him.

Oh, and don’t forget to use your curse as it is a very good source of damage to lower his life.

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