April 14, 2024
The best build in Tower of Fantasy Claudia

The best build in Tower of Fantasy Claudia

Looking to craft the best Claudia Fancy Tower Build ? The tenacious Hykros Executor made her debut in the Tower of Fantasy 1.5 Artificial Island update and immediately secured her place as an unrivaled damage-supporting simulacrum in our Tower of Fantasy tier list. While there are plenty of Tower of Fantasy characters that provide support through healing, Claudia excels at increasing her team’s damage output while functioning as an aggressive melee damage dealer in her own right. For a full breakdown of everything she has to offer, take a look at our introduction to Tower of Fantasy Claudia.

Our Tower of Fantasy Claudia build combines the best team composition, the best matrices, and the best weapon advancements with the main skill of her rotation to optimize her damage support role. However, before we begin, it is important to state that the construction management of Tower of Fantasy differs from the ordinary MMORPG. Aside from their Awakening Traits, Simulacrums serve as cosmetic skins, and a “team” in Hotta Studio’s anime game looks more like a Tower of Fantasy weapon loadout. For the purposes of this build guide, we’re treating Claudia’s simulacrum and her Guren Blade weapon as a complete set. With that said, let’s get into our Tower of Fantasy Claudia build.

Best Weapon Abilities Claudia Guren Blade

Our Tower of Fantasy Claudia build takes full advantage of the Guren Blade’s high charge stat to perform powerful discharge skills as often as possible. His Grievous passive grants 137% bonus attack to any active discharge skill and applies the Grievous status effect that causes enemies to take 20% more damage for seven seconds. To make the most of this impressive burst damage buff, you can anticipate switching between mocks at an accelerated rate, resulting in a very aggressive playstyle.

In terms of Claudia’s standout skills, Roam is an outstanding area of ​​effect (AoE) that spreads 418% attack +22 across five targets – though it’s important to note that attacks on the same target deal 20% less damage, so don’t waste it when there are no mobs to control. Roam culminates in suspending enemies directly in front of Claudia, leaving them completely vulnerable to attack. While enemies are in this state, you can quickly load your weapons without worrying about dodging or retreating.

Best Team Composition Claudia

Our best Tower of Fantasy Claudia build prioritizes a hyper-aggressive team composition, with a damage-per-second (DPS) support healer to provide a vital pick-me-up if you ever become overwhelmed in combat.

  • Shiro (Sea Chakram, DPS SSR): Shiro serves as the primary DPS in this team composition, as Claudia’s own role is split between damage and support. Her Full Bloom skill unleashes a powerful AoE burst that tears through large groups of unprotected enemies with ease, and her Discharge applies a stun effect for a welcome moment of crowd control. Shiro shares physical resonance with Claudia, which allows the Grievous passive to be applied to Claudia’s own discharge skill, Unbridled Fury. Additionally, having both Shiro and Claudia on your team unlocks Attack Resonance, which further increases damage dealt by 10% in solo play and 40% in co-op.
  • Nemesis (Venus, SSR support): Nemesis is a support DPS, but unlike Claudia, her support comes in the form of healing rather than damage. His Twin Spinning Focus applies a healing chain to nearby allies, with the added ability to buff its effects up to five times each time you dodge. Nemesis benefits from Claudia’s damage buffs just as much as Shiro, and the vast majority of his offensive abilities can be performed from a distance, providing a welcome means of escape after taking damage up close like Claudia.

The damage output from our Claudia build’s team composition is enough to sustain you in any form of combat, but if you prefer the security provided by a Shield Breaker, you can easily swap Shiro for King. However, it’s worth noting that King is a fantastic SSR simulacrum in his own right, and pairing him with Claudia is ultimately suboptimal. If you managed to pull off the hothead mercenary, check out our best Tower of Fantasy King build to make the most of your good fortune.

Best Claudia Building Dies

Unsurprisingly, the best Tower of Fantasy Claudia building dies are the ones designed specifically for her. The Claudia four-piece SSR set has a lower chance rate than many other die sets available, but is well worth the investment to acquire if you have Claudia on your team:

  • Claudia (two pieces): Increases damage by 13%, 17%, 20% or 23% when you hit a target in the air or launch an air attack. Reset the double jump by hitting the target in the air.
  • Claudia (four pieces): Hitting an enemy with a skill reduces the cooldown of all weapon skills by 1.5, 2, 2.5 or 3 seconds and increases the damage of discharge skills by 58%, 80 %, 103% or 126% for 15 seconds.

The damage granted by Claudia’s two pieces is slightly more situational than the other arrays available, but since Claudia’s skills revolve around air attacks and suspend, this only serves to synergize with her moveset. and gives you a good head start to consolidate damage while engaging enemies like Claudie. Additionally, her four-piece set is a boon to our best Tower of Fantasy Claudia build by reducing cooldowns across the board, including the long 45-second wait for Shiro’s AoE Full Bloom.

Tower of Fantasy Claudia build: Claudia as she appears in the Tower of Fantasy mock menu, armed with her Guren blade

Claudia Weapon Advances

Our best Tower of Fantasy Claudia build doesn’t strictly require weapon advancements, but Claudia’s are guaranteed to increase your team’s damage output by a significant margin. Unfortunately, weapon advancements can only be acquired by pulling doubloons from Tower of Fantasy banners or spending rare currency to buy from the weapon store. Whichever method you choose, securing weapon advancements involves a lot of time, effort, and money.

Here are the advancements of the Guren Blade weapon:

  • 1 star: After hitting a target with a skill or discharging skill, grant a charge of the following buff: Increase damage dealt by 8% for 25 seconds, stacking up to three times for a maximum of one charge per use of competence.
  • 2 Stars: Increases base attack growth of current weapon by 16%.
  • 3 stars: When you hit a target with a skill or discharge skill, apply a stack of War Wounds to the target: increase physical damage received and break physical weapons by 10% for 15 seconds. Stack up to once.
  • 4 Stars: Increases base health growth of current weapon by 32%.
  • 5 Stars: Hitting targets with Skills or Discharge Skills grants increased skill damage, increasing all weapon skill damage by 20% for 25 seconds. This effect cannot be stacked.
  • 6 stars: Skills hitting the same target no longer have reduced damage. After using skills or Guren Blade’s Discharge Skill, all targets with War Wounds within eight yards gain another stack of War Wounds.

Weapon advancements are always beneficial no matter what they entail, but Claudia’s advancements are frankly ridiculous. Her first advancement alone grants a 24% damage buff after using a skill, which perfectly complements our best version of Claudia’s focus on generating weapon charges as quickly as possible. Its third and sixth advancements are also notable for the War Wounds effect, which provides a significant boost to broken shields and makes up for the lack of a dedicated shield breaker.

Claudia’s Awakening Traits

Awakening Traits are unlocked after collecting a certain number of Awakening Points, which can be accumulated by presenting your chosen Simulacrum with their favorite gifts. Unlike Weapon Advances, Awakening Traits are tied to the Simulacrum themselves, so don’t expect to feel the benefits of these buffs if you don’t have the appropriate Simulacrums equipped. Claudia’s favorite gifts are everyday items, rare items, and decorations.

Claudia’s awakening traits are:

  • Blink (1200 points): Become invisible for one second while dodging.
  • Shadow (4000 points): Become invisible for 1.5 seconds while dodging.

Claudia’s awakening traits are less beneficial than other simulacra, but they can definitely be useful for repositioning yourself during combat, especially in PvP.

This is a wrap for our best Tower of Fantasy Claudia build. If you’re looking to craft the best builds for the most powerful simulacrum currently available, check out our best Tower of Fantasy Frigg build. Acquiring the best characters involves pumping rare currencies into the RPG game’s gacha system. Luckily, you can pick up more of those coveted gold and red cores by completing the various Dream Machines in Tower of Fantasy Claire, or by giving customers their favorite food during the Tower of Fantasy Aida Cafe limited-time event. Finally, take a look at our Tower of Fantasy password list to crack all of Asperia’s electronic locks and receive a variety of valuable rewards.

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