April 16, 2024
Tower of Fantasy: How Shops Work and All the Coins Needed for Them

Tower of Fantasy: How Shops Work and All the Coins Needed for Them

In Tower of Fantasy there are quite a lot of things to learn. What if the weapons, the characters, the matrices, the suppressors, the vehicles, the ruins… and a lot of things that I left to mention! 

But there is something that we haven’t talked about in depth yet and that’s what I’m going to do: all the stores and types of currencies that are in the game. They are a good bunch, so I won’t get involved anymore and I’ll get into the matter before it’s too late. Let’s go there!

All Tower of Fantasy Shops

First, I am going to talk about the stores. I want to make it clear that I am going to focus on the stores in the “Warehouse” section of Tower of Fantasy, and not on the gachapon, which is what your post is for. As you progress through the game, you unlock more and more stores. These are all the stores available:

  • Crystadust Shop: This shop is used to buy random gifts and to buy equipment in the form of clothing for the character
  • Weapon Shop – This is where the weapons in the game can be purchased. All SR weapons can be purchased for 35 black gold, as well as any SSR weapons you already own for 120 black gold
  • Array Shop – This is the shop where you can buy arrays of all sorts of rarities. SSRs are worth 80 base chips. The SR are worth 16, and the R are worth 3
  • Team Store: Here you can buy crystals that are used to improve the suppressor
  • Support shop: here you can buy cores to improve weapons, black cores, gold and little else
  • Points Shop: Here you can buy random boxes and weapon upgrade materials

All coins for Tower of Fantasy shops

Now, I am going to focus on all the coins that there are to buy in all the stores available in Tower of Fantasy

  • Energy crystal dust: they are used for the crystal dust store and are obtained by spending vitality (the equivalent of resin in Genshin Impact
  • Black gold: it is to buy weapons, and it is obtained by shooting at the permanent banner
  • Base Chip – Used for the Die Shop and earned by rolling on the Die Banner with a voucher
  • Merit – This is for the team shop, and is earned by completing team missions and team donations
  • Support Points: These are for the support store and you have to join the team support system to get them
  • Return Support Points – It is also for the support shop and you have to team up with executors who return and participate in the game
  • Training Points: It is used for the points store and they are obtained by doing training in the game. There are different training locations marked on the map and they can also be accessed in the nomad’s log.

What do you think? I know there are quite a lot of coins, but they all end up being useful! I hope it has helped you in your adventure in Tower of Fantasy. If you have questions, leave them in the comments!

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