April 16, 2024


Zero is a quite hated SSR character from Tower of Fantasy and although I understand the reasons why this happens, it is true that the hate is quite exorbitant because he is not a bad character at all. His weapon is called the Negator Cube .

The hate comes mainly from being a support character who, without at least the first promotion, cannot heal since Zero is specialized mainly in putting up shields to mitigate damage, something that seems to me to be undervalued since, in the end, avoiding damage is better. than cure it.

To say that these shields are phenomenal and that through the ascent we will be able to heal through some orbs that we will leave on the ground; it is true that it is a way to heal a little… “bummer” (we have healers who heal in a simpler and more efficient way, but they do not provide shields like him), but in the end it is not bad since the orb will be there by the time you need it With other promotions we will also boost the damage of our team and we even have one with which the shield in addition to mitigating will also heal a little. Is it good as a mail healer? No, but as a shield booster with extra heals (with promotion) it’s great and certainly as support for a Tanking oriented character it’s great.


Let’s start by looking at some basic information about the weapon:

  • Role: Support
  • Fire element
  • Destroy: B
  • Load: Yes
  • Attack lvl 70: 18
  • Resistance: 115
  • HP lvl 70: 1165

Zero is a rather peculiar character, we will see that better as the analysis progresses, but you see that something we have to grant him is that he has a tremendous Charge and therefore is very good at generating energy to be able to launch more Charge movements . In destruction you see that little thing.

As for its particular stat, we have the Resistance, which, given the role of shield support it has, is not bad at all.


The Fire element comes with the following property:

  • When the weapon is fully charged your attacks will burn  the target for 8 seconds causing 58% ATK every second for 8 seconds. Burned targets will also heal for 50% less.

As I have already commented on other characters such as King, it is certainly a good way to deal good passive damage.


Let’s start by looking at all of Zero’s abilities (at level 70) in detail.


These are all his normal attacks and combos:


  • First Attack: 46.7% ATK + 88 .
  • Second Attack: 38.2% ATK + 72 .
  • Third Attack: 118.5% ATK + 224 .
  • Fourth Attack: 79.6% ATK + 150 .
  • Fifth Attack: 80.9% ATK + 153 . It can hit up to 3 times and launches at the target.

Two things to say about it, the first thing is that this damage is from a distance and you have to catch the point well so as not to miss the blows. The second thing is that this has an interesting addition since for every 6 times we hit targets with these attacks we will get 1 cube. We can store up to 5 cubes . Below you will see what they are for.

Air and cubes:

Zero does not have an aerial combo, instead he has these 2 attacks:

  • Air Pulsar (Normal Jump): Hits the spot and  deals 23.4% ATK + 44  to anyone caught on impact.
  • Press in the air (double jump): We will launch up to 5 missiles that inflict 59.3% ATK + 112  each. Each missile consumes 50 stamina. 1 missile for each cube stored.

Either of the 2 aerial attacks will cause our stored cubes to shoot towards the enemies causing 48.5% ATK + 92  for each cube that we have around and of course the counter will return to zero. In the case of the attack in the air with double jump, I clarify that we will launch the missiles and the cubes at the same time.

As the cubes orbit around us they will hit nearby enemies dealing light damage of 9.7% ATK + 18 each with their hits.


  • Keep on ground or after third ground attack: We summon a pillar that  deals 68.4% ATK + 129 that stays on the field for 5 seconds and deals 28.5% ATK + 54 hitting in the area for 5 seconds.

Good attack for its passive damage.


It has no dodge attacks but you get a cube every time you do a successful air dodge.


  • Has a 60s cooldown . Which frankly is nonsense.
  • We will cause  142.9% ATK + 270 in area and will launch the enemies.
  • Created a shield that mitigates damage equal to 800% ATK  that lasts 10 seconds. For each cube you have, it is consumed and you will mitigate 160% extra ATK for each one.

Little damage, but certainly the shield is very interesting in the face of support to mitigate a very good amount of damage in the face of a foreseeable big hit by an enemy.


  • We remove all the disadvantages that we have.
  • We get 5 cubes.
  • Deals 171% ATK + 323 and knocks enemies into the air.
  • We spend the obtained cubes and each one will cause 48.5% ATK + 92 .
  • Give all nearby allies immunity to damage for 3 seconds.

The Download must be said that it is tremendous. First of all because of its good damage and secondly because those 3 seconds of well-used damage immunity are worth gold (and on top of that it applies to nearby teammates, which could save you from a devastating attack if you coordinate well).


Let’s start by looking at the best gifts we can give Zero, which will be needed for the ascensions we’ll mention below.

Best gifts for Zero (Limited Games and Items):

  • New Game Console : 80 points.
  • Musical Box: 60 points.
  • Aida Comic: 60 points.
  • Peanut Limited Figure: 60 points.
  • Tata Limited Figure: 60 points.
  • Crown Coin: 60 points.
  • Hykros puzzle: 60 points.

The ascents that are worthwhile and the points they ask us for:

  • 1200 : Reduces relic cooldown by 1.5s when using a weapon skill. Maximum once every 5 seconds per weapon.
  • 4000 : Reduces relic cooldown by 3s when using a weapon skill. Maximum once every 5 seconds per weapon.


These are the passive skills that we will obtain by making advances in the weapon:

  • ⭐: When causing damage you leave an orb on the ground that heals 60% ATK to whoever picks it up. The orb lasts 20 seconds and can spawn one every 2 seconds.
  • ⭐⭐: +16% base ATK growth of current weapon.
  • ⭐⭐⭐: Reduce skill cooldown from 60s to 30s. Also heals 30% ATK every second while the shield is active.
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐: +32% base HP growth of current weapon.
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: When damaging a target we will create another orb on the ground for 20 seconds (maximum one every 2.5s). This orb increases the damage and healing of the picker by 2% for 30 seconds (can be stacked up to 10 times).
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: Using an ability grants healing and damage orbs (both types mentioned above), 1 for each cube you have orbiting around you.

The truth is that the ascent is interesting since we can finally heal and also increase the damage and healing of our companions or ourselves. It is true that collecting the orbs is a bit of a pain, but they are very good, everything is said.


We will enhance his shields and the support he offers to the team.


These are the best arrays for Zero currently:


  • 2 pieces: When using a charge ability to switch to the Negator Cube, you gain a 120%/150%/180%/210% ATK shield for 4 seconds.
  • 2 pieces: When Zero’s shield is active all team members have their damage increased by 16%/20%/24%/28%.


Nemesis or Venus in Tower of Fantasy

These are the weapon equipment that I recommend the most:

Double tank composition

  • Meryl : Tank DPS and Shieldbreaker.
  • Huma : Tough tank.
  • Zero : To put shields on you and heal you with the orbs. Essential A1.

This is where it shines the most since the main function of a tank is to mitigate damage (in addition to aggro) and also with the A1 we can generate those orbs to heal ourselves a little and that in fact our companions can also take advantage of (the strong thing would be that it is the tank suffering and they remove the orbs, but in something organized it shouldn’t happen, if you go with randoms expect anything).

Double composition Support

  • Cocoritter : Main Healer. Highly recommend A1 for the bee that generates charge and heals.
  • Nemesis : Off Healer. Passive heals.
  • Zero : For shields. In A1 it allows to heal when attacking.

The truth is that 3 supports seems a bit exorbitant to me and in the event that you wanted to carry 2 supports and a DPS or a Tank, unfortunately it would be best to do without Zero in this team. Which does not mean that in situations where the damage is massive, their shields and immunities are god.

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