April 15, 2024


Frigg is an SSR character from Tower of Fantasy ( Balmung is the name of the weapon) whose role is that of DPS and who stands out for having good passive damage and for offering very interesting utilities to the team; being more of a Buffer DPS.

As was the case with Nemesis with the Electric element, what Frigg does is increase the damage of Ice characters/weapons and also gives us other interesting things such as being able to have unlimited dodges (yes, yes, no kidding) something I think it goes without saying that it is well worth it.

In this post we will thoroughly analyze this character/weapon and as always I will show you his best build and his best team and weapon compositions according to the team configuration you want to take (DPS, Support, Tank…). Let’s go there!


Let’s start by looking at some basic information about the weapon:

  • Role: DPS
  • Element: Ice
  • Destroy: A
  • Load: A
  • Attack lvl 1: 18
  • HP lvl 1: 1165
  • Crit lvl 1: 14

As you can see, it’s fine both in charge and in destroying, but it doesn’t really stand out in either of the two aspects, something that in my opinion is fine, but it also weighs it down a bit since it is generally preferable to at least one of those 2 stats is at S rank.

Regarding the extra statistic that this character/weapon has, it is critical, something that, given its DPS role, is great for it.


The Ice Shell item comes with the following property:

  • When the weapon is fully charged your attacks will freeze for 2 seconds, the freeze lasts 6 seconds. Hitting a frozen enemy can break their freeze for an additional 151% ATK damage. A frozen enemy reloads 50% slower.


Frigg or Balmung has an Icy Elemental Resonance that does the following:

  • Increases Cold ATK by 15% and Cold Resistance by 25%. It is activated if we have at least 2 Ice element weapons equipped and will affect all weapons of said element.

It’s like the elemental resonance of Nemesis but for ice damage and the truth is that it is one of the most interesting points that this character has. For this reason we will be interested in taking her along with other Ice characters such as Meryl or Tsubasa.


Let’s start by looking at all of Frigg’s abilities (at level 1) in detail.


These are all his normal attacks and combos:


  • First Attack: 62.1% ATK + 3 . Pushes the target back a bit.
  • Second Attack: 46.2% ATK + 2 . Pushes the target back a bit.
  • Third Attack: 91.1% ATK + 5 . Pushes the target back a bit.
  • Fourth Attack: 55.8% ATK + 3 . Pushes the target back a bit.
  • Fifth Attack: 218.4% ATK + 11 . Knock down the target.


  • First Attack: 64.4% ATK + 3
  • Second Attack: 72.6% ATK + 4
  • Third Attack: 76.7% ATK + 4
  • Fourth Attack: 107.9% ATK + 6
  • Fifth Attack: 168.3% ATK + 9 .


  • Keep Grounded:  134.3% ATK + 7 . Throw the enemy into the air and we go up.
  • Keep in the air:  19.8% ATK + 1  while hitting during the descent. On landing 185.7% ATK + 1 in area.

The aerial combo is very good but it is true that the ground combo is more profitable for that tremendous final blow that we will give. The loaded ones are not as interesting as in other characters but it is true that being able to use it on the ground to rise in case we need it is very good.


When dodging and making a normal attack we will launch several cuts in front of us that will cause a total of 143.9% ATK + 8 .

Certainly a very interesting dodge attack for damage and range.


  • We will cause a hit of  577.5% ATK + 30 in area. It can suspend or launch enemies it hits. Has a 30s cooldown .
  • We will create an Ice Domain for 25 seconds that will allow us to dodge infinitely when we are in it. Also increases Shield Destruction by 25% when using ice weapons.

It’s a pretty strong blow but what takes the cake is the Ice Mastery that will allow us to dodge indefinitely for 25 seconds (which is outrageous). Keep in mind that this effect applies to your character itself (the nomad) so even if you change weapons you will get the infinite dodges , but the effect of more destruction only when you are with an Ice weapon, yes.


  • We remove all the disadvantages that we have.
  • Charge forward and deal 618.2% ATK + 33 . Throw enemies into the air.


Let’s start by looking at the best gifts we can give Frigg, which will be needed for the ascensions mentioned below.

Best gifts for Frigg (there aren’t too many and none of them give her 80 points):

  • Musical Box: 60 points.
  • Aida Comic: 60 points.
  • Banges Specialty: 60 points.
  • Peanut Limited Figure: 60 points.
  • Silver Utensils: 60 points.

The ascents that are worthwhile and the points they ask us for:

  • 1200 : +1.5% Cold ATK every 3 seconds while in battle. Max 10 stacks.
  • 4000 : +2.4% Cold ATK every 3 seconds while in battle. Max 10 stacks. Also grants hyperbody (which cannot be pushed back) in Ice Domain.


These are the passive skills that we will obtain by making advances in the weapon:

  • ⭐: Taking certain amounts of Ice damage in the Ice Domain will give you some charges, you can stack up to 10. When the Ice Domain ends it will deal damage to all enemies in the Domain. The more charges, the more damage you will deal. If you leave the Dominion you lose 1 charge every 3 seconds.
  • ⭐⭐: +16% base HP growth of current weapon.
  • ⭐⭐⭐: Charges of the first advance can be up to 15. Using shock abilities with an Ice weapon in the Ice Domain will deal damage to all enemies in the Domain.
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐: +32% base ATK growth of current weapon.
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: Destroying shields in Ice Domain will freeze the target for 2 seconds and deal damage. If the enemy cannot be frozen this damage is doubled.
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: When you have 15 charges (forward 1 and 3) if you are inside the Ice Domain you will get +12% Ice ATK if you use an Ice weapon.

The truth is that her advances are amazing in order to support herself and other Ice characters. As you can see, practically all of them are based on improving the characters that are on top of her powerful Ice Domain , especially Ice characters, of course.


We will mainly focus on improving its damage performance and support for other Ice weapons.


These are the best arrays for Frigg hands down:


  • 2 pieces: Increases Ice ATK by 15%/18%/21%/25% for 10 seconds when switching to an Ice weapon while wielding an Ice weapon.
  • 2 pieces: When using Ice Mastery, enemies above it receive 60%/75%/90%/105% Ice ATK every second.


Meryl in Tower of Fantasy

These are the weapon equipment that I recommend the most:

Double DPS Composition

  • Tsubasa : Main DPS.
  • Frigg : Ice buffer.
  • Meryl : Shieldbreaker.
    • King : Optional replacing Meryl.

Double composition Support

  • Cocoritter : Main Healer. Highly recommended A1.
  • Nemesis : Off Healer. Passive heal with the dodge.
    • Zero : Alternative to Nemesis, but that is in A1 better to be able to heal.
  • Meryl : Shieldbreaker.
    • King : Optional replacing Meryl.

Double tank composition

  • Meryl : Tank DPS and Shieldbreaker.
  • Huma : Tough tank.
  • Frigg : Ice Buffer (to buff Meryl).

Balanced Composition

  • Meryl : Tank DPS and Shieldbreaker.
  • Frigg : Ice buffer.
  • Cocoritter : Healer. Recommended A1.

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