April 21, 2024
Static Landscapes Quest Guide

Static Landscapes Quest Guide in Genshin Impact

The village of Aranaras has not finished keeping us busy! Today we are embarking on a treasure hunt. 10 places, 10 rewards and a key success of which we offer you the guide.


This quest begins at the location indicated by a marker, since it is a world quest. There you will see a mailbox from which you will get a painting. In this picture you will see a Statue of the Seven surrounded by rocks, you have to guess where it is to get there. It is simply the Statue of Seven of Vanarana.

Once ahead you should have the option to dig up. After a brief disappointment, you will have to go to the stone covered with runes, the silapna, a little further south of the statue and play the notes: Fa Mi Sol Fa and Do. Once done, return to the Statue and you should be able to dig up a regular chest.

Then return to the mailbox to collect the other 9 images that will allow you to continue the quest. 

Be careful though: all of the images will only appear after completing the series of “Aranyaka” quests.

Second picture

For the second photo, use the West Apam Wood teleporter and head southeast. You will find the option to dig up where indicated. It’s that simple !

Third picture

For the third photo and starting from where you are now, take the teleporter that is to the south and move towards the mushrooms that will be on your left. You can then find an ordinary chest by digging in the ground.

Fourth picture

For the fourth photo, join the southern teleporter of Mawtiyima Forest and head to the lower western part where you will see a hut. Next to it you can see a trunk table and two stools, the option to dig up is near the left stool.

Fifth picture

For the fifth photo, use the Statue of the Seven of Gandharva and go to the cave next to it, to the north. Then go to the center of it, under the roots where you will find the location of the ordinary chest.

Sixth picture

For the sixth photo, take the North Teleporter from Mawtiyama Forest and fly east. Low to the ground, near moss-covered stones, you can dig up the regular chest.

Seventh picture

For the seventh photo, teleport to the Statue of the Seven in Devantaka Mountain and go to the indicated location. You will need to go through a cave entrance on the left of the circle to access it. Follow the path to the central area with the cog. Near the mushroom, you will find the chest to dig up!

Eighth picture

For the eighth photo, take the teleporter right next to the previously used Statue of the Seven. Straight ahead of you will be the stake. On his left you can dig up the chest!

Tenth photo

Surprisingly, you will need to collect this chest before looking for the 9th one. This one is in the Chasm and you may already have it. 

Ninth picture

For the ninth photo, take the East Vanarana teleporter and head south along the ledges of the mountain until you see the cave entrance and follow the path. If you’ve already unlocked the teleporter in place, just teleport!

Get rid of the first two buds infected with dryness then activate the Dendro stele to lower the water level and overcome the last bud.

Once the enemies have been beaten and the chest has been recovered, go back to where the stele is, go to the flower and play the notes “do sol la mi do” so that the path opens up to you. There you will find a multitude of chests.

You will also get an achievement: “ Interview with a treasurer”.

Note that the flower will not appear if you have not found and opened the previous 9 chests!

That’s all for the moment !

That’s it for this article. Obviously Sumeru’s quests are not afraid to make you travel right and left, but the beautiful landscapes make up for all these trips.

We hope this guide has made it easier for you and we look forward to seeing you in the next article! 

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