April 21, 2024


Today I bring you the analysis and build of King , an SSR character from Tower of Fantasy with the role of DPS that stands out for being tremendous at breaking shields (one of the best in the game) and for being a DPS that also withstands the damage (as well as for looking too much like our friend Diluc from Genshin ).

If when we talked about Meryl in her post we commented that this was a Tank with a DPS complex, King could say the same but in reverse: She is a DPS with a Tank complex. Which does not mean that it hits little; On the contrary, he has very good damage and very good range with his hits (which equates to more AoE damage). But… in addition to that, he also has a good stamina and on top of that he is a god destroying shields, something that Tanks usually excel at.

The truth is that he is a character that is very worth having in your team, but let’s not rush things, we will analyze him in depth and below his build and better compositions of weapons and characters.


Let’s start by looking at some basic information about the weapon:

  • Role: DPS
  • Fire element
  • Destroy: Y
  • Load: B
  • Attack lvl 40: 146
  • Level 40 Resistance: 61
  • HP lvl 40: 10,420

As we have already mentioned he is very good at breaking shields, also keep in mind that when you have him in A1 he will go from being S in Destroy to SS, at which point we are going, he will be a god of destroying shields. For the rest, you can see that despite being a DPS, he has Resistance as a stat (more Critical would be cool, but what I told you, he has a bit of a Tank King complex) and a generous amount of HP.

Regarding Charge, you can see that it’s horrible, but hey, for that we already have other characters that play this role well, such as Cocoritter or Samir.


The Fire element comes with the following property:

  • When the weapon is fully charged your attacks will burn  the target for 8 seconds causing 58% ATK every second for 8 seconds. Burned targets will also heal for 50% less.

It is an interesting extra source of passive damage.


Let’s start by looking at all of King’s abilities (at level 40) in detail.


These are all his normal attacks and combos:


  • First Attack: 57.1% ATK + 54 . Pushes the target back a bit.
  • Second Attack: 49.1% ATK + 46 . Pushes the target back a bit.
  • Third Attack: 106.8% ATK + 100 . Pushes the target back a bit.
  • Fourth Attack: 109.5% ATK + 103 . Pushes the target back a bit.
  • Fifth Attack: 104.2% ATK + 98 . Lifts the nomad and targets into the air.


  • First Attack: 63.5% ATK + 59
  • Second Attack: 68.8% ATK + 65
  • Third Attack: 190.5% ATK + 179
  • Fourth Attack: 213.6% ATK + 200
  • Fifth Attack: 173.9% ATK + 163 . Knock down the target. The higher you are you will deal more damage, maximum 600% damage.


  • Keep in the air:
    • On the way down 12.5% ​​ATK + 12  per hit.
    • Upon landing 71.8% ATK + 67 . Knock down targets. The higher the more damage up to 600%.
  • Hold 4th Ground Attack:
    1. Pulls in nearby enemies.
    2. Deals aoe damage of 137.4% ATK + 129 every 0.3s.

His ground combo is brutal because on top of that, when he finishes it, the character himself rises to continue with the aerial combo, which translates into a very high and quite long damage combo that also has a very good range to hit multiple targets. His thing is to spam this combo and the ground charge is also very good if we want to bring the enemies closer.


  • If we dodge while moving and make a normal attack we will attack frontally in an area causing 126.9% ATK + 119 . We will also attract enemies.
  • If we dodge while standing still we will launch a frontal blow that will cone forward that deals 114.3% ATK +107 to enemies.

The dodge attack while moving is much more interesting and that is why it is the one I recommend you use.


  • Slash with the Scythe with a good range that deals 499.9% ATK + 469 . Has a 45s cooldown .


  • We remove all the disadvantages that we have.
  • Deals 398.3% ATK + 374 .
  • Summons scythes at the position of nearby enemies that deal 66% ATK +62 damage in a small area every 2 seconds (lasts 10 seconds) and suspends them in the air on hit.

The truth is that the attack is amazing especially because of the good passive damage it has , its thing is to leave it on the field and change to another character so that the scythes continue to hit passively while we are hitting with another throwing their abilities and others.


Let’s start by looking at the best gifts we can give King, which will be needed for the ascensions we’ll mention below.

Best gifts for King (a good list, it’s easy facing this):

  • Warren Fossil : 80 points.
  • Crown Coin : 80 points.
  • Aida Comic: 60 points.
  • New Game Console: 60 points.
  • Angel of the Void figure: 60 points.
  • Peanut Limited Figure: 60 points.
  • Tata Limited Figure: 60 points.
  • Snow globe: 60 points.
  • Clever Doll: 60 points.
  • Hykros puzzle: 60 points.
  • Silver Utensils: 60 points.

The ascents that are worthwhile and the points they ask us for:

  • 1200 : Restores 8% of Max HP for every 7 enemies King defeats.
  • 4000 : Restores 10% of Max HP for every 5 enemies King defeats.


These are the passive skills that we will obtain by making advances in the weapon:

  • ⭐: +15% Destruction, at which point he becomes SS in Destruction. Additionally, destroying a shield causes the target to burn for 120% ATK every second for 15 seconds.
  • ⭐⭐: +16% base HP growth of current weapon.
  • ⭐⭐⭐: +10% Damage for each enemy within 6 meters of you up to a maximum of 30% damage.
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐: +32% base ATK growth of current weapon.
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: +100% damage to shielded enemies or HP shields.
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: +10% damage for each enemy you kill for 30 seconds. 30% maximum damage.

As usual the A1 is very good since with it we will destroy shields which is nice and the extra damage by burning when breaking them is really good. For the rest, we already see that we will be increasing the damage a lot as it goes up (except in A2, where we get more PS to last a little longer, the Tank complex shines again), they are really good.


The idea is to focus it above all on doing more damage and being a better Shieldbreaker.


These are the best arrays for King. I leave you only one option since I think it is the best without a doubt.

King + Shiro

  • 2 pieces King: Increases your damage by 4%/5%/6%/7% for every 10% shield break you do for 25 seconds.
  • Shiro 2-Piece: Increases your damage by 15%/19%/22.5%/26% and also your shield break when hitting enemies with health above 50%.


Nemesis or Venus in Tower of Fantasy

These are the weapon equipment that I recommend the most:

Double DPS Composition

  • Samir : The Main DPS.
  • King : Shieldbreaker and Sub DPS.
  • Nemesis : Healer and Electric Buffer.

Double composition Support

  • Cocoritter : Main Healer. Highly recommended A1.
  • Nemesis : Off Healer. Passive heal with the dodge.
    • Zero : If you don’t have Nemesis it’s an option, but it better be in A1.
  • King : As Shieldbreaker and Main DPS.

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