April 15, 2024
“Growing Sprouts” quest guide, collect all 12 vasmrtis in Genshin Impact

“Growing Sprouts” quest guide, collect all 12 vasmrtis in Genshin Impact

In this guide, we’ll cover a hidden Sumeru quest “Growing Seedlings” that follows the quest of the same name available during the “Aranyaka: Nursery in a Dream” questline.

Growing young shoots

In order to get the quest, you will need to have done Vimana Agama and Varuna Gatha . Make sure you have the quest in your quest log, in which case you will have to advance the other quests in the “Aranyaka” series to make it appear.

You will simply have to talk to Aranakula to complete the quest.

But there are still things to do! Indeed, you now need to find 12 vasmrtis across Sumeru.

The 12 vasmrtis

At each location you will have a little riddle. These puzzles are random, so we can only give you a simple explanation of how they work.

To solve it, you will have to stand on the flower tile (3). Grass on other tiles will then grow. Your goal will be to reach the flower. (4)

You must step on all squares (like 5) without going through the same place twice and without leaving the puzzle to skip a square. Squares like 5 bloom after you pass.

Some grass patches will spawn green fireflies (1). By going on it you will activate earth tiles (2) by making the grass appear in order to be able to walk on it.

Here is an example of a solution that allows you to obtain the flower and the treasure:

Location of vasmrtis

The viparya garden

Once the 12 vasmrtis have been recovered, return to the underground garden of Aranakula.

Finally, drop all of your sprouts into the 12 slots.

path to reach the garden

Come back a day later in real time to trigger a dialogue by approaching the aranaras and completing the quest.

As a bonus, you will get the achievement: “When Dreams Bloom” .

That’s it for us!

Be aware, however, that completing this quest is a must in order to validate the Varuna Gatha chapter in the “Aranyaka” book in your inventory. We will cover this in a future article!

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