April 21, 2024


This time we are going to analyze Laila , a four-star character in Genshin Impact who stands out for her shield generation and her constant elemental application.

This is the first time in Genshin Impact that we have a character that has the same TOE and duration in both his Ultimate Ability and his Elemental Ability, thus allowing us to have an active shield almost always and a high application of Cryo to enemies. (now you will see better when we see their abilities).

Another good point is that until now in Permafrost teams you always had to pull Diona or sacrifice the position of the Hydro character for a Kokomi , but really in a team where the enemies are almost always going to be frozen we can survive perfectly with the shields of Laila and leaving the Hydro character for a character that deals higher passive damage like Yelan  (although it is true that Kokomi applies Hydro better in an area, which is important in Permafrost compositions).

Another good point about Laila is that it gives us an alternative option to Diona as a character that creates shields on Permafrost teams; Diona can have the same shield duration as Laila (in case Diona’s talent is at least level 10 and she hits an enemy with her 5 claws while holding the elemental down) but this one is much more fragile and has a Higher TOE (while with Laila we can activate it again as soon as its duration runs out).

The point in which Diona wins is that it provides us with healing and spreads more than Laila as a battery, but in this type of equipment in which the enemies are almost always frozen (except those that are immune to this state) with Laila’s shield we can get by and play without healing if we do it right. Even if we lose healing, we’ll gain a lot of passive damage in comparison and a constant Cryo application that Diona lacks (both characters are very good, it’s just picking the one that best suits your playstyle or team needs).


    Laila’s stats are quite low and leave a bit to be desired (I’m just saying that Kaeya surpasses her in all stats); Here we can see the statistics that Laila will have when she is promoted to level 90:

    • Base Life: 11,092.
    • Base Attack: 216.
    • Base Defense: 655.
    • Life Bonus %: 24%.

    He doesn’t really stand out at all and his stats are low in all aspects, for a character that scales part of the damage from his abilities with Life I expected it to be a little higher.

    By ascending her we will gain a % Life Bonus , just like it happens with Nilou (only that Laila’s bonus is lower than Nilou’s).


    Let’s see their talents or abilities.


    Like Nilou, he has some basics similar to those performed by other sword characters but with a shorter combo:

    • Normal Attack : A combo of three quick sword attacks.
    • Charged Attack : Consumes a certain amount of stamina to do a spinning strike.
    • Descending Attack : Dive attack that when hitting the ground will inflict Area of ​​Physical Damage to enemies.


    • TdE: 12 s.
    • Shield Duration: 12 sec.
    • Shield Absorption: 19.44% of Max Health + 2,288.19 (level 10).
    • Skill Damage: 23.04% (level 10).
    • Shooting Star Damage: 26.5% (level 10).

    By using this Elemental Skill Laila will generate Cryo Damage in a small area and after this a shield called the Curtain of Torpor will be created with the following characteristics:

    • Increases the effectiveness of her protection based on Laila’s Max Health.
    • It has a 250% effectiveness in absorbing Cryo Damage and when generating said shield Laila will be affected by the Cryo element for a short period of time.
    • Within this shield, a Night Star will be generated every 1.5 seconds and if a character protected by this shield executes an Elemental Skill, 2 Night Stars will be generated (can be obtained every 0.3 seconds in this way).
    • We can have a maximum of 4 Night Stars at a time, once we have achieved them and we have nearby enemies, they will become Shooting Stars that will attack, chasing the enemy.

    It is an Elemental Skill that gives us a shield with a good resistance that we can activate whenever we want, thanks to the fact that its duration is the same as its TdE and with this we will not really need a Healer, especially in Permafrost compositions .


    • Energy Cost: 40.
    • TdE: 12 s.
    • Duration: 12 sec.
    • Star Bolt Damage: 8.83% of Max Health

    Executing this Ultimate Ability will create a Dream Celestosphere that will fire stellar projectiles at enemies within the area of ​​this sphere; It is an Ability very similar to Ganyu’s ulti but with a much less abundant amount of hits , since Laila only generates eight projectiles with this Ultimate Ability.

    Also, if we have the shield from Laila’s Elemental Skill active while using this ult we will gain 1 Night Star when an enemy is hit by an ult projectile (this can happen once every 0.5 seconds).


    As long as the Torpor Curtain shield is active on the field, it will be able to gain a charge from the “Great Torpor” effect each time it gets a Night Star.

    The Great Lethargy effect will increase the protection of our shield by 6% for each Night Star we get; As the limit of this effect is 4 stacks, we can increase the effectiveness of Layla’s shield by 24% in a very simple way (since it is very easy to accumulate these stars as we have already seen).


    By unlocking this passive the damage from the Shooting Stars created by Laila’s shield will increase their damage by 1.5% of Layla’s Max Health, allowing us to do a little more damage passively.


    Synthesizing Talent Ascension Materials in Alchemy will have a 10% chance of getting twice as much.

    This talent is the same one that Ayaka has , only in her case she does it with weapon ascension materials instead of talents.


    These are the benefits that Laila is obtaining through her Constellations:

    • C1 – Fantastic Fortitude : Increases the damage absorption of the shield created with his Elemental Ability by 20% and now when playing in multiplayer it will create a shield for nearby players that will last 12 seconds, it will have a 250% effectiveness of Cryo Damage absorption , but will have a 35% damage absorption compared to Laila’s original shield.
    • C2 – Stellar Remission : For each Shooting Star that hits an enemy, Laila will recover one point of Elemental Energy.
    • C3 – Secrets of the Night : Increases Elemental Skill by 3 levels, can be increased up to 15 levels.
    • C4 – Astral Revelation : Hitting an enemy with a set of Shooting Stars will give the team the “Light Star” effect; this effect grants a bonus that lasts 3 seconds and increases the damage of Normal and Charged Attacks by 5% of Laila’s Maximum Health, but this effect will be lost 0.05 seconds after dealing damage with a Normal or Charged Attack .
    • C5 – Stream of Consciousness : Increases Ultimate Ability by 3 levels, can be increased up to 15 levels.
    • C6 – Spiritfire Flare: Both the Damage of his Shield Shooting Stars and the damage of the projectiles fired by his ult are increased by 40% and also the time interval required to create stars with the shield is reduced by 20%.

    His best Constellations are undoubtedly the first and the last, since in the end what we gain the most is increasing the power of the shield and being able to increase Laila’s damage a little more in her constant attacks (even if she is a character that It doesn’t stand out for its damage, but it does for hitting many times and always having its abilities available, so any damage improvement adds up).


    Laila stands out mainly for being a wonderful character when it comes to applying the Cryo element passively and at the same time she is a quite efficient shield , since her abilities have the same TdE as their duration on the field (so that we can have them active almost constantly if we use it well)

    For which we are going to present a single build but with two variants in artifacts; in one we will boost the shield a little more and we will focus on supporting the group while with the other set of artifacts we will take care of boosting the damage of their abilities and their Critical Chance.


    Jade Cutter in Genshin Impact

    Here are some viable sword options for Nilou:

    • Jade Primordial Cutter ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: It will give us a large amount of Critical Chance (almost all we will need, especially if we take it with another Cryo) and it will also give us a fairly decent increase in Life.
    • Coronation Key ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: This weapon will help us to boost the damage of her abilities and the efficiency of her shield, since it will give Laila a colossal amount of Life both with her secondary stat and with her Passive Ability; She will also give us Elemental Mastery, which doesn’t help us much, but we love her more for life.
    • Favonius’ Sword ⭐⭐⭐⭐: It will be a good option in case we want to give Laila an approach more based on working as a drummer for her syncybuses.
    • Sword of Dawn ⭐⭐⭐: A very affordable option that will provide us with a more than considerable amount of Critical Chance and Critical Damage, since most of its damage is deducted from its Life, its negligible Base Attack will not influence us.


    Geoarmada Tenacity in Genshin Impact

    As for stats on artifacts:

    • Helmet or Crown : Critical Damage or Critical Chance.
    • Clock : Life%.
    • Chalice : Cryo Damage Bonus.

    Substats you are looking for:

    • Priority: Health %, Health, Critical Chance and Critical Damage.
    • No Priority: Energy Recharge.

    And as for the Artifact Set we have two options that are quite good for her:

    • Geoweapon Tenacity :
      • 2 Pieces : +20% Life.
      • 4 Pieces : Hitting with an Elemental Skill will increase the Attack of all sync pairs by 20% and also their Shield Protection by 30% for 3 seconds. This can only happen once every 0.5 seconds. It activates even if your character is not on the field.

    On the one hand we will benefit from the Life that the two pieces of this set give us to improve the efficiency of the shield and the damage of its ulti and Shooting Stars and the four pieces will improve this shield even more while we will increase the Attack of the group so that Laila can also act as an enhancer.

    In addition, we will not have problems to activate the buff of the four pieces because the shots of the Shooting Stars of his Elemental Skill will help us to fulfill the activation requirement.

    • Winter Wanderer :
      • 2 Pieces : +15% Cryo Damage Bonus.
      • 4 Pieces : +20% Critical Chance against enemies affected by Cryo and an additional 20% against frozen enemies.

    This option is the one that will allow us to deal the most damage possible with Layla in a Permafrost team, with the huge bonus to Critical Chance that the four-piece set gives us (and to that add the 15% Chance of the Cryo Consonance ) we won’t need to look for almost any probability in our build and we will have a free hand to focus on Health and Critical Damage to deal the most damage possible.


    Kamisato Ayaka in Genshin Impact

    These are some of the characters that have synergy with Laila:

    • Cryo Characters : By accompanying a Cryo Main DPS with Laila we will gain a 15% Critical Chance that gives us the Cryo Consonance, a shield with which to protect them and we will also generate some Elemental Energy to recharge their ultis.
      • Ganyu : Replacing a Diona.
      • Ayaka : Same as Ganyu.
      • Eula : It will give you a powerful shield and a constant application of Cryo to be able to activate Superconductor more frequently.
    • Hydro Characters : To perform Frozen.
      • Yelan / Xingchiu : Both characters apply a lot of Hydro to perform the frozen ones; Yelan is more offensive and improves the damage of the character in use with her ult, but Xingchiu more energy and defensive support.
      • Ayato : We can accompany him with Laila in Frozen teams, her Ultimate Ability is perfect for keeping enemies in this state.
    • Anemo Characters : To lower elemental resistances using Emerald Green Shadow and provide some control of enemies.
      • Venti : He is the best Anemo character when it comes to gathering enemies and being able to lower everyone’s resistance at the same time that we freeze them.
      • Kazuha : It gives us quite good enemy control as well and it will also give us quite interesting Elemental Damage bonuses depending on its Elemental Mastery .


    We will need the following materials to promote him:

    • Jade Shivada.
    • Perpetual Spring ( Unlucky Eternal Dragon ).
    • Lotus Nilotpala .
    • Samachurl Scrolls.

    And as for Talent Books and so on:

    • Wit Books.
    • Samachurl Scrolls.
    • Mirror of the Mushin ( Mechanical God ).
    • Crown of Wisdom (Talent level 10).

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