April 21, 2024
God of War Ragnarök: Muspelheim - Complete Surtrs Trials

God of War Ragnarök: Muspelheim – Complete Surtrs Trials

In our Muspelheim guide to God of War Ragnarök you will learn:

  • All possible locations of the Muspelheim seed halves
  • What exams await you
  • What rune combinations you need to unlock the final trials
  • Helpful hints for Surt’s Trials in the Crucible

In God of War Ragnarök you can also prove your skills in Surt’s fiery challenges . Our guide will help you find your way to Muspelheim and master all the trials.

Where can I find the Muspelheim seed halves?

The path to Muspelheim only opens when you find the two halves of the Muspelheim seed and use them in the world gate. The seed halves are always in legendary chests. Although you only need two halves, there are three possible locations where you can find them. Once you find two halves, a useful resource will spawn in the third chest instead.

First possible location of a seed half

You can find the first half of the seed in the Bay of Generosity in the dwarven world of Svartalfheim .

Swim to the island of Modvitnir’s machine in the west of the bay. There is a large wooden structure on the island that you climb up. At the top of the platform in front of the crane is a golden legendary chest with the seed inside.

Second possible location of a seed half

You can also find the second half in Svartalfheim – in the Alberich Cave on Drachenstrand. However, you can only access this seed after crafting the Draupnir Spear in the Forge.

When you dock at the beach shore, you will see a wooden structure on the left . Climb up the hanging chain and throw a spear into the air hole in the wooden pillar. Now climb up the construction and then go to the dwarf statue. To the left of the dwarf statue you can see the entrance to the Alberich Cave.

At the entrance to the cave you will see a chest overgrown with ore . A few meters further you will find a bomb with which you can destroy the ore. The second half of the seed is in the chest.

Third possible location of a seed half

Alternatively, you can find one of the halves in Vanaheim . However, you also need the Draupnir spear in this case.

Travel to Freyer’s Camp in the Vanaheim Jungle. At the north end of the camp you will see a large river. Jump on the rocks and cross the river. On the other bank, use the Draupnir Spear to destroy a stone wall. Behind the wall you will find the legendary chest with the seed.

The first six exams

Once you have both halves of the seed, you can unlock Muspelheim at any Worldgate . When you arrive in Muspelheim, the first thing you will surely notice is the large arena with the chest of the Norns.

This Norn Chest works differently than the other Norn Chests in the game. The runes are tied to Surtr’s trials . We have drawn the arenas with the tests for you in the attached screenshot.

In order to open the chest, you must complete the six trials in the three arenas. However, these are only the first tests. Overall, Surtr challenges you in 15 trials . For the successful completion of each test you get rewards in the form of items and experience points.

In each arena you will find a sword that you must interact with to start a trial. A glowing rune is drawn into each sword – you can use this to tell which arena you are in.

Trials in the Ansuz Arena

The Ansuz rune looks like the letter F . The following exams await you here:

  • Weapon Mastery : Kill all enemies within the time limit.
  • Flawless : Defeat all enemies without taking damage once.

For these trials, you should put on a good set of armor , such as the Dragonscale Armor. We also recommend leveling the Leviathan Ax and Blades of Chaos to at least level 5 before attempting these trials.

If you’re not sure where to get the Dragonscale Armor , check out our God of War Ragnarök Armor Guide.

Trials in the Hagalaz Arena

The Hagalaz rune looks like the letter N . Here you will find the following exams:

  • “Leave Ring” Trial : Enemies instantly recover from any attacks.
  • Feed the Rift : Throw orbs into the World Rift before time runs out.

In the Exit Ring Trial, you can only kill enemies by throwing them into the lava. The heavy Leviathan ax attack is particularly well suited for this. With the “Wrath of Leviathan” ability , you also quickly throw opponents into the lava. “Den Riss Speise” is all about speed.

Trials in the Raido Arena

The Raido rune looks like the letter R . Here you can complete the following exams:

  • Population Control : Kill the elite enemies while not allowing the normal enemies to exceed a certain amount.
  • King of the Hell : Keep enemies out of the ring before time runs out.

For both tests, your weapons should be at least level 5. Attack the Elite Grimm in “Population Control” whenever the number of normal opponents has not yet reached the full value. In “King of the Hill”, area-wide rune attacks such as “Meteor Strike” are suitable for effectively keeping enemies away from the ring.

The Final Trials of Surtr

After you have passed the six tests, the Norn Chest will open. In the chest you will find Flame of Chaos, 10,000 experience points for Kratos and 2,500 experience points for your companion . It’s best to go to the Dwarf Shop immediately and use the Flame of Chaos to improve the Blades of Chaos – the final trials are very challenging.

A sword now appears in the central arena, with which you start the final trials. However, you first have to unlock them by repeating certain tests in the small arenas in a certain order.

For the sake of clarity, we will label the three swords in the small arenas with the letter that best suits the rune:

  • Ansuz Sword : F
  • Hagalaz Sword : N
  • Raido Sword : R

In addition, you can now complete a third trial in each of the three small arenas . The following tests have been added:

Third Trial of the Ansuz Sword (F)

  • Rampage : Kill 20 enemies within the time limit.

Third Trial of the Hagalaz Sword (N)

  • Healthsteal : You take constant damage, but regain health when you damage enemies.

Third Trial of the Raido Sword (R)

  • Kill Time : Kill enemies to increase the timer.

All rune combinations

You must repeat two trials at a time to unlock one of the final trials. It doesn’t matter which of the three tests you repeat on a sword. It is only important that it is a test with the sword with the right rune.

We have listed all combinations for you:

  • F & N : Endurance Challenge
  • F & R : Shield Breaker Challenge
  • N&F : Ring of Fire Challenge
  • N & R : Onslaught Challenge
  • R&F : Phantom Challenge
  • R & N : Boss Onslaught Challenge

Tips for the final exams

Endurance Challenge

Here you have to kill 99 enemies. Enemies always attack in groups. Make sure enemies don’t apply status effects to you that drain your health. Also equip the rage ability Courage beforehand to heal you of any status effects in battle.

Shieldbreaker Challenge

You must kill two elite enemies: an Einherjar Captain and a Stalker. However, their shields are locked to normal enemies . So do the standard enemies first.

Ring of Fire Challenge

In this challenge, a ring of fire and a totem appear in the arena. The totem spreads poison gas that heals enemies. Throw your ax at the totem to freeze it and use the Draupnir Spear and Chaos Blades in battle. Important: The ring keeps moving – pay attention to the ground during the fight so that you don’t suddenly find yourself on fire.

Onslaught Challenge

In this test you have to fend off enemy attacks for 300 seconds . Again, you are surrounded by a ring of fire. However, he doesn’t move. Try to play as defensively as possible and parry enemy attacks.

Phantom Challenge

This challenge is a boss fight against a Flame Phantom. By this point, you will have already fought some Phantoms in the campaign. Uses the same tactics as the other phantoms: Destroy the phantom pillars and then attack the phantom’s eye.

Boss Onslaught Challenge

You must defeat five bosses in a row without dying. You fight a Leaper, a Stalker, a Dark Elf Warrior, a Light Elf Warrior, and an Einherjar Captain with a hammer. You have already fought all these bosses at least once at this point – the attack patterns have remained the same.

Nevertheless, go into the fight well prepared. We recommend that you level up all your weapons to level 7 beforehand.

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