April 16, 2024


Arataki Itto is a character from Genshin Impact who, after analyzing him, seems to me to be a very interesting character, he reminds me a bit of Noelle because his Ultimate Abilities are very similar, since his Claymores are imbued with the Geo element and increase Attack compared to Defense ( only that the effect on Itto is greater and has more advantages aside).

He is a character that inflicts a lot of damage and due to his characteristics his role is none other than that of Main DPS (yet he is very curious, for example his Elemental Ability acts as a decoy). So without further ado, let’s proceed to analyze it.


Itto uses a Claymore as a weapon which is one of the most damaging in all of Genshin Impact (and the slowest); The downside is that the vast majority of Claymores in the game have Attack % as their Secondary Stat, which Itto doesn’t do so well because he translates Defense into Attack with his ultimate, getting better performance than Attack % (but hey, it doesn’t Don’t worry, there are other options to equip him).

Regarding the element, Geo is a bit poor when it comes to doing Elemental Reactions because Crystallization does not deal damage, it creates a little shield and that’s it. However, thanks to artifact sets like the Husk of Opulent Dreams and buffers like Gorou , the Geo element is hitting a major high in Genshin Impact.

Both the Claymore and the Geo element are very good at breaking enemies that have Geo shields (the yellow bar) and therefore Itto is a monster in that sense.


Itto’s stats are fairly balanced and stand out favorably:

  • Base Health: 12,858
  • Base Attack: 227
  • Base Defense: 959
  • Critical Chance: 24.2%

To date, he is the character with the highest Base Defense in all of Genshin Impact; which is great because the ultimate raises Itto’s Attack based on his Defense. His Health is also very good and while his Attack for a 5 star Main DPS is low, we don’t care as much because we’re looking for Defense more.

Another very good point is that as he ascends, his Critical Chance goes up. Which is pretty good, as it will make it much easier for us to get a good critical chance and focus more on looking for Critical Damage on artifacts.


Let’s take a look at your talents or abilities.


Well, for a change, new things are coming here.

  1. Normal Attack: A combo of up to four consecutive hits; on the second hit we create a charge of the « Supernatural Force » effect and on the fourth hit we accumulate two (this effect can be accumulated a maximum of five times). When we activate this effect, the duration of the charges is reset. If in the middle of the combo we use the Elemental Skill or sprint briefly, the Normal Attack sequence will not reset.
  2. Charged Attack: When Itto has Supernatural Strength, when making Charged Attacks he performs Kesagiri Sword strikes (these do not consume stamina); if he has no Supernatural Strength charges, he consumes stamina and performs a horizontal slash.
  3. Descending Attack: We will hit the ground causing a fairly high physical damage; here there are no changes.


  • TdE: 10 sec.
  • Duration: 6s.

As the name says, Itto launches a little bull called Ushi towards the enemies that will do Geo Damage on impact (by holding down the ability, we can redirect it). Hitting an enemy with this ability grants Itto a charge of Supernatural Strength.

It’s a bit similar to Mona ‘s Elemental Ability in that the bull acts as a decoy by taunting enemies; Ushi will last on the field until his life is depleted (his life is proportional to Arataki Itto’s) or 6 seconds elapse; after this he leaves the field and gives Itto another charge of Supernatural Force (that is, with an elemental and a combo of 4 basics we would already have the maximum charges).


  • Energy Cost: 70.
  • TdE: 18 sec.
  • Duration: 11 sec.

Itto’s Claymore transforms into a mace and has the following effects:

  • The damage from his Normal, Charged, and Falling Attacks is converted to Geo Damage and cannot be replaced by imbuing with another element (meaning if you have Bennett ‘s C6 , you’re not going to deal Pyro Damage).
  • Increases the speed of Normal Attacks.
  • Increases Attack in proportion to Itto’s Defense.
  • While the ult is active Itto will be more vulnerable, as his Elemental and Physical Resistances drop by 20%.

Wow, the last one is the most complete. The drawback is that Itto becomes somewhat more vulnerable, but we can always take him with a Zhongli and if not, since he will normally be accompanied by several Geo characters, then many shields will surely drop due to Crystallization.


This passive is quite interesting, since when performing Kesagiri Sword attacks (remember, these were Charged Attacks with Supernatural Force charges), each hit increases Attack Speed ​​by 10% (30% maximum) and increases the interruption resistance.

The truth is that I think it’s great because the drawback that characters usually have with Claymore is that they tend to be quite slow; Eula , for example, depends on the passive of the Ode of the Pines to hit faster, however, this problem is covered by Itto himself.


Increases the damage of the blows of Kesagiri Sword in proportion to 35% of his Defense, which takes great advantage because as you have already seen this character consists of getting Supernatural Force charges using the elemental and combos with the basic ones to be able to unleash everything his potential with the Charged Attacks of his Kesagiri Sword.


Chopping down trees gives you a 25% chance to get an additional piece of wood (at a good time, green sleeves), a bit irrelevant but can be useful if you haven’t gotten to Relax Kettle yet .


These are all the advantages offered by Itto constellations:

  • C1 – Shut Up and Listen : Upon casting Ultimate, Itto gains 2 Supernatural Force charges, then gains a charge every 0.5s for 1.5s. This constellation will allow us to hit loaded with Itto more frequently and without spending stamina (it is a style a la Hu Tao ‘s C1 ).
  • C2 – All Against All! : On ultimate cast, it reduces its ToE by 1.5s (4.5s max) and regenerates 6 (18 max) Elemental Energy (Itto only) for each Geo element member on your team. This seems to me to be one of his best constellations and greatly enhances his role as DPS, the drawback is that it forces us more and more to carry a MonoGeo team with Itto.
  • C3 – The Bull by the Horns! : Increases Elemental Skill by 3 levels, can be increased up to 15 levels.
  • C4 – Prison is my House : When Itto exhausts his Ultimate Ability status, the Defense and Attack of all nearby team members (in singles as well) are increased by 20% for 10 seconds. It seems to me a very good constellation in which he provides support to his teammates, the drawback is that the Defense was exclusively used in its entirety by Albedo , Gorou or Noelle.
  • C5 – The Envious Will Say I’m Not Famous : Increases Ulti by 3 levels, can be increased up to 15 levels.
  • C6 – Before you, Arataki Itto! : Increases Critical Damage of Charged Attacks by 70% and grants a 50% chance to not consume Supernatural Force charges when making Kesagiri Sword strikes. What to say about this constellation? This causes Itto to hit like trucks, but unfortunately it is his last constellation.

The truth is that Itto’s constellations seem brutal to me and greatly enhance the character, the C4 even supports the group. The aspect that I don’t like very much about this character is that it will “force” us to take him in a composition of at least 3 Geo characters if we want to get the most out of it and therefore we will not have other elemental consonances as good as the Pyro or the Cryo.


As you may have already seen, Itto does not contribute anything to the team itself (except for his fourth constellation); Therefore, I don’t see any other role for him than that of Main DPS , since he is a very greedy character who needs to spend a lot of time in the field.


Redhorn Greatsword in Genshin Impact

These are the weapons that I recommend for Itto:

  • Redhorn Greatsword ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: Although I faltered a lot in his Base Attack, we must bear in mind that his passive increases Defense by 28% (And you already know that the last one raises Attack with respect to Defense) and on top of that it increases the damage of Normal and Charged Attacks by 40% with respect to Defense; Not to mention that at level 90 it gives us 88.2 Critical Damage. Wow, there can’t be a more perfect Claymore for Itto than this one.
  • Sea Serpent Marrow ⭐⭐⭐⭐: It is one of the best Claymore in the game (one of the PB weapons ) and gives us a 27.6 Critical Chance (at level 90), between this and the Critical Chance that Itto has for himself, we will be served. Additionally, if we have all five charges of this Claymore, we will deal 30% more Damage (but also take 15% more damage if hit).
  • White Shadow ⭐⭐⭐⭐: The good thing about this Claymore is that it can be made in the forge; I would sincerely recommend it if you have it in R5, since its passive makes that after hitting an enemy with a Basic or Charged Attack it increases Defense and Attack by 12% (it can be accumulated four times, therefore 48%) , which is great. On the other hand, this Claymore gives us a 51.7 Defense at level 90; the truth is not bad at all, however we would have to have very good artifacts that cover us the Critical Damage and the Critical Chance.

Other viable options would be the Blade of Laziness or the Tombstone of the Wolf , but try one of the above instead.


Husk of Opulent Dreams in Genshin Impact

As for stats on artifacts:

  • Helmet or Crown : Critical Chance or Critical Damage. Same as always, try to find the balance to have double the Critical Damage of what you have of Critical Chance.
  • Clock : Defense %; in Itto’s case we are going to prefer Defense over Attack.
  • Chalice : Bonus Geo Damage.

Substats you are looking for:

  • Priority: Critical Chance, Critical Damage, Defense % and Attack %.
  • No Priority: Energy Recharge (bear in mind that Itto will normally always be taken with one or more characters of the same element, which will help us a lot to recharge his Elemental Energy).

And as for the Artifact Set :

  • Shell of Opulent Dreams : With the two pieces of this set we will obtain 30% Defense and with the four pieces, when doing Geo Damage we receive the curiosity effect that can be accumulated a maximum of four times (which will grant us in its charges maximum 24% Bonus Geo Damage and 24% Defense). Also taking into account that Itto is intended to be a main DPS, we will almost always have maximum charges and will make the most of the set as possible.

Obviously this is the best option for Itto, but if we have hardly any good artifacts from this set, we can equip two pieces of Shell of Opulent Dreams and another two pieces of Archaic Petra that grants a 15% Bonus Geo Damage.


Zhongli in Genshin Impact

These are some of the characters that have the best synergy with Arataki Itto:

  • Albedo : It is great for us as a battery to recharge Itto’s Ultimate Ability and also his Elemental Ability will practically always be on the field dealing Geo Damage passively.
  • Zhongli : Since Itto’s Ultimate Ability lowers his own resistances, it doesn’t hurt to have a shield as powerful as Zhongli’s and if we equip it with Geoarmor’s Tenacity , it will increase our Attack by 20%. teammates and will improve Shield’s protection by 30% when hitting an enemy with his Elemental Ability.
  • Gorou : Perhaps Itto’s best partner in the case of carrying a MonoGeo team, when using his elemental, if we have a Geo character in the team, it increases Defense, with two it increases resistance to interruption and with three it grants a Geo Damage Bonus .
  • Bennett : What can I tell you about Bennett, he is a god. He heals us and boosts our attack a lot. He is the best healer you can have in this comp unless you have Gorou on C4 (which he also heals at the time).

Another character that can also go well with Itto would be Ninguang , since when going through the Jade Screen we will obtain a 12% Geo Damage Bonus and his Ultimate Ability does quite considerable damage if we have it well built for burst (2 pieces Archaic Petra and 2 Nobility Ancient Ritual pieces ).


We will need the following materials to upgrade you:

  • Prithiva Topaz and Horn of the Stalker King (Golden Stalker King ).
  • Scararavil .
  • Slime condensate.

And as for Talent Books and others:

  • Teachings of Elegance.
  • Slime condensate.
  • Heart of Ashes ( Signora ).

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