April 14, 2024


The Redhorn Greatsword is a five-star Claymore that according to Genshin Impact lore , belonged to “King Otogi”; this was a somewhat eccentric character (just like Itto) who invented stories about his fame and all the yokais he felled with his greatsword, until one day he cut off an arm and a horn from a little oni and the legends about the sword they came true.

It is a Claymore that offers us a very low Base Attack to be a five-star weapon, but the tremendous percentage of Critical Damage that it gives us and the effects of its passive make it worth every last protogem spent on it (at the moment it is one of my favorite claymores in the game).

The passive increases the defense and damage of Normal and Charged Attacks compared to it, so we will look for a character that has a high Defense. That said, let’s proceed to analyze it.


Let’s take a look at his stats:

  • Base Attack Level 1: 44
  • Level 90 Base Attack: 542

It is the five star Claymore with the lowest Base Attack in the entire game, in fact it is sad because there are some four stars like the Great Sword of Sacrifice or the Archaic Prototype that outperform it in Base Attack at level 90 (however not don’t worry, because it will work for characters in which defense weighs more than attack).

  • Critical Damage Level 1: 19.2%
  • Critical Damage Level 90: 88.2%

Here the tortilla is turned around, I can’t think of a better Secondary Stat than Critical Damage and on top of that it gives us 88.2% at its maximum level ; With this we already have a half build done.

The Redhorn Greatsword’s passive effect is as follows:

  • Increases Defense by 28% (56% at R5). We increase the damage of Normal and Charged Attacks by 40% of the character’s Defense.

As you can see, this passive is completely focused on defense and on a character that performs Normal or Charged Attacks (wow, make it Main DPS), so you can already make a mental image of which characters could carry it.

Come on, if for example you have 2000 Defense, you do 40% (800) and we will have to add that number to the damage we do with Normal and Charged attacks (without taking into account the critical, which is applied later).


In the case of this weapon, the only role I see it viable in would be primary DPS , as its passive boosts Basic and Charged Attack damage.

These are the characters that make the most of it:

Arataki Itto in Genshin Impact

It is the best weapon for Arataki Itto , it gives us an impressive amount of Critical Damage with which it will be much easier for us to have a good build (remember that when Itto ascends he obtains Critical Chance, by putting a Defense % clock on him and taking out some artifacts means that, we will have the job done).

As for the passive, on the one hand, it will give us Defense (which Itto increases his Attack with respect to his Defense with the last) and we will hit more with Normal Attacks and Charged Attacks with respect to Itto’s Defense (One of the things that does the most damage They make Itto are the blows of the Kesagiri Sword, so it comes from fable).

Noelle in Genshin Impact

In Noelle ‘s case , it gets roughly the same benefit as Itto and would also be the best weapon she can have equipped at the moment. Her Ultimates are very similar and she takes advantage of Defense in the same way by increasing Attack.

Also, with the 6th constellation she becomes very strong in the Primary DPS role, as the ult makes Noelle’s attack increase by an additional 50% of her defense. Be careful because Noelle C6 with this Claymore causes havoc.

Other characters that we could equip it to are:

  • Eula : It is true that she does not have a particularly high Defense, but when Eula ascends she gains Critical Damage and at level 90 together with this greatsword she would have 176.6% Critical Damage (and that is without counting artifacts). Also with Eula we will generally do a lot of basics, so she will also take advantage of the Claymore’s passive even though she can’t do it as well as the aforementioned. It is more recommended with Tombstone of the Wolf or with Ode of the Pines , but this is a pretty decent alternative.
  • Diluc : In this case, he does have a somewhat higher Defense, although we won’t hit as many basics as with Eula (with Diluc he usually sets a basic and an elemental until all three elementals are spent). Even so, Diluc gains Critical Chance when ascending and the Critical Damage that this Claymore gives him will make it very easy to build him. I still like the Wolf Tombstone better for him though.

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