April 16, 2024
Where to find the 5 prototypes of Sumeru and how to get them?

Genshin Impact: Where to find the 5 prototypes of Sumeru and how to get them?

Who says new region, says new prototypes! We are going to see how to get Sumeru’s forgeable weapons and above all, what quests you will need to complete to get there.

The unlocking process

Unlike the prototypes of Inazuma where you had to complete different quests to obtain the blueprint of the prototype, you can obtain those of Sumeru thanks to a small exchange with an Aranaras. 

However, you must complete all 4 parts of the “Aranyaka” questline in order to receive the five pages of “Stories of the Aranaras and You”.

After completing the adventure and successfully curing Rana, you will get your final story.

Where to find the seller?

Direction Vanarana and more precisely the statue of the Seven.

Note that you will need to be in dream mode in order to see the aranaras. If not, head opposite the house in the following image and look for the silapna on the left of the path.

To find the vendor, take the path to the right of the house which should lead you to the Tree of Dreams.

Find Aravinay not far from the tree and talk to him to make a trade.

You will receive the blueprints in your inventory and all you have to do is learn them to be able to craft them at the forge!

The final word

That’s it for this mini-guide.

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