April 14, 2024
Tower of Fantasy - Guide on how to get free lootboxes

Tower of Fantasy – Guide on how to get free lootboxes

Tower of Fantasy did not have one of the best launches, this is because the huge number of players connected at the same time congested the servers, making waiting times absurd. For this reason, the developers wanted to apologize and found a method to be forgiven by everyone: free lootbox.

Tower of Fantasy players, in fact, can redeem three different lootboxes. The first is related to access problems and includes 300 Dark Crystals , which are useful for buying lootboxes. Furthermore, the developers wanted to celebrate the first position among the most downloaded games in 22 different countries , so you can also get 10 Gold Nucleus which are the “tokens” needed to open the lootboxes, and groped to get weapons or characters.

tower of fantasy

If you have created an account and registered it before the servers open, you can get an additional 300 Dark Crystals, while the 10 Gold Nucleus will be available to anyone who does the operation by August 17, 2022 .

While we also remind you that it is possible, as in all gachas, to take advantage of the reroll to try your luck again and get better SSR weapons.

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