April 14, 2024
Can Tower of Fantasy be played with a controller? Which one is compatible and how to connect it

Can Tower of Fantasy be played with a controller? Which one is compatible and how to connect it

Now that Tower of Fantasy has been released globally, there are many users who have constant doubts. The truth is that it seems normal to me, because the game is full of… things. It has many things. 

But there’s something we haven’t talked about in depth yet and that’s what I’m going to do: play Tower of Fantasy with a controller ? Because yes, it is an option that many users will ask, so I leave you all the information on this topic below.

Play Tower of Fantasy with a controller

The answer is simple: yes, you can play Tower of Fantasy with a controller, but there are several details to keep in mind that I will list below:

How to connect

  • To play this game with a controller is very simple ❓
  • Connect your controller via USB cable to your PC, and play! ⭐️
  • The game will recognize it automatically and no external program needs to be installed ✅


The game is fully functional with a controller, except for menu navigation. Even if you have a controller connected and you are playing with it, you will need to use the mouse to navigate the menu.


Also keep in mind that not all controllers are compatible with Tower of Fantasy. Currently supported controllers are:

  • xbox controllers
  • Logitech Controllers
  • Elecom controls

No, for now there is no compatibility of the title with PlayStation controllers unfortunately. Also note that there is a tab in the game settings with options for controller controls, and it says that there will be more options coming soon, so they will surely expand the options further in this regard. I will inform you!

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