April 16, 2024
Tower of Fantasy: How does the game's Gachapon work? Required spins, pity, coins and more

Tower of Fantasy: How does the game’s Gachapon work? Required spins, pity, coins and more

Many of you will not know where to look after having seen everything that Tower of Fantasy has to offer . It is the most normal thing in the world, we are talking about a game with a huge universe , with a lot of tasks that can be done and, of course, with a lot of other characters that we can enjoy and with whom we can face any danger .

However, there is one thing that is main in Tower of Fantasy , and that is the Gachapon . Many of you will already know it from games like Genshin Impact but, for those who don’t know, Gachapon is a system with which we can obtain a series of rewards , from weapons to characters. And how are they obtained? Well, with a special coin , call it protogem or red core, in the end it’s the same.

How is the Tower of Fantasy Gachapon?

The Gachapon Tower of Fantasy is divided into two parts :

  • Permanent Gachapon : It consists of three different banners that are permanent, that is, they are always available in the game ✅
    • Permanent banner of characters
    • Materials permanent banner
    • Permanent banner of matrices (chips to upgrade weapons)
  • Limited Gachapon : and here we enter the best of the game. This consists of a series of banners that will change over time and that will always bring a special character . These are the two types of banners you have ⌚
    • Character Limited Banner
    • Matrix Limited Banner
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What currency is needed for each Tower of Fantasy banner?

As I have explained before, the spins have to be done with special coins that can be obtained in several different ways, all free, although you can also get hold of them by paying. These are the ones you need for each Tower of Fantasy banner :

  • For the permanent character banner you need gold cores ⭐
  • For the permanent banner of materials you need black cores ⭐
  • For the matrix permanent banner you need golden tickets ⭐
  • For the limited character banner you need red cores ⭐
  • For the limited matrix banner you need special tickets ⭐

This is the pit of Tower of Fantasy

For those who don’t know, the pity , also known as the “pity system” , is a system that grants you a weapon or a character every certain number of rolls . In Tower of Fantasy , the pity does not reset when you get an SSR . What does this mean? That the odds of multiple SSR characters touching are higher . The pity only resets when a certain number of spins are reached (80 or 40, depending on the banner).

Permanent banner of characters

  • Every 10 spins is guaranteed an SR and every 80 spins an SSR is guaranteed ❗
  • The pity restarts at the 80th spin ✌

Materials permanent banner

  • It does NOT have pity and its spins do not give another type of currency ❌

Matrix Permanent Banner

  • Every 10 spins is guaranteed an SR and every 40 spins is guaranteed an SSR ❗
  • The pity restarts with roll 40 ✌

Character Limited Banner

  • Every 10 spins is guaranteed an SR and every 80 spins an SSR is guaranteed ❗
  • The pity restarts at the 80th spin ✌

Matrix Limited Banner

  • Every 10 spins is guaranteed an SR and every 40 spins is guaranteed an SSR ❗
  • The pity restarts with roll 40 ✌

And what happens if I have done 70 spins and the limited banner has ended ? Well, that’s okay, because those spins roll over to the next banner , meaning you can get an SSR with just 10 spins.

Do I have the limited banner special character insured?

The answer is clear, and it is not if you depend only on the banner . You must bear in mind that in this banner (and in the limited matrix banner ) there is a 50/50 , that is, you have a 50% chance that the special SSR character (or matrix) will touch you and another 50% of that you touch another different SSR. The 50/50 only appears on spin 80 (or 40, if it’s the matrix limited banner ). However, there IS a way to get the limited character : with 120 flaming gold. Don’t forget that weapons and characters go together! If you get one of the two, you automatically have the other.

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Rolling also gives you other coins!

Each roll, no matter if it is gold, black or red cores, also gives us another type of currency . With this you can buy weapons or matrices on the black market.

  • 1 gold core roll = 1 black gold (with 120 black gold you can buy an SSR weapon dupe if you already have the weapon) ✌
  • Golden Ticket Spin = 1 Prototype Wafer (80 Prototype Wafers can buy an SSR Array, no need to have one) ⭐
  • red core roll = 1 flaming gold (120 flaming gold can be purchased directly from the current limited character) ❗
  • special ticket roll = 1 overclocked wafer (with 80 wafers you can buy a matrix of your choice) ✅

If we have Flaming Gold and Overclocked Wafer left over when the Tower of Fantasy Limited Banner ends , these will be transformed into Black Gold and Prototype Wafer.

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