April 15, 2024
Genshin Impact: Event Guide - Lost Riches

Genshin Impact: Event Guide – Lost Riches

In this guide we will see how to easily perform the “Lost Riches” event that takes place in Sumeru.

Prerequisites and Dates

You must be at adventure level 20 or higher.

The event starts on September 2 at 11:00 a.m. and ends on September 19 at 4:59 a.m. The store will close at the same time as the event.

How to participate ?

Find Ulman to start the event, then open the notebook and go to the area to be examined. Ulman will indicate new areas every day. You will have 6 areas to explore in all.

How explorations work with the mini-fairy

In each exploration zone, equip yourself with the mini-fairy and try to find all the treasures in the zone. To do this, you will need to recharge your fairy. You will find blue energy balls in the area. If you don’t see them, don’t panic! They will be indicated to you on the map with a small drawing. 

Once the fairy has recovered 3 times energy, she can point you to a treasure (you will then notice it with the drawing of a shovel on the map). Enemies will appear as well as energy balls. Kill them and collect all the energy within the time limit. Repeat these steps until you get 3 treasures.

Here is an example for Day 1:

What rewards?

You will earn 90 coins per area. These coins allow you to buy different resources in the dedicated shop:

  • primo gems,
  • lessons from the hero,
  • mystical strengthening minerals,
  • moras,
  • A mini-fairy (choice of blue, pink, yellow, green or purple. She will follow you on your adventures).

Attention ! You will only be able to pick up one mini-fairy  and you cannot take a mini-fairy you already own.

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