April 15, 2024
God of War Ragnarök: Find & Defeat Gná

God of War Ragnarök: Find & Defeat Gná

In our Gná guide to God of War Ragnarök you will learn:

  • Where to find Gná
  • How you prepare
  • Boss fight tips

Kratos has drawn the wrath of the Valkyrie Queen Gná. Our guide will help you master one of the hardest boss fights in the game.

Where can I find the Valkyrie Queen Gná?

Although you’ll meet Gná mid-game, you won’t be able to fight her until after the main story finale. You can find them at the Crucible in Muspelheim .

If you still need help finding the Muspelheim Worldgate seed, check out our Muspelheim God of War Ragnarök Guide .

In the southern part of the central arena you will find a gap in the rock face . Squeeze through the gap and then climb up the rocks.

At the top you come to an arena with a small camp . But don’t be fooled: Gná will appear as soon as you approach the camp. However, she will only attack you if you approach her or aim a weapon at her.

How do I prepare for battle?

For armor, we recommend the Steinbjörn armor set . Queen Gná packs a punch – hits do very high damage even on lower difficulties. The Steinbjörn armor is ideal for this fight with its high defense values ​​and healing properties. In our Steinbjörn guide , we show you how to get this powerful armor set.

Your weapons should all be leveled up to level 9 . This isn’t a must to win the fight – but makes it less frustrating.

When choosing runes, rely on rune attacks that do not have a long lead-up animation. Gná is a very fast boss and sometimes attacks every second. Rune attacks that take Kratos more than a second to cast can be interrupted by Gná.

There are two relics that are particularly helpful in this fight. First, there is the Hilt of Skofnung , which you get by defeating the berserker king Hrolf Kraki. With it, you can summon twelve spirits that will stun Gná with their attacks and deal devastating damage.

If you haven’t defeated Hrolf yet, you can alternatively use Hofud’s booklet . With this relic you stop time. With an opponent as fast as Gná, this is a very useful item. You get them automatically after defeating Heimdall in the Creatures of Prophecy chapter.

For Freya, the Summon “Storm Call” is a good choice . This allows her to briefly stun Gná, giving you another window to attack.

Tips for fighting Gná

You must attack Gná, or at least get close to her, for the fight to begin. You can use this to your advantage. Attack her directly with a Rune Heavy Attack , or use the Rage ability Fury to leap at her and smack her with some heavy hits. Heavy attacks can stun her, but it’s hard to hit her with them because she usually backs up a few meters at the beginning of the fight.

Gná is an aggressive opponent – she attacks very quickly and often several times in a row. Therefore, study their attack patterns. Also , many attacks can not be blocked . It is important that you always switch between phases of the aggressive offensive – for example when Gná is stunned – and phases of the defensive – when she attacks several times in a row.

She usually announces attacks with a reputation . It doesn’t do this for all attacks, but you can use these calls to orient yourself. If you have trouble hearing the calls while fighting, turn on the subtitles.

Gná’s attacks at a glance

“Rise, rise!”

She leaps into the air and summons a green rock. Switch to the sonic arrows and command Freya to shoot the rock. You can also dodge the rock, but destroying it will briefly stun Gná.

“Asgard is bleeding because of you!”

The Valkyrie summons a powerful area attack that covers large parts of the arena. You can only interrupt the attack with a shield slam.

“Give up!”

Gná launches an assault attack . If she hits you, Kratos will be held captive in an animation in which he takes a few hits. You can lose a lot of health here if you don’t dodge fast enough. Sometimes she will then strike with her wing – in that case you have to block.

“Bathe in Fire”

Gná summons a fireball that she wants to throw at you. Switch to the rune arrows and command Freya to shoot the fireball. This breaks the charge and stuns Gná for a moment.


She jumps in the air and tries to kick you with her foot. This attack deals Frost damage and slows you . You can only dodge the attack, blocking doesn’t work.

“For Asgard!”

Gná jumps high in the air and launches a smash attack that you can’t block. Dodge immediately when you hear this call. Sometimes she repeats the attack up to three times in a row.

There are other attacks that she does not announce. Sometimes she drops Bifrost from the sky . The Bifrost falls towards you in a straight line, making it easy to avoid. Caution: Most of the time it then goes into close combat.

This isn’t her only Bifrost attack. She sometimes throws Bifrost Feathers , but you can block them. Unfortunately, that doesn’t apply to the heavy variant of this attack, which she performs after the light feather attack. You have to avoid that.

Another special attack are the elemental throwing blades . They fly in circles around Gná for a while. Stay away at this point, as the blades will disappear after a short time. She can also use the blades in close combat.

Perform rune attacks to stun Gná, then strike with basic attacks. We recommend you to rely on the Rage ability “Courage” so that you can heal yourself during the long fight.

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