April 14, 2024


Thor  is the second boss that we will have to face in  God of War: Ragnarök  and despite the fact that he will battle quite relaxed because he knows that Kratos is not at his best and wants to fight against the true god of war, that does not mean that we are not it will give enough war; the difficulty compared to Björn  (the bear boss) scales its own and this fight will consist of several phases.

To say that it is quite surprising to see this Thor given how accustomed we are to associating the image of the Marvel from the movies with him, in addition to the bad temper that the guy has, although that suits him much more since he is a god and well… the gods of mythology have never stood out for being precisely nice.

But anyway, fewer detours, let’s go with the guide!


    Since this time we have a combat clearly delimited in 3 phases , we will see each one of them in detail since Thor will acquire more attacks and will become more aggressive in each one. Clarify that every time you remove the entire health bar, it will go to the next phase; Come on, you’ll have to lower his life a total of 3 times, but since the game saves the phase we’re in if we die, it’s not such a big deal in the end.


    In this first phase Thor won’t even bother using his hammer . Keep in mind that you will start the battle without the axe, but don’t be afraid because the one that lowers the health a bit will already have it available. The case, these are his attacks in this phase:

    • Loving Embrace : A very light attack. It will raise its arms and launch a kind of icy projectile forward. If you cover yourself with the shield, that’s it. If he catches you close, his thing is to take advantage of it to hit him after the blockade; you could also dodge sideways and then hit him.
    • Triple Hit (yellow) : He will make 2 normal hits with his fists and after this a yellow hit, so we must parry him to stun him and then counterattack. If for whatever it is you go wrong and you block the attack (without parry , as normal), dodge very quickly when Kratos recovers because in some occasions you will be able to get rid of the blow that comes later and after this you will be able to counterattack. Be careful because sometimes he will do it without doing the combo, that is, he will launch the yellow attack at once.
    • Hug Charge (red) : It will charge and try to grab us, if it does it will hit us and throw us forward into the air. We must dodge him and after the dodge hit him as much as we can.
    • Close Grab (red) : Another red attack, but it will do it when it is close to us. The idea is to dodge him and then hit him. If it hooks you, be very careful to press the buttons of the kinematics to alleviate the damage (it is L1 and then R1).
    • Expansive Area (red) : Red attack that it will perform when you lower its life a bit. It will hit the ground creating an expansive area, you will recognize it because it makes a gesture of looking up. You have to get away from him by pressing X 2 times back. After this you can hit him with the Ax at a distance, which at this point in the battle you will already have with you.

    Try to hit him with the Ranged Ax whenever he is far away to damage him in the meantime. For the rest little more to say, this first phase is not very complicated.


    In this phase Thor will begin to use his Hammer, his attacks will be quite similar to the previous ones, so we will comment on the new attacks:

    • Hammer Triple Strike : A very basic 3 hit combo as it won’t even perform a yellow attack on the third. As simple as blocking the 3 blows and after that hit him as much as you can.
    • Hammer Blow (Red) : A blow with the hammer with little mystery, the fact is that if it hits you it will make you quite a pupa. Dodge it and then counterattack.
    • Hammer Throw (Red) : It will throw the hammer forward, you will have to dodge it; and be careful because after this he will throw the hammer again. Come on, be careful to dodge it 2 times. He does it quite often when he is away.

    On the battlefield you will have 2 of the 4 pillars that are available for interaction, when you interact with them Kratos will rip them off and give Thor a tremendous blow (if he gets hooked). Don’t go for them , during the battle you will be moving around a lot and most likely you will end up randomly near the pillar and with Thor also nearby.

    In addition to this (this is a bit of a spoiler, if that goes to the next phase and that’s it) don’t scratch yourself too much because when your life is more or less in half there will be a cinematic in which you will die yes or yes, the screen will even come out of charge, but Thor will quickly revive us so that we can continue fighting.


    This phase will be the last and stands out for Thor’s lightning attacks, again we will mention the new attacks since many are repeated from those of the other phases:

    • Invocation of Lightning : Some red marks will appear on the ground and lightning will quickly fall there from the sky. Avoid being in the red zone and that’s it. If after this he catches you far, you throw the Ax at him, if you are relatively close he runs and you put a good combo on him.

    For the rest it will be basically the same, the first part will be very simple because you will already know their movements well and because the new lightning attack is quite meh; but be careful because when you have lowered his life a bit, after the cinematic, that is when he will become quite annoying since he will begin to combine Red and Yellow attacks making combos (you know, parry yellow, dodge red). My recommendation is that you save the Spartan Rage (R1 + L1 sucker mode) for right now because that’s when you’ll need it the most.

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