April 14, 2024
Old Notes and New Friends – 2: Soheil's Wish in Genshin Impact

Old Notes and New Friends – 2: Soheil’s Wish in Genshin Impact

After proving Tirzad’s good faith to Soheil, you are now ready to accept the latter’s request for help in his research. Find out in this guide how to complete the questline: “Old notes and new friends”.


To unlock the quest, head to the location listed below and talk to Soheil.

This one gives you the Archaeological Notes of Soheil and asks you to go and investigate the different places he mentions inside.

invisible barrier

First ruins

Head to the lower right ruins circled above to start. 

On the west side of these is a small hole (at the prism) that you can use to enter the ruins.

Once inside, use the prism on its base to temporarily make the transparent walls visible, in order to reach without any problem a switch opening the door behind which there is a chest.

Open it to validate the objective.

Second Ruins

Head to the location shown below.

To enter, go to the south facade. Defeat the Primal Structure: Repulsor that guards the entrance to activate the mechanism and thus open the entrance door.

Once inside, retrieve the prism and put it back on its base to be able to make the transparent walls visible. All you have to do is go to the chest to retrieve the Transparent Ruins I Book and thus validate the objective (if you have difficulty reaching the chest, use the technique on the right wall: in the labyrinths, c is the best technique!).

Third Ruins

Head to the location shown below.

To enter, just go through the big hole in the wall of the north facade, then go through the path on the right using the famous technique of knocking down the wall on the right.

Do this until you reach the prism, then retrace your steps to place it on this base. A mechanism will activate and a door will open.

Go through the door and open the chest located in the small room just behind to get the Transparent Ruins Record II and validate the objective.

Last ruins

Head to the location shown below.

To enter the ruins, climb the central staircase visible from the north facade of the ruins, then turn left. To your left is a mechanism to activate in a small room.

By activating the mechanism, the door behind you opens. However, it does not lead to the chest you are looking for. Take the prism and put it on the pedestal furthest from the room with the chest.

This causes a laser to appear which allows you to open the door in front of you and thus obtain the Registry of Transparent Ruins III and the associated achievement “The King of the Four Lands”.

Hidden Mercenaries

Head to the location marked in red below.

Be careful, you must not be noticed by the Eremites who patrol the area! Be discreet.

To open the large door, you must activate the mechanism in front.

However, it’s not that simple: you need a password.

To find out, you’ll have to spy on the mercenaries without them noticing you! To do this, discreetly follow the only  Ax Thrower of the Eremites who walks around the camp. The golden dot above its head indicates that you are a good distance away. Follow her until she reveals the password.

With the password in hand (Marg bar parvezravan), return to the mechanism and activate it to open the door and obtain the achievement “And the password then?” “.

Then head inside the temple. No need to play it Solid Snake anymore: you can let off steam on enemies.

Advance in the temple by defeating all the enemies that are in your way until you reach the point indicated on the map.

There you enter a large cave.

Open the wooden chest whose location is shown below. It contains what you came for, which is the Lambeating Rock Ledger .

The desert in memories

Meet at the location listed below.

Enter the tomb.

At the end of the corridor, you arrive in a small room with a rather special red mechanism which has the effect of activating and deactivating the invisible walls of the temple.

Activate it so that it turns blue and take the right door. Ignore the 2 prism bases and go down the stairs on your left. Collect the prism from the stairs on the way and, once down, place it on the pedestal on your right. Activate the mechanism that has just appeared to destroy the wall.

Return to the entrance of the tomb to change the color of the mechanism (it must be red). Then drop into the hole in the middle.

At the bottom, take the left door and rotate the cell so that it activates its laser (don’t forget to reactivate the mechanism to break the wall that has repaired itself in the meantime).

Use the mechanism you just unlocked with the laser to make all the invisible walls of the tomb disappear.

Return to the entrance and use the updrafts from the middle passage to reach the upper floor.

Open the chest directly in front of you to get the Tomb of Ribotes Registry .


Once the 5 registers are in your pocket, go back to Soheil to give him your report.

This is how the questline ends: “Old Notes and New Friends”.

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