April 16, 2024
F1 Manager 2022 | Review - A great managerial for those who love F1

F1 Manager 2022 | Review – A great managerial for those who love F1

In an era when it is more exciting to manage than to do , another managerial title for racing lovers appears on the horizon : we are talking about F1 Manager 2022 . The title allows all fans to have a 360-degree view of the world of Formula 1 . This is a much anticipated release by fans, particularly as we haven’t seen a successful racing manager for some time.

There have been some releases in recent years, but none of them have ever truly met our expectations. F1 Manager 2022 , however, looks very promising. Lots of data to refer to, different possibilities to manage our strategy and many details that seem to make the game more than attractive.

Will it be a title for everyone or just for true fans? Will it be able to meet our needs and put us in the position of never wanting to leave the screen?

If you’re curious, it’s time to buckle up to venture into our F1 Manager 2022 review .

F1 Manager 2022 is not a game for everyone

F1 Manager 2022 is a title aimed not only at car racing enthusiasts , but also – and above all – at those who love managerial management . The fulcrum of the title, in fact, is to bring forward a Formula 1 team, taking into consideration all the technical and economic aspects in the outline.

We start, therefore, with the Career by choosing a name and a team to start with. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to create a custom team , but only to choose one of the 10 present in Formula 1. This is a real shame, as the choice of your own team would have been, in our opinion, the best one for many users. .

During our F1 Manager 2022 review, however, we decided to start with the Aston Martin.

Once we have made the initial choice and arrived on the Home , we will be able to access everything we need. We will be able to see all the events that we will have to face, the races that we will have to face with the timing and we will have an overview of our two riders .

We will be able to access their characteristics and therefore, we will be able to view their level and their position in the ranking. We will also be able to have a global vision of the Team , therefore it will be possible for us to consult all the objectives. There is also a section in which to access e-mails , where we will be able to see all the different communications, the calendar of events and all the circuits.

You get on the track

In F1 Manager 2022 , we will be managing races and drivers, trying to lead our team to victory , but how does all this work? As far as the race is concerned , we have two starters and a test driver who can carry out the first free practice of the weekend.

From the second on, however, we will be obliged to use the starting drivers. At the beginning of each race, the sponsors will give us goals to achieve ; for example, to obtain a certain profit we will be obliged to reach a certain position in the race. More important than the title , however, is developing the car .

In our F1 Manager 2022 review , we started with the Aston Martin, a car that always ranked in the last places. Our goal, therefore, was to advance the car to success .

During the progression, we will be able to develop new components . In order to arrive at the final creation, we will first have to develop the design for a new component, such as a new front wing. In this case, we will have a defined number of hours per period : for example in the first part of the season we will have 50 hours in the wind tunnel and 10 hours in the office.

in F1 Manager we will manage the whole

Once this number has been established, it will be our task to divide the time according to the project . It will take maybe 3-4 months within which we will complete the program. Once this phase has been completed, we will move on to the actual production of the component. We will need at least two, for our main cars and then a spare, or even a few more, depending on the nature of the component itself.

Of course, this period will also be time consuming. During the development phase, we will be able to create new underbodies, new frames, new side bellies ; in short, everything that will seem useful for the improvement of our racing car. So, project development, production and then move on to the next phase . From mid-season onwards, in fact, we will move on to research and development of the car for the following year .

Investments between past and future

During the second part of the season, it will be crucial to decide how to manage our investments . The hours we used before for the car of the current year can now be spent on the car of the following year.

Vision in the race

Obviously, it will be important to continue to consider the car we have in the race , therefore, we will have to divide the investments between the past and the future . In particular, if the year we are facing could be a success with some further improvement, we will have to focus on the developments of the current season. If, on the contrary, it is a season to be thrown away, then, we can decide not to finance any development and instead focus on the following year.

Of course, new research will also be time consuming and the more we progress, the more the component will be improved . By doing, for example, five searches on the frame, we will develop a perfect one. The problem is that there are many components that should be developed and improved, but the time available is not enough to make them all progress and, therefore, it is necessary to make choices.

In addition to the research and development section, the warehouse will be present. This is a very important part, especially for components subject to wear: let’s think, for example, of the engine. All the others, on the other hand, will be replaced only if we develop a new one or if, following an accident, they become damaged.

In addition to the development of the car, it is also important to take into account the level of the drivers . They too can undergo improvements and, therefore, we can decide whether to hire them again, or hire new ones . By researching the pilots, we will be able to see their characteristics, their strengths and their request in terms of salary.

Set-up, circuits, global vision

The contracts are quite in line with what could actually happen . There is no shortage of choices relating to personnel: Chief Engineer, Head of Aerodynamics, Race Engineer. These too are based on reality and we will be able to hire them according to our budgets and expectations.

Finally, there are facilities that serve to improve the mood of the drivers and race staff . In addition to this, it will also be possible for us to improve the research and development structures ; by doing so, we will be able to increase production and, therefore, produce three components instead of just one. The surrounding structures may also undergo improvements, such as the meteorological center which will allow us to have greater certainty in the pre-race forecasts.

During our F1 Manager 2022 review we realized that managing everything at its best is not that simple. It is important, in fact, to focus a lot on every aspect and to follow the initial tutorial phases well, to avoid missing some steps.

F1 Manager 2022 is all about balancing

Made our decisions and hit the track, in F1 Manager 2022 , we will find an advice ready to judge our successes and our failures . This will decide whether we will continue to stay in office or not.

Of course, his judgment is based on our performance : if we do badly during the season, we can be fired, on the contrary, if we meet expectations we will remain in office. Budget management will also be important, avoiding going into the red. Still with regard to accounting, we will have to deal with sponsorships .

Our pilots

This is not what we are all used to thinking about, but it refers to events that need to be done. Let’s talk about factory events, for example, where we send our driver: this one will lose a week of training, but will earn some money.

During the review of F1 Manager 2022 , we realized that, however, there is a lack of real sponsorships . In the event that, within the title, we want to change sponsor at some point in the career , it is not possible . In fact, there is no possibility of choosing a different one, which is usually present in all managerial titles and not only in those.

In F1 2022, for example, there is a way in which we can create our Team and, within it, we have the possibility to choose our sponsor.

One race after another

F1 Manager 2022 is basically this: budget management and races . Within these it will be our task to manage all the technical and regulatory aspects .

At the start of free practice, we will have a limited number of tires available , as in reality. We will be able to use a certain number of them in free practice, then in qualifying and, finally, in the race we will have those that remain.

During free practice it will be our task to try to find the best set-up for both of our drivers . We will have to choose the one that best expresses their abilities and, for example, decide the angle of the wing or the steering .

It is also possible to simulate free practice and go directly to qualifying. Here it will no longer be possible to change the structure because that has been decided, exactly as in reality: once found, it is no longer possible to change it.

As far as qualifying is concerned, nothing different from what we would have expected: in Q1 the top fifteen pass, Q2 pass the top ten and, finally, Q3, there are only the top ten and pole position is played.

We will choose how many laps to ride, which tires to put on – in short, complete customization . If desired, it will also be possible to simulate qualifications . Once finished, we will start the race that will not be possible to simulate .

Initially we will choose the strategy to undertake: we will be able to get advice from the game , create one ourselves, or start without strategy and then decide what to do during the race. So, at the moment, we can think of making an unplanned tire change without any problem.

During the progression of the race, we will be able to choose to see it at different speeds: 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x and 16x . By choosing the first or second, we will also be able to see the cars on the track as if the race were on television – and from then on we will see dots that go with the number.

During the race we will be able to give different inputs to the riders, so we can decide to push more or less. Each choice will result in a reaction , a possible accident or the entry of the Safety Car. In short, everything works exactly as in reality. It will also be our job to manage tire wear or fuel consumption .

Also in F1 Manager 2022 it is possible to manage the ERS (Energy Recovery System). This is a feature also present in F1, introduced a few years ago. Having decided all these things, we just have to respect the objectives set and continue with a certain satisfaction in the various aspects of our career.

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