April 15, 2024
How to validate the 6 chapters of the book “Aranyaka”? IN GENSHIN IMPACT

How to validate the 6 chapters of the book “Aranyaka”? IN GENSHIN IMPACT

After completing the “Aranyaka” questline, you may notice that the adventure with the aranaras is not over. Indeed, the adventure book provided by them – and available in your inventory of quest items – does not include the mention “validated” on each chapter.

In this article, we will therefore detail how to obtain the mention on each of the six chapters brought to our attention!

I – Meeting in the forest

You will need to complete part 4 of the “Aranyaka” questline. After finishing “ Aranyaka – Nursery of Lost Dreams ” and defeating the avatar of the Marana, you will have to complete the adventure by returning to Rana with the bija.

The quest concluded, your mission for the validation of the chapter can begin. This one won’t require a lot of action from you. Your goal here will be to track down the “bad guys” in the story.

Go to Vimara Village and talk to Alphonso. At the end of your discussion and your decisions made during it, you will obtain the achievement: “ Eternally from beyond the forest” .

If you haven’t killed him : teleport to the Statue of the Seven of the Vanarana of Yesteryear. Head east until you come across Rift Pups. Defeat them then you can examine the brikllant point on the ground in order to conclude the quest.

II – Nursery in a dream

The validation of this chapter is obtained automatically after completing the adventure “  Aranyaka – Nursery of Lost Dreams ”.

III – Varuna Gatha

In order to complete this part 3 and get the “ Eternal Subsistence ” achievement , you must at least have completed the “Varuna Gatha” quest as well as the “Growing Seedlings” quest .

During the latter and as explained in our guide, you will have to find 12 nurseries in order to recover vasmrtis which can be planted in Vanararana, in the main nursery and near Aranakula.

Following this and once the plants have sprung up, you can harvest the sweet flowers without fear. This should cause a small dialogue with Paimon. Small note all the same: get out of the dream world thanks to Silapna before you go there! Otherwise, the sweet flowers will not be present.

Now go to this location in order to find a cave. 

Get rid of the dryness to gain access to the flower a little further. Play a melody on the lyre that you must have obtained during the “Aranara Melodies” quests in order to make a section of the wall disappear.

Talk to the little girl then return to the nursery with her to let her admire the plants. This should allow you to validate this chapter. And as a bonus, you can collect the flowers again!

IV – Agnihotra Sutra

As with the other questlines, you will need to complete the “Agnihotra Sutra” questline before you can claim chapter validation.

An old friend of Aranakin

Now head to the top of Chatrakam Cave. You will have to climb on the small island (using the clover badges) in order to talk to an aranara friend.

Follow him home, examine what needs to be examined, then collect the book notes when prompted to complete Part 1 of our sequel.

Aranaga’s Memories

To continue the story, head to Mawtiyima Forest. You need to find an old man at the indicated location, under the biggest mushroom and approach him.

This will trigger a small, rather simple quest. Follow the man into the nearby cave, examine the flowers, then return to camp to end the quest.

Aragaru’s Symbols

Return to Chatrakam Cave but this time head towards the cave. On the road, defeat the enemies mainly composed of Eremites until you reach a large open space.

Clear the area and get rid of the Eremites once again to spawn an aranara. Talk to him and then examine the three Eremite camps to find a note.

After new dialogues, the quest will end to make way for the next one.

The final chapter of memories

Return to Mawtiyima Forest and follow the quest objective to the old man and then to the three aranaras waiting for you.

You are close to the end since your quest has just ended. It’s time to talk again with Khayyam, who you can find at his campsite shown in the image below. If this does not appear to you. We invite you to spend 2 days.

At the validation of the chapter, obtain the achievement: ” A walnut tree in the middle of the gardens” .

V – Vimana Agama

This sequel will not have any secret quests but will simply require you to complete the quest “Until the Vana is healed” which you will get after completing all the quests in the “Aranyaka” series.

In order to help you deal with the mini-puzzles you may encounter, take note of the following:

  • using the dendrogranums, strike the mechanisms present in front of the animal names in the order in which you read these animal names just before.
  • in order to advance in the maze, play the lyre to activate the doors. After that, tap them to spin them. Get inside to spin them again. Go straight ahead but don’t forget the chest at the leftmost door.
  • when entering the dev cave (core location), take a combat-capable team. Three waves of pit mages will appear to counter you!

Completing this chapter should also give you the achievement: ” With Water and Wind” .

VI – Message from someone

Finally, for our last chapter, completely complete the “Static Landscapes” quest and its hidden sequel, which already has a guide on our site, in order to obtain the validation mention.

It is the end !

We therefore hope that this has been useful to you and we look forward to seeing you in a future article!

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