April 15, 2024
God of War Ragnarök: Thor - how to defeat the boss in Midgard

God of War Ragnarok: Thor – how to defeat the boss in Midgard

In this God of War Ragnarok boss guide you will learn:

  • How to defeat Thor in the first boss fight
  • What attacks do you have to watch out for?
  • When is the best time to attack the Thunder God

In God of War Ragnarök you meet Thor early on. The Norse god of thunder visits Kratos and Atreus along with father of the gods Odin in their hut in Midgard and challenges Kratos . In this boss guide we will show you how to get rid of the bully.

If you’re ready to face off against the vengeful god, check out our God of War Ragnarok Combat Guide . There you will find useful tips on Kratos’ attack options . Also worth reading is our God of War Ragnarök tips guide , which will help you get started with the action-adventure.

God of War Ragnarok: Thor – Boss Battle Phase 1

Thor uses a mix of melee and ranged attacks. In the first phase, the thunder god attacks you without a hammer. He slithers towards you with open arms and clasps his hands. This creates an explosion that you can dodge with a sidestep.

When the red ring appears, he wants to grab Kratos. Only a dodge roll protects here. If he reaches into the void, he gets a quick combination. If you stay too close, he’ll grab Kratos and thrash him around the arena . You can counter this attack with L1 if you’re fast enough.

Block his light punches or dodge to the side and hit him from behind. If your hits no longer have any effect, immediately distance yourself. When Thor throws a medium punch, it’s usually followed by a kick . Dodge twice to avoid the attack. Once you’ve triggered Sparta’s rage and fired up Thor, the boss fight moves on to the next phase.

Thor – Boss fight phase 2

Now you have the Leviathan Ax at your disposal. Thor uses a new Heavy Attack , slamming both fists on the ground . Dodges the eruption with a roll just before his fists hit the ground. Otherwise, the god of thunder relies on the attack arsenal of the first phase:

  • Clapping with previously opened arms sets off an explosion
  • Grab attack that you can’t block
  • Fist and kick combinations

Thor – Boss fight phase 3

In addition to the attack actions built up in the first two phases, the thunder god brings his hammer Mjöllnir into play in the third phase of the boss fight. Surrounded by lightning, Thor throws Mjolnir at Kratos. Quickly dodge to the side twice when he aims the hammer at you . If Thor swings his hammer like he’s throwing a bowling ball, you’ll also get a bolt of lightning. But you can block it, just like the light hammer blows.

Thor – Boss fight phase 4

Thor quickly slams Mjölnir onto the ground, causing lightning to strike throughout the arena . Sprint close to the Thunder God and attack him from behind while he wields Mjolnir. Pay attention to the lightning fields – you must not touch them! The fight doesn’t end until you activate Sparta’s Rage and hit Thor with a few big punches. The thunder god pulls away and you have peace for the time being.

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