April 21, 2024


Gold is one of the Minerals that are not very abundant in Minecraft and that of course can be very useful to us since it has a few quite peculiar uses beyond the most typical ones, such as being able to create armor/tools with this mineral.

And we are not going to limit ourselves only to Gold, we will also talk about Gold Nuggets since with them we can create more things that are also very interesting. In the end, what’s really interesting about Gold isn’t the equipment and stuff, but it’s precisely all the other things that are really interesting because the truth is that Gold equipment leaves a bit to be desired.

Anyway, in this post we will see each and every one of the uses that you can give to this and also, as always, I will tell you how you can farm it. Let’s go there!


To find Gold in Minecraft, we must first talk about the main requirement to be able to extract it, which is basically to have at least one Iron Pickaxe, so first of all you will have to have Iron.

And now yes, focusing on what it would be to farm it, because it is very simple, you will have to mine as close to the -16 height as you can, since that is where it is generated in greater quantity. It appears in all Biomes but note that Gold will not normally appear on a block that is in contact with the air.

But beware, because there is a much better method to find Gold naturally and for this you will need to find the Badlands Biome , which is quite rare, but if you find one for whatever reason, you should mine there because there you will find much more Gold than in the other Biomes. Only in this case you will have to mine from height 32 and up; so do not hesitate to create several tunnels through the mountains of this Biome, you will see how it appears very often.

Another much more random way is through the typical chests that we find out there. Not very useful because they are quite rare, but it is still a method.


And now let’s see everything we can do with Gold:


Crafting Gold Ingot in Minecraft

The most basic material with which we will later create several of the recipes that we will see below. We simply have to put the Gold Ores that we collect through mining in the furnace together with a Fuel (Coal, Charcoal , Wood, Lava Bucket… etc) and after a little time we will obtain the juicy Gold Ingots .

We can also create them in other ways that I will now tell you below: Using Gold Nuggets and of course the Gold Blocks.


Crafting Gold Nuggets in Minecraft

A derivative of Gold that we can obtain in three ways:

  1. Placing the Gold Ingot on the Crafting Table or on the 2×2 “Crafting Table” that our series character has. By doing so we can obtain 9 Gold Nuggets for each Ingot. We can also do the process in reverse; that is, place 9 Nuggets to create an Ingot.
  2. By adding Gold equipment to the Furnace, we can obtain Nuggets, losing the object in the process, of course.
  3. Killing Zombified Piglin can release it to us.


Crafting the Gold Block in Minecraft

The Gold Block (apart from serving as a decoration) is a very good method of storing Gold efficiently since each of these Blocks is made up of 9 Gold Ingots. It works the same way as the Nuggets, but with Ingots; that is to say that we can obtain 1 Gold Block with 9 Gold Ingots or we can do it vice versa and obtain 9 Gold Ingots through the Block.


Netherite Ingot Crafting in Minecraft

As you can see, we need Gold Ingots to create Netherite Ingots (the ore that will allow us to obtain the best armor and tools in Minecraft today). If you need more information about the Netherite, do not hesitate to enter the link that you have a little above where I better explain its operation and others.


Crafting the Golden Apple in Minecraft

The Golden Apple is a very interesting Minecraft food since it will not only restore hunger (4 points or 2 chicken legs) but also we will obtain 2 additional effects as if it were a potion :

  1. Absorption: We will have 2 golden hearts, it is a kind of “overhealth” that you have; that is, when you get hit you will lose those gold hearts before the red ones.
  2. Regeneration II: You will gradually restore health over 5 seconds (in total you will heal 2 red hearts).

The Apple is super easy to get, but be careful because 8 Gold Ingots is a fairly high cost. In any case, it is always worth taking some of these Apples with you for what has already been explained.

Oh, and remember that they are also needed to Heal a Zombie Villager .


Clock Crafting in Minecraft

The Clock will allow us to know more or less the time of day in which you are, it is useful to be able to know the time of day when you are locked in your mine so as not to lose track of time. I personally don’t use it, but hey, I guess that’s down to taste; The fact is that if you want to have that facility, you already know how you can have it.

We will only need 4 Ingots and a unit of Redstone Dust , quite simple to do.


Crafting the Golden Carrot in Minecraft

The Golden Carrot is undoubtedly one of the best foods in Minecraft since it restores us a lot of hunger and also gives us a lot of Hunger Saturation, so if you have plenty of Gold and Carrots (easier than the latter) it is a very good idea create this recipe to cover hunger in an excellent way. As you can see, the recipe requires Gold Nuggets and therefore it is relatively easy to obtain (especially if we compare it with the Golden Apple; yes, it does not have those healing properties, but it is more nutritious).

This is also used to create Night Vision Potions (which are very cool to see in the dark and through the sea without difficulties).


Crafting the Glittery Watermelon Slice in Minecraft

The Shimmering Watermelon Slice is obtained in the same way as the Golden Carrot but using a Watermelon Slice instead (as you can see, it uses Gold Nuggets again).

This is used as an ingredient to create Healing Potions and is therefore very worthwhile. By the way, why is it that the Watermelon Slice looks one way and the Glittery one looks the other?


Piglin in Minecraft

As you probably already know, the Piglin are a “little” obsessed with Gold and that is why we can use this mineral to trade with them. The idea is to drop Gold Ingots in front of them, they will take it and give you a more or less random object in exchange (note that there are some very interesting ones). In any case, I have already explained all this better in the post about the Piglin , so if you want more info, let me know.


Gold Equipment in Minecraft

And to finish, we have all the Armor and Tools that we can create through Gold:

  • Golden Peak .
  • Golden Ax .
  • Golden Shovel .
  • Gold Hoe .
  • Gold Sword .
  • Gold Helmet .
  • Gold Breastplate .
  • Gold Mesh .
  • Golden Boots .

They are the usual recipes but using Gold instead of Iron, Diamond or whatever. In any case, I recommend that you do not believe these tools because they have little durability and in the end they are not optimal at all (it is better to start with Iron, then go directly to Diamond and finally Netherite); In addition, as you have already seen in this post, Gold has other much more interesting uses than creating equipment.

So you know, stop using Gold armor and tools and use it for all the other things that I have taught you here, it will spread much more.

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