April 21, 2024


Finally with the arrival of version 3.3 to Genshin Impact , Scaramouche makes his debut as a playable character under the name of Wanderer thus carrying an Anemo vision instead of an Electro Deception.

He is a character whose role is that of Main DPS and his playing style is completely based on his Normal Attacks, thus being a bit similar to that of Shikanoin Heizou ; only that the Wanderer will levitate and attack from him at a distance instead of melee and will do much higher damage in terms of his basic attacks.

The most attractive detail of the Wanderer from my point of view is the fact that it can levitate and hit as fast from a certain distance as Yanfei , since this will allow us to dodge blows from many enemies and will make it a very fun gameplay to handle.


    The Wanderer’s stats are quite decent within the catalyst characters and are very similar to those of Klee, here we can see the stats that our Wanderer will have when he is promoted to level 90:

    • Base Life: 10,164.
    • Base Attack: 327.
    • Base Defense: 607.
    • Critical Chance: 24.2%.

    As is common in catalyst users, the Wanderer’s Life is a bit low but in terms of Base Attack he is one of the characters with the highest this statistic among users of this type of weapon.

    By ascending him we will gain Critical Chance , just like Xiao does in his ascensions.


    Let’s see their talents or abilities.


    He has a very short combo and his combat style is somewhat different from usual, the best thing is that the Wanderer performs his basics at a moderate distance, just like Yanfei .

    • Normal Attack : A combo of 3 slashing wind blasts that deals Anemo Damage.
    • Charged Attack : Consumes a certain amount of Stamina to focus energy and perform a hit that deals Aemo Damage in an area.
    • Descending Attack : We will hit the ground causing a blow that causes Anemo Damage in an area.


    • TdE: 6 s.
    • Skill Damage: 267.84% (level 10).
    • Celestial Obliteration Damage: 153.72% (level 10).
    • Sky Burst Damage: 142.98% (level 10).

    Spawns an area strike that deals AoE Aemo Damage, after which it begins to levitate by entering ” Wind’s Grace ” mode which confers the following effects:

    • Wanderer will not be able to execute Descending Attacks and his Charged Attacks will not consume Stamina while in this mode.
    • Normal and Charged Attacks will be replaced by “Sky Obliteration” and “Sky Burst”; these now have a larger area and also deal more damage than the basic untransformed ones (both still count as Normal and Charged Attack damage).
    • A new bar called ” Celestial Persistence ” will be generated that will replace the Stamina bar and will be consumed while we are levitating, when it runs out the state will end and we will descend to the ground.
    • We can also consume this bar doing a sprint that will allow us to move quickly and if we jump we will also consume Celestial Persistence to rise even higher.

    The duration of this ability depends on the amount of Celestial Persistence that we spend when using it, once the Grace of the Wind mode is finished, the TdE of this Elemental Ability will begin to run (the same that happens to Tartaglia with his daggers, but this one with a TdE much lower).


    • Energy Cost: 60.
    • TdE: 15 s.
    • Skill Damage: 264.96% x5 (level 10).

    When the Wanderer uses his Ulti he compresses energy into an orb to slam it into the ground creating a fairly large area that deals Anemo Damage to enemies multiple times.

    This Ultimate Ability does not have much more, the only thing is that if we execute it when the Elemental Ability is still active, we will lose the levitation state.


    When we use the Elemental Skill of the Wanderer and come into contact with any of these elements, we will obtain the following bonuses while we remain under the effect of “Grace of the Wind”:

    • Pyro : Increases Attack by 30%.
    • Cryo : Increases Critical Chance by 20%.
    • Electro : Every time we hit an enemy with a Normal or Charged Attack we will recover 0.8 points of Elemental Energy (this can be obtained every 0.2 seconds).
    • Hydro : Increases the Celestial Persistence limit by 20 points.

    This Passive is really interesting and gives us the opportunity to do a lot of different team compositions with this character. Although certainly Pyro and Cryo would be the most interesting to increase their damage, since Electro will only help us to have the Wanderer’s ult recharged with greater speed and Hydro will increase the time we can stay in levitation.

    Best of all, we can have the bonuses of two of these elements at the same time and choose the ones that best suit the needs of your Globetrotter.


    If the Wanderer executes Normal or Charged Attacks during his Elemental Ability, we will have a 16% chance that he will generate 4 projectiles that deal Anemo Damage based on 35% of the Wanderer’s Attack .

    If these projectiles do not spawn, the next time we execute a Normal or Charged Attack we will have an additional 12% chance for it to spawn and so on until said attack is performed and the count is reset.


    The mulberry cost required for ascending catalysts and bows is reduced by 50%.

    It is the same talent that Shogun Raiden has , only that instead of doing it with catalysts and bows, she does it with swords and spears.


    These are the benefits that Globetrotters obtains through its Constellations:

    • C1 – First Act – Ostentatious Plumage : On the one hand we will increase the speed of Normal and Charged Attacks by 10% while we use the Elemental Ability and on the other we will increase the damage of the projectiles created by the Wanderer’s Passive Ability by 25% of his Attack.
    • C2 – Second Act – The Moon in the Shimmering Sea : If Wanderer executes his Ulti while his Elemental Ability is still active, it will increase its damage by 4% for each point of difference between the maximum limit of the levitation bar and the maximum limit of the levitation bar. amount remaining on the bar at the time we Ulti (the limit of the Ulti’s damage increase in this mode would be 200%).
    • C3 – Third Act – Kusemai of the Dusk : Increases the Ultimate Ability by 3 levels, it can be increased up to 15 levels.
    • C4 – Fourth Act – Drifting Ship : When we come into contact with an element while we use the Elemental Ability, it will give us another random elemental bonus, thus being able to get a maximum of three bonuses instead of two (this is what we explained before in the passive: Pyro increases the Attack, Cryo the Critical Chance…).
    • C5 – Final Act – Enlightenment in the Past : Increases Elemental Skill by 3 levels, can be increased up to 15 levels.
    • C6 – Thanks – Curtain of Melancholy : When using Normal or Charged Attacks during the Wanderer’s Elemental Ability, an additional attack will be created that will generate 40% of the damage of this first and also when the Wanderer has the levitation bar below 40 points, it will recover 4 points every 0.2 seconds (this last effect can only be activated 5 times during the same Elemental Skill).

    The truth is that Constellations do not seem very good to me except for C6 that will increase the damage produced by the Wanderer in a very beastly way; but the rest what they will give us will be more attack speed, increase the damage of the ult and give us a random additional effect that can overlap with one that we can obtain through a character on our team.

    I explain the latter, if in our team we have 2 Anemo characters, 1 Cryo and 1 Hydro and the wanderer’s elemental comes into contact with Cryo first, we have the possibility that it automatically gets a bonus with Hydro and that it doesn’t give us a third bonus (wow , which would be like not having this Constellation in such a case).


    The Wanderer’s role will be that of Main DPS in which we will constantly attack with Normal Attacks enhanced by his Elemental Ability while we accompany him by characters that enhance him and deal passive damage while he is on the field.

    In this case, the team composition is very relevant, since as we have seen before, one of his passive talents makes him gain different bonuses depending on the elements that react with his Elemental Ability.


    These are the catalysts that we recommend to equip your Wanderer:

    • Reminiscence of Tulaytulah ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: It has a very high Base Attack, gives us decent Critical Damage, increases our attack speed and also boosts the damage of its Normal Attacks a lot.
    • Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: Gives us a good Base Attack, a lot of Critical Chance, good Elemental Damage Bonuses and also increases our attack speed in the same proportion as Tulaytulah’s Reminiscence.
    • Celestial Scroll ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: It is the catalyst that will give us the most Attack between its high Base Attack and secondary stat that also gives us Attack % and we will also have an Elemental Bonus permanently.
    • Solar Pearl ⭐ ⭐⭐⭐: It has a high Critical Chance rate and with its Passive Ability it will increase the damage of its ulti and elemental when attacking with a basic and vice versa.
    • Symphony of the Marauders ⭐ ⭐⭐⭐: It gives us a huge amount of Critical Damage and we can take advantage of all the bonuses that this wonderful catalyst gives us, the only downside is that we will lose damage while we don’t have those bonuses active.
    • Dark Rock Agate ⭐ ⭐⭐⭐: It will give us a good balance between Critical Damage and Attack and it is a F2P weapon that we can buy in


    As for stats on artifacts:

    • Helmet or Crown : Critical Damage or Critical Chance.
    • Clock : Attack %.
    • Chalice : Anemo Damage Bonus.

    Substats you are looking for:

    • Priority: Critical Chance, Critical Damage, Attack % and Elemental Mastery.
    • No Priority: Energy Recharge.

    And as for the Set of Artifacts we have two alternatives for the Wanderer:

    • Desert Pavilion Epic :
      • 2 Pieces : +15% Anemo Damage Bonus.
      • 4 Pieces : When hitting an enemy with a Charged Attack we will increase the attack speed of the owner of this set by 10% and the damage of Normal, Charged and Descending Attacks will be increased by 40% for 15 seconds.

    It doesn’t have much of a mystery, with two pieces we will increase the Anemo Damage Bonus by 15% and with the four pieces it will increase the damage of Normal Attacks by 40% for 15 seconds; this buff is almost as good as Purification Reminiscence without sacrificing Elemental Energy and the only requirement is to perform a Charged Attack to activate the buff.

    It will also give us a 10% bonus to Attack Speed, which we can complement very well if we have its C1 or Tulaytulah’s Reminiscence.

    • Emerald Green Shade :
      • 2 Pieces : +15% Anemo Damage Bonus.
      • 4 Pieces : Increases the damage dealt by Whirlwind by 60% and also reduces the elemental resistance of enemies to the element that Whirlwind has by 40% for 10 seconds.

    We will take this option in the event that the Wanderer is the only Anemo character on the team and we take it as a DPS Enabler to reduce elemental resistances and accompany it with characters that fulfill the role of Support DPS applying a lot of damage passively.

    In this case, it would be the same role that Shikanoin Heizou plays in Electrocharged (Taser) or Vaporized teams, although we could take the Wanderer with this set even in Frozen teams.


    Faruzan in Genshin Impact

    These are some of the characters that have synergy with Globetrotters:

    • Anemo Characters : The Anemo Consonance will give us Stamina reduction and will increase our Movement Speed, having another character of this element can help us recharge the Wanderer’s ult and equip this other Anemo with Emerald Green Shadow to lower Elemental Resistances instead.
      • Faruzán : It is his best teammate if we orient him to Anemo damage than to Enabler; she will give you Anemo Damage Bonuses, she will lower enemies’ Anemo Resistance and help you recharge her ult.
      • Jean : It will cover the role of Healer effectively, it can lower the Elemental Resistances for the rest of the sync pairs with Emerald Green Shadow and it also generates a lot of elemental particles with its Elemental Ability, so it is a good battery for the Wanderer.
    • Hydro Characters : Entering the Hydro Element in contact with the Wanderer’s Elemental Ability will increase the duration of the levitation status bar.
      • Yelan / Xingchiu : Both characters apply a lot of Hydro to Vaporized or Frozen (how bad they are single targets); Yelan is more offensive and improves the damage of the character in use with her ult, but Xingchiu more energy and defensive support.
    • Electro Characters : They will be useful in Electrocharged teams to generate Elemental Reactions passively and when this element comes into contact with the Wanderer’s elemental, we will gain Energy Recharge .
      • Yae Miko : With her kitsune cherry trees she can cover a good part of the battlefield and do a lot of damage passively.
      • Fischl : It is a very similar alternative to Yae Miko but it covers a smaller area, although it applies much more Electro than her.
      • Kuki Shinobu : It will be a good option to occupy the position of healer, since the ring will accompany us even if we levitate, but we will lose the application of Electro to the enemies.
      • Beidou : With his ulti, Electro will give us passive damage when attacking enemies with the Wanderer’s Normal and Charged Attacks and if we have his C1, he will give us a shield when rolling his Ultimate Ability.
    • Pyro Characters : They will be useful for us to generate Vaporized and Melted Elemental Reactions at the same time that they will increase our Attack by 30% when reacting with Scaramouche’s Elemental Skill.
      • Bennett : It will cover the position of Healer for us, it will increase the Attack of our allies and it will allow us to apply Pyro with its ulti when doing Whirlwinds.
    • Cryo Characters : They will help us to enable Melted and Frozen Elemental Reactions and it is one of the most interesting elements to accompany Scaramouche, since by reacting the Cryo element with its Elemental Ability we will gain a 20% Critical Chance.
      • Laila : Applies a lot of Cryo passively and also gives us a pretty powerful shield.
      • Ganyu : In this case we will take her as a Support DPS, since her ult has a huge area and duration that we will use to generate Elemental Reactions.
      • Rosaria : She is another character that applies a lot of Cryo with her ult and needs very little to recharge it, since it generates a lot of particles and does not have a very high Elemental Energy cost.


    We will need the following materials to promote him:

    • Vayuda Turquoise.
    • Perpetual Spring ( Unlucky Eternal Dragon ).
    • Rukkhashava mushroom .
    • Samurai handguards.

    And as for Talent Books and so on:

    • Praxis Books.
    • Samurai handguards.
    • Nullification Rattle ( Clockwork God ).
    • Crown of Wisdom (Talent level 10).

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