April 16, 2024
With this Tower of Fantasy TRICK, you can climb infinity without spending energy/stamina

With this Tower of Fantasy TRICK, you can climb infinity without spending energy/stamina

Since nothing, Tower of Fantasy has been on the market for free PC and mobile games all over the world, and it has already been put on everyone’s lips. There are many things in the game that have hooked players, and I admit that I am also quite addicted to the title right now. 

Now I am going to get into the matter, and the fact is that players are already discovering the first tricks of Tower of Fantasy. Tricks that serve to break a little what is established in the game and that you can do things that were impossible a priori. You’ve already read the headline, so I’m not getting into it anymore. Take a look, I bring you video and everything!

The trick to climb infinity in Tower of Fantasy

It has been through this post on Reddit where a user has shared a very interesting trick about the Hotta Studio game:

  • The trick is to climb to infinity ❗️
  • As you know, just like in Genshin Impact or The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you can climb on almost any surface ✅
  • As you climb, you spend an energy bar so you don’t climb infinity ❌
  • Well, with this trick, that bar is not spent ❗️
    • When you’re climbing, press the button to unhook from the wall (on PC, it’s the Control key) ✅
    • Then jump twice without waiting a millisecond after letting go of the wall ✌️
    • And then press forward to hook back to the wall, and repeat the process ❓
  • This is the result:

What do you think of this trick? The truth is that I really liked this Tower of Fantasy hack , but I also warn you that it is likely that Hotta Studio will patch it. In that case, I’ll let you know so you know!

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