April 21, 2024
Brief encounter with a rare bird quest guide

Genshin Impact: Brief encounter with a rare bird quest guide

“Brief Encounter with a Rare Bird” is a short quest that you can still miss if you don’t act like a seasoned hunter.

Let’s see together where to find said quest.

The mushrooms

The quest will only start after a small hunting episode. However, be careful not to scare the animals because you will have to wait for them to reappear the next day!

Direction the point indicated on the map below. Help yourself from Aloy if you have it or from an archer to shoot the little things in the area.

A man will then challenge you and give you a mission: find a nighthawk. So begins your quest!

First Nighthawk

Head south to Apam Woods to find the bird. The location will be noted on your map. Again, don’t scare him and kill him.

This will spawn Eremites. Get rid of them then talk to Shefket.

extra feathers

Following the directions given by Shefket, head north into Apam Wood.

You will find the nighthawk on a mushroom. Again, shoot him.

A small discussion and condemnation of your past actions will follow.

“I know what you did! »

Make up for your mistakes by playing the undercover with Shefket. Head east of Apam Woods to find a gathering of Nighthawks. Kill one then talk to the NPC.

You will have to fight. Don’t let your guard down and send the treasure looters home before you can complete the quest.

And it’s done !

This was a short guide to an equally short quest but one that you can still miss if you’re not into hunting. 

We therefore hope that this has been useful to you and we look forward to seeing you in a future article!

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