April 21, 2024
Achievement Guide: "The End of the Corridor" and the 5 Sparkling Components

Achievement Guide: “The End of the Corridor” and the 5 Sparkling Components in Genshin Impact

In this article, we will talk about obtaining the “End of the Corridor” achievement, which notably allows you to reach the lowest room of the Mausoleum, but also to recover a luxurious chest and an obelisk.

In order to open the door to the Mausoleum, you will need to collect 5 Glittering Components which you can find by defeating Primal Structures.

1 – Khaj-Nisut

To obtain this component, you have two options: do it during the “Dreams under the burning sand” quest or after completing the “Old notes and new friends” questline .

Take the circled teleporter in the image below and travel to Khaj-Nisut. Find the descending passage on the right. Pass through two fans to get to the main space. 

From your arrival point, look for the door frame and take this direction. 

After descending again, you should come face to face with three primal structures. Defeat them and get the glitter component.

2 – Southern Ruins

To achieve this component, you will need to unlock as many permissions as possible. We explain how in our guide on this subject: How to obtain all the authorizations?

Go to the entrance of the ruin, guarded by Eremites.

Move forward until you come across a beam of light. Head as it should to open the first door, take the elevator and reach a space housing fans and an ember. 

You will need to be thorough in order to lead the ember to the other side and to its torch. You will only have a few seconds of respite before the fans activate again. Once the torch is lit, take the cone and go back. Find the way to go down to the replicator stone and get the chest without forgetting to activate the mechanism at the location of the stone.

Go up using the invisible structures. You should now have zoomed in on the elevator going up to the top floor. So you can go to his level. You are between two platforms. Activate the one you are on to descend. Defeat the enemies and keep moving forward.

Take the new ember which will be on its base on your way then move forward to stop the fan and thus allow the ember to reach its location. You can then re-enable the wind field and ascend.

At the top, you will find Electro steles which will allow you to unlock the door further. The staircase on your left, here is the lighting order to follow. You just need to look at the number of primal structures behind each stele to understand this order.

Climb the stairs, go through the doors and then get rid of the machines to finally get your sparkling component.

3 – Sekhem Hall

In order to access the place, you can follow our guide which will allow you to unlock the teleporter .

There are a few puzzles in the area but here we will focus on getting the component. To do this, you will have to lower the water level. Go to the lowest level. Move the beams to either side to activate the Hydro Steles. This will let the water recede. 

You can now find the Beating Machines to get the Glittering Component.

4 – Abdju Pit

To access the place, you will of course need to have completed the same quests as required for the previous components.

Take the teleporter circled in the image below and walk the path inside the ruins until you reach your objective. A primal structure will stand in the center of the room and the passage we are interested in will be on the right. 

You can unlock the elevator and take it to the desired location.

Once down, move forward until you have to call a new elevator. Borrow it to encounter new primal structures to complete to get the glittering component.

5 – The entrance to the Mausoleum of King Deshret

Again, you must complete all the quests mentioned above to make the place accessible.

From the teleporter circled in the image below, head west to quickly find this hole in the middle of the path. Paimon should talk to you.

Drop down to find the monsters to beat. 

The end of the hallway

You should now have all 5 glitter components in your possession. So you can head to the surrounded teleporter and look for the cave passage in the picture.

From there you just have to follow the path to the closed gate. You will get the achievement by opening this one using the components. 

At the bottom of the new space, you can also find a luxurious chest!

The final word

We hope this article was able to help you in your goal of completing desert quests and achievements.

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